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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 8)

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Hyle woke up, gently.


Here eyes remained closed, but her senses filled her mind. She could feel warm sunshine on her body, the gently breeze over her face and hands.

The air smelled unfamiliar, fresh with an unfamiliar undertone, like salt. and the smell of flowers was strong, pleasant. She could hear water nearby, not running like a stream or river, more rhythmic, soothing, soft. There was also the sound of birds, some sang, some others gave a more sharp cry, like a scream.


Hyle opened her eyes and her surroundings came into focus, unfamiliar surroundings.


She was in a garden, a lush green garden. Not the sandy half barren area behind her house. No, this was beautifully tended. She sat up slowly. A path lead down a fence and beyond she saw a large blue expanse of water, water as far as she could see, a sea.


Some people walked past the fence and waved at her, smiling people.


Morning, Miss Troy.” They called. Hyle waved back, slowly, unsure, but she waved all the same.


She turned her head around. Behind her was a large house. Stone and brick. Not wooden as she expected. Slowly she rose from the couch she had been lying on.


Oh, you are awake..” Came a voice, a man’s voice. Deep, but soft in it’s own way.


Hyle turned and looked in the direction of the voice. A young man stood among the waist high bushes with a hedge clipping tool in his hand. Hyle smiled at him, he was toned, well muscled, his skin the colour of a man who worked outside.


You fell asleep, Miss Troy.” He said.


I must have.” Hyle smiled back to him.


I am done here for the day. Is there anything else I can do for you.” He asked as he walked towards her. His smile had a familiarity which made Hyle feel warm inside.

Yes.” Hyle found herself saying.


She lifted her hand towards him. He took it, his blue eyes soft, dark. His hand was firm, strong, and had a rough workmanlike texture. She lead him into the house feeling her heart beating strongly. He followed and closed the door behind him.


Hyle was standing in a long white room. She stood, looking at this unfamiliar place, but it felt like calmness.


She felt him stand close behind her, she felt his breath on her neck, his strong arms wrapping around her.


I Like working for you.” He said, his voice barely a whisper in her ear, Hyle felt herself shaking, not from fear, more from anticipation. She sighed gently as she felt him carefully begin to remove her clothes…


What time is it?” Hyle murmured softly, as she surrendered herself to Him.


11:20.” He said slowly, “We have all the time you want.”




Mor!!” Tuki yelled frantically as she took the stairs barefoot, two at a time.


Constable Alana was desperately giving Hyle compressions to her chest, pausing regularly to blow air into Hyle’s lungs.


There’s still a pulse, Doc!” Alana yelled, relieved that the Doc had arrived so quickly.


Tuki paused at the top of the stairs to catch her breath. She felt anguished at the naked fallen form of her mother, dragged out of the shower a little by Alana but her legs still inside, Alana crouched over her, giving CPR. Tuki felt the lump in her throat rise and the beginnings of tears.

But as if a switch had turned in her mind, daughter Tuki receded as Doctor Troy came to the fore.


Right! I’ve got it from here, Alana. Get some help and a stretcher up here, fast!”

“’Kay!” Alana turned and headed down the stairs as fast as Tuki had come up.


Tuki knelt by her Mother and opened her bag. “’S okay Mor, I got this.” She whispered, when she was sure no one could hear her.


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((Soooo. Dreaming of handsome gardeners is she? Hmmmm. Tongue Out

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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I have no clue where that idea came from...... Honestly! 

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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