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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 5)

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Hyle was concentrating on her notes, She was aware the door had opened and the sound of high heels did register, but only just.


Miss Troy! So nice to meet you at last.”.


Hyle looked up from her writings, just as Monika made her ungracious entrance behind…. Who?


I am sorry Miss Troy, I….. She just….”


Hyle put her pen down with some force onto the notepad. She was already annoyed but this last few seconds had just put the cherry on the top of it.


Will someone tell me what exactly is going on here!!” She demanded. Looking primarily at her PA but also glancing at the woman, dressed in red, standing in front of her desk.


Monika gave an angry glare, pointing at Sigrid, “She…”

Sigrid.” Sigrid cut Monika short. “Sigrid Sigurdsson.” Still smiling still as calm as you wish, She stepped forward, offering Hyle her hand.


Hyle’s curiosity pushed anger aside. Curiosity cast an appreciative glance over the woman’s couture and elbowed common sense back into second place. Very expensive clothes. Why?


Hyle held her hand up demanding silence.


Thank you Monika, I’ll deal with this.” And with that Monika was dismissed. “Oh, and come and see me later.”


Monika felt her heart drop several centimetres. “Yes, Miss Troy.”


Hyle indicated the seat in front of her desk. Sigrid complied. Her smile still cool and relaxed despite the obvious irritation radiating from Mayor Troy.


I’ll give you ten minutes.” Hyle’s signature ice blue stare seemed to have no effect on her visitor. “Why are you here and why are you so rudely interrupting me?”



Sigrid placed her case beside the seat and sat forward, hands on her lap. As she leant forward the fabric of her dress fell perfectly into pre-designed folds so that however she sat it would fall to the most beautiful position about her body, automatically.


This design feature was not lost on Hyle Troy. She was impressed. Curiosity demanded to know who created Sigrid’s fashion while common sense pushed at curiosity’s back, trying yet again to get Hyle’s attention.


First and foremost I wanted to meet the famous Hyle Troy, which sounds like appalling flattery, forgive me. But knowing what I have learned about Hope Springs...” Sigrid made a sigh, rolling her eyes upward “… I am deeply impressed. Really.”


Hyle shrugged off the flattery and finally common sense regained control of her attention.


Really.” Hyle echoed, “And you went to all this effort just to sit in my presence?” The scepticism was thick in her voice. Sigrid was aware of it.


No of course not.” She smiled. “Miss Troy, I am am woman of not insignificant means. The main reason is that I wish to in some way support your work, rather like the other members of The Troy Foundation. And perhaps help in more practical terms if I can. In short, I wish to move and live here in Hope Springs and help push forward your social and societal work, if I may.”


Very magnanimous.” Hyle said, her voice still sceptical.


Of course, this can not be discussed fully in ten minutes and I will not push my impetuousness further than I already have. So, may I invite you to join me for dinner and drinks this evening?”


Hyle sat back, thinking over the last few minutes and Sigrid’s words. An invitation, a business meeting? And dinner an a couple of drinks. In fact Hyle had felt restless and over worked for some time now, perhaps a break from the routine that had stultified her would be pleasant. The woman was well dressed and seemed very polite, if a little direct. But then again, Hyle was never one to shy from getting what she wanted, was she. Could she be angry with someone with a similar drive to herself? If nothing else she could learn more about Sigrid and her motivations in a more relaxed atmosphere. And if, at the end of it all, she was not sufficiently convinced, she could easily decline whatever it was this Sigrid had in mind. What was there to loose?


Hyle pondered for a few moments. Sigrid kept her peace, just looked at Hyle with soft eyes. Hyle took a deep breath.


Okay.” She nodded. “We can meet later, say 19:30. But don’t think I am forgiving you for barging in, next time, I will ask a constable to remove you, clear?”


Sigrid smiled warmly, both women stood up and shook hands, Hyle almost smiled, but kept her indignant face to view.


I do deeply apologise for my dramatic entrance, Miss Troy. But I am sure you have done so in the past too, hmm?” Sigrid finished the statement with a short laugh and a wider smile.


Yes, I am guilty of such also.” Hyle’s smile appeared for a moment as she lead Sigrid to the door. Hyle turned the handle, then paused. “Oh, would you be so kind as to ask Miss Spiegel to come to my office when you leave.”


Sigrid nodded. “Sure, but don’t be so hard on her, hmm?.. it was my fault. Entirely.”


Hyle’s lips tightened. She said nothing in reply.


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*Plays the first few bars of Duelling Banjos*

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Hmm,,I think it could be more a case of....


"The devil went down to Hope Springs
She was lookin' for a soul to steal
She was in a bind
'Cause she was way behind
And she was willin' to make a deal…."



I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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