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Chez Spivey, just around 7:30

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Joe had been pacing the hall for about ten minutes. Well for Joe it was one cigar and onto the next. 

"Ain't you ready yet?!"

Kirsten's voice drifted out if the bedroom "Just a minute. Archie and Harvey are only four doors down Joe."

Silja smirked at Joe's pacing. "It is good to be 'fashionably late' you know."

Joe's replied with a stern raised eyebrow. Silja just poked her tongue out in return. Uwe did his best not to snort.

"Yer, an' you two just concentrate on Anni. And nevermind any 'goings on', right?"


Silja pulled a face at Joe but Joe did not see it. Kirsten had appeared on the landing and was carfully negotiating the stairs in her heels. 

Joe's mouth opened. "Corrr.." Kirsten, oozing confidence, smiled down at him as she made her dramatic entrance. 


"She scrubs up well, hmm Joe?" Silja was impressed, "I'll get the camera !"

Anni clapped her hands, Joe proudly took his place beside Kirsten.



The Kjaer-Spiveys




Ned, Joe's 'minder' for the night was equally impressed at his boss' s Lady. The look on his face was noticed, particularly by Joe who's stern glare caused the minder to avert his eyes and attend to a hang-nail that did not exist.

Kirsten leaned over and whispered into Joe's ear. 

"You get any more jealous and you will be as green as my dress." She smiled.

"Welllll... " Joe muttered. "'Ee shouldn't be looking at you like that."

Kirsten looked into Joes eyes, holding his gaze, She smiled at him as she planted the softest kiss on his lips


. "Are you not proud of me, and are you not proud I am on your arm? It's everyone else that should feel jealous Joe, not you?"


A smile cracked Joe's grumpy visage. "You're right, my love, as always."


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((Joe thinks to himself as they walk down the street: 'Ned's a good lad and would be hard to replace. Ned's a good lad...'

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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