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Nikki at home in terrance woke from her bed. This moring was no differnt then any other she did her normal things and ate breakfest, but instead of laying around and playing with string or sharping her claws she decided she would go out to a differnt town and see what she could see. Any town would do for nikki, unless it was sunshinethats becuase "she" lives somewere there and nikki did not like being in a 5 yard radius of that girl, but were to go and what to wear? hard for her to go out and not stand out like a sandworm in a grass field. So why not the town of toro. she picked out her suit and left off to do what ever it was in toro if it was not being attack by radiers or mutants today, and maybe she would see someone she would know but she doubted that becuase not alot of people like her and the few who did dont show up anymore. sitting in the dinner she did meet a fellow rider who knew her and she gave him a friendly "hi" and he gave one back to her before leaving. not much left to do and nothing to buy so she headed home to find her friend was home waiting for her. his name is chain a tall dark male with only a good right eye and scared flesh around his face he was a little over 60 and she had knew him since before the fall of the dam, and was the one to get her out of the dam too. he looked at her and said "welcome back kitty were have been all day?" to which she told him that she had been in toro wasting the day becuase the rotter smell gets old. he had smiled and gave her pat on her cat ears "well i wish you told me so i could have met you there instead of waiting here like a mummy" he had said. nikki had no clue what to say next so she just stared at him until he petted her head again. "so wanna play outside chain or go for a walk?" he shook his head " do not want to walk but i can play with you inside" he took out some yarn and dangled it in front of her. seeing this made her eyes widen and she stuck her hand down the back off her pants and let her tail out, she kept it stuffed uncomferrly down there too keep people from pulling on it, after that was done she played with his yarn for whos knows how long but it was dark and she was tried. chain had smiled seeing her happy and tried and helped her upstairs to her bed and he read her a poem till she fell asleep. before she did close her eyes for good she got back up and stripped down to her underwear almost forgetting to remove her suit she resettled and closed her eyes and chain read a second poem to rest her again. in her dreams she imaged a place were cats had all the yarn and fun they ever could want. -end. 



(p.s im terrbile at story telling)

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