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Carry the load

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“No, it’s OK. I’ll get Theis to lift the ammo up to you.”


Hyle backed the Rover up close to Reavy’s tank. Theis wondered what it was exactly he had let himself in for when he took the barista job at The Waffelhus.


“Nice shade of pink, Hyle.” Reavy said with a tiny bit of enthusiasm.


“Tak!” Hyle grinned as she lifted the tailgate. Theis face fell as he saw the size of the boxes, also concerned that he may get his waistcoat creased or even worse, smudged.


“I thought it more fitting for a grandmother, you know? A little less flashy, much more conservative. Just the thing for ferrying around little Ichiro when he comes to visit.”


Reavy looked over the pink metallic paint, chrome trim, gold wheels. “Conservative, yes, just the word I was looking for.”



“I can’t wait until Tuki sees it !” Hyle stepped back and let Theis get on with loading the ammo onto Reavy’s tank.




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*Walks past on her way to the Devil's Own camp, with a bag full of medical supplies in one hand, a bag full of nappies in the other and baby Ichiro strapped to her front.*

Very nice Mom! Would make a great ambulance.

*Nods to Reavy then rolls her eyes at Hyle's new 'helper' struggling to get the ammo box out of the back without getting dirty.*

Erm................ Oops?

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Hyle sees the word 'Vogue' on the back of the Hylerover.

"Hmmm... "

She gives Theis the camera and strikes the pose. 


I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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