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Silja lay awake in the dark, the only sound was the dogs barking occaisionally Of course she could hear her Momma breathing, it was slow, rasping. Silja was not hungry, it was not hunger that was keeping her awake but she knew that Monna had given her extra food at the cost of going without herself. Silja knew she had to try again.

Quietly she rolled out of the bed and pulled on her pants and the huge jumper Engi had got for her. He had told her that it was used to keep giants warm in the cold winter months. Silently she made her way to the loose boards and wriggled her way out of the hut. She paused as she had done many times before, timing the spotlights, waiting for the right gap, the she hurried along the sides of the many huts then through 'Ratty Alley'. The old shed at the end of the ally was her target, she knew this was where the Skeinir sometimes hid some of their booty. Maybe she would be lucky, maybe not, but the need to steal something for Momma was enough reason at least to try.

Once inside the shed she looked around in the gloom. She could make out a few boxes but on inspection all they contained were a few trinkets. No good, you can't eat trinkets. Then she saw a barrel, just, but not quite hidden under a tarpaulin sheet.

Ducking past the window, she got next to the barrel, it smelled of vinegar. It could be pickled herring, maybe even Puffin meat. whatever it was, it was food! Silja lifted the barrel, it was heavy but small enough to carry with a extra effort. 

Once outside the shed she stared down Ratty Alley. It was pitch black. It was called Ratty Alley for a reason. Silja took a deep breath and plodded into the dark, one foot then the next. She just hoped that the rats were not there tonight.

One foot, then the next. She grunted under the weight, her footfalls were heavy. She was going too slow. Maybe a moment rest? 

"Stöðva!"  The voice boomed, the light found her, blinded her, paralysed her. She could hear the heavy boots running down the stair. The two Skeinir stood around her altough all she could see was the torchlight.

The voice was gruff, angry "What have we here? A little rat stealing?"

Silja dropped the barrel, her open mouth dry from fear. One of the Skeinir carried a big long stick. Silja saw the stick being raised into the air

"I'll show you what we do to little rat-thieves." The man growled. Silja screwed her eyes shut  waitng for the blows to begin. She wet herself.

"NEJ, STOP!" The other man caught the arm of his collegue, much to his surprise. "You can't.. It's her!"

"What?... Who?"  The man with the stick looked confused but lowered the stick much to Silja's confusion also, not to metion relief.

The other guard leaned down and looked into Silja's face, she could smell the beery breath mixed with stale cigarette. "You better run away little one." He stepped aside.

"It's her. You know?  The special one!"





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((Scurry home little rat! Nice lighting. I sense a new story arc?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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