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The Chickening - Part 3

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       Four Days Later

The boiler was making strange sounds again. Veronica turned the release valve. A noise of air and steam escaping came from above and the strange sounds stopped. She walked to one of the generators and checked her repair of yesterday. All was good, the wires still connected.

Suddenly she heard the strange boiler sound again but then realised it was from her stomach. Time for food.

Twenty minutes later she sat in the kitchen eating some bread and soup. She was not sure what soup is was, but it tasted like chicken. The morning had been busy, many repairs, and some exploring. It was like a maze in the hotel, so many rooms and corridors but she now knew the directions better. It was fun, although sometime a little creepy.

She finished her soup and washed the bowl and spoon. What to do now? She looked to the ovens. Perhaps bake a cake? She walked to oven number three. She heard the voice of Mr Hallomann in her head telling her not to use it. Curious, she opened the oven door. There was a strange smell. She quickly closed the door again. Perhaps no baking today. She knew what to do! Design new experiments.

Two hours later Veronica sat at a desk in the middle of the large hotel lounge, a pile of paper and a pencil in front of her. The paper on the top of the pile was blank. The ideas were not coming. It was like the writers… what was it? blank? she thought. No, there must be one idea. She closed her eyes and thought. What did Hyle suggest in the party? Or… org… orgasmatron! Veronica opened her eyes, yes that was it! But what? How? She closed her eyes again and thought. Her imagination began to paint a picture of a robot, a flashing light on the head, the arms stretched out to her, the robot swaying and walking toward her with a huge-

Veronica opened her eyes, no that was silly. The ideas were hiding today. Do something different. A walk! Walk along the corridors.

She walked only a little time before she saw it. A small buggy. It was electric with three wheels. Probably the buggy had now no charge, but she had repaired a generator… adjustment to the buggy batterie perhaps to increase power… yes, now she had the idea for her experiment.


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You know..   I should learn to keep my imaginings to myself. Thinking out loud with Vee in earshot can lead to...    err..   huge..   did she say?   Anyway 'Orgasmatron' was song by Motorhead we were discussing.. Absolut !

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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An orgasmatron?! MOMMM?!

Erm................ Oops?

Lol that was just, wel.....anyway this is where we get to yell at the movie: leave the trike alone, run away!


Lol that was just, wel.....anyway this is where we get to yell at the movie: leave the trike alone, run away!


Hmm double reply.....can we delete our own posts somehow when this happens?


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