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Cat and Mouse (part 2)

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Damion laughed a few moments before leaning back in the chair and smiling.   “Young lady, you are a rare find.  Someone who can think beyond what is in front of them.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled a couple items out.  He placed a folded piece of paper on the desk in front of Finny, and sat back.  He started rolling a red chip across the back of his fingers watching her eyes track the chip.  Damion pointed to the paper, “Recognize that?”  Finny looked at him warily as she took the paper an opened it.  Her eyes went wide and panic rose in her brain as she recognized the drawing she had left at the abandoned Diamond Lil’s.  Finny was about to start to work out how much trouble she needed to get out of, when Damion raised his hand. Her words seemed to stick in her throat, and she could not speak.

“Fist the original has been removed, no one will know you were there.  Second I do not care why you were, just that is was you and I am interested in the item you found.  Nod if you understand.”  Finny nodded and Damion lowered his hand, her voice returned. “What you think I gots you want?”

Damion smiled as the image of the chip went through Finny’s mind. “That plastic stick you’re thinking about of course.”  Finny’s brow furrowed. “How you doin’ that?”

“I was born with the talent to read minds.  With a training and practice I learned to control and use it.  It helps in my line of work to know what someone is thinking.  That way I know if someone is lying to me or intends to do me harm.  I could teach you some tricks to block someone with my ability if you would like.”  Damion smiled as she processed what he said.

Finny grinned back, recognizing a deal in the works.  She asked, “First, what is that chip worth to ya?”


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((That's my girl :D

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((The response of Finny is wonderful!

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