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Changes aren't permanent, but change is

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      Kirsten looked down at her new daughter suckling at her breast, not even a day oldyet. She smiles at the infant. Kirsten still felt worn out from the sudden and rapid delivery she made on the floor of the kitchen. Thank the stars Sorja Troy as on hand. Kirsten smiles to herself as he remembers Joe's unhelpful helpfulness. But at least he was there the moment Kirsten gave birth, she smiled at his face when Sorja announced that the baby was in fact a girl.

     Kirsten saw the moment disappointment followed by immense pride as Sorja handed the wrinkled bundle ofpinkness to him. Joe had wished and wished for a boy but, when he held the child..

      Joe Spivey, father. Who would have imagined it. He held her as if she was glass, awkwardly. But the recognition was instant, his daughter. His Anneka.

      Kirsten looked at the little face pushed into her breast,suckling peacefully. Life has changed, a new life has changed thier lives.

     Kirsten smiled to herself as she remembered the moment she told Joe she was pregnant.  She had arrived at Joe's pitch late, Joe had left on time, but she had felt sick, and remained in bed al little longer. Kirsten had an inkling of why she felt sick. She slipped out of bed and padded naked to the bathroom where she filled a tube with her urine then set it on the shelf under the mirrorand waited. A few minutes later her suspicions were confirmed.

     When she arrived at the pitch, Joe was already seated, he looked exhausted. Kirsten smiled, last night had been, well....  energetic to say the least.

    She stole up to Joe and covered his eys from behind and hugged him, kissed his long brow, then asked how he was feeling.

     "Tired" Joe yawned and mumbled.

    "Maybe we should rest on wednesdays, give you a chance to recover?  Maybe mondays too?" Kirstern giggled, as she moved herself in front of Joe, kissed him, then pressed his face gently to her decollitage,

     "mmmphhff, mondays?" Came the muffled response. Kirsten stroked his hair, let him enjoy.

     " I mean, your getting old now....  maybe I should  ask less... "

      Joe looked up at her, his eyebrows forming a definate V " I am NOT old !"


      Kirsten leant down let Joe have another eyefull.  " So  are you really okay? I mean...  "  Kirsten knew the moment had arrived to tell him.

      " Yes I am okay... why?"  Joe, sensing something was not right. suddely looked apprehensive.

      " Sooo... umm you can take a shock?" Kirsten watched as the colour drained from Joes face.

      " Shock!?!"

      "Umm.. sort of... or... umm.."  Kirsten started to panic a little

       "The petty cash is ok?

       " Joe.... I am.... umm we... are ......  What?   Oh yes Petty cash is in profit as you see... no worry " Kirsten felt the moment slipping away

       However the colour had returned somewhat to Joe's face. Kirsten chewed her bottom lipfor a few moments

       "Phew.... "  Joe relaxed, at least whatever it was could not hurt his wallet, he thought.

        Kirsten took and held a long breath.  "Uummmm........"

        " Kirsten, what is it !?!"

        Kirsten leaned closer and deposited the bombshell gently into Joes ear. Joe went very quiet. Joe went very pale, Joe... dropped his cigar. Kirsten took another long deep breath and held it, stood back a pace and waited. Joe looked to be thinking very hard, Kirsten was actually turning slightly blue.

       "Hmmmmm.... ok... no... no problem. I can source just about everything we'll need.... yeah... should be doable.

        Kirsten Kjaer breath released like a burst tyre. Joe picked up, relit and took a deep pull on the cigar "Remind me to go see the union about any benefits and wotnot"

         Kirsten Kjaer smiled wide. Joe put his arms around her arm around her... and a slow smile of pride spread across his face

          "You are okay with it?"

        "Hah! who's old now eh? eh? old! hah!." Joe beamed with manly pride. Kirsten giggle with happiness and immense relief

        " I was worried you dont want...... "

         Joe  hugged her even tighter "'course I'm 'ok with it'"  Kirsten hugged him back

         "My man !..... soo virlile... sooo ... powerful !"

         Joe leaned into Kirsten and whispered a slight confession. "I kinda like kids... but don't crack on to anyone ok"

       "Crack to anyone?"  Kirsten didn't understand Joe's colloquialism

        "You know... let the cat out... blab... tell anyone

         "Ahhhh.... about.... this? or the fact you are really a softie"

         By this time. Rodders, who as usual could never mind his own business, was looking at the couple , hanging over the pile of boxes like a cow looking over a dike. He was sure something had happened. Joe was smiling, always a bad sign, Kirsten seemed overly happy about something. Joe seemed well.. unaturally pleased with himself....!

          Joe stood flexing his body."Who's old now huh?... Absolutely....   I'm the big lad now... The Daddy !" Kirsten giggled as Joe began to strut like a cockerell. Joe started handing our cigars to anyone who came close "  I'm the Man  M-A-N...  huh?   Joe Spivey and Son Ltd..  How about that huh?"

          Joe stuffed a cigar into Rodders mouth and lit it. Rodders was suitably aghast and astounded in equal measure. He smirked across at Kirsten with his leering wink, to which Kirsten replied with a raised middle finger and extended tongue!

          Sometime later, when Joe had done strutting. He sat and snuggled Kirsten into hus side, smoking his cigar, head high and proud " So, how far up the duff are you?"

          " One month or two I think "

          "Ahh too early to tell then"

          "Tell what"

          "You know.... if its a boy or... the other thing"

          "I guess.... Umm what you mean 'other thing'?"

         "Huh? oh you know... a girl.... I mean not that i mind one way or the other....except...."

        "Except you dont need another Silja or Tuki or Allie?"

         Joe Spivey thought about all the annoying young girls that seem to occupy his life and swallows apprehensively "Let's just hope for a boy eh?

         Kirsten  frowned at him "It will be what it will be". She sighed and cuddled into his shoulder as Joe, unobserved, crossed his fingers behind his back

Kirsten lifted the satisfied infant off her nipple, looked at her, smiling.  "Changes..... " She kissed the little face of Joe Spivey's new little Princess.


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((Dawwwwww :D Of course, we can write lots off stuff off to tax.... I made a list.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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