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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 3)

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It was just after 06:00 that morning when Hyle stepped out of the shower. She dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. As she stirred her coffee as it stood next to her ostemad, Hyle automatically started briefing herself on the tasks which lay ahead that day. A day like any other, her mind’s eye pictured her in-tray, self replicating itself daily like a bed of weeds that despite constant trimming seemed to grow with each cycle.


With the spoon stirring, almost automatically in her hand, Hyle gazed for a few moments out of the window and found herself reflecting on simpler days when her workload was far less and sapped her enthusiasm far less than it seemed to do of late.


Yes, of course it had always been hard work and the success of the collective efforts of herself and her colleagues was very apparent. Hope was a growing town, attracting more and more people simply wanted to live their lives in peace and safety. But the unexpected scale of the success brought it’s own problems and Hyle’s mind dwelled for a moment of days when she could always find time on such a warm day as this promised to be to stretch out on the waffelhus roof and sunbathe, sans-couture, as it were. She glanced at her arm, sighed, her skin was much paler than it used to be.


Nevertheless, Hope was prospering, self sustaining. Tax receipts corresponded with the rise in domestic product. The finances were less dependant on donations from the members of The Troy Foundation who’s generosity helped kick-start the economy, providing services and infrastructure like the school, the refugee facilities or the constabulary.


But the town was growing and more was needed. Housing, extensions to the school, the clinic needed transforming into a medical centre. And so on and so forth. Ergo, all this needed budgeting for.

Her Chief Accountant, Wesley Drayton, despite being a nothing short of a financial wizard was, not to put too fine a point on it, too miserly for Hyle’s vision of the town. Therefore she was compelled to oversee his fiscal decision, simply because if she didn’t, nothing would get done. So the first task she could look forward to each day was the budgeting meeting with Mr. Drayton, hardly the most exciting way to start a workday, but at least it was out of the way and she was then free to attend to all the other business.


So, by mid morning Hyle was wading into the omnipresent pile of folders to her right. Opening each in turn, reading them carefully, making her recommendations (for recommendation, read instruction) before signing and placing them to her left, the out tray. One by one, bit by bit. The proposed pathology unit, the jailhouse extension, school equipment. All read, considered and passed back for actioning. Each one with it’s attached costings.

Then decisions and planning for the unexpected eventualities. First and foremost, the typhoid outbreak. That had come completely out of the blue. Of course that all came under the direction of Doctor Troy. Tuki. But all that also needed paying for. Perhaps the planned football equipment for the school would have to wait a little longer.


Monika, Hyle’s personal assistant and receptionist tapped on the door, entered with her customary smiling ‘excuse me’. She crossed the room to collect the contents of Hyle’s out tray.


It’s lunchtime, Miss Troy.” She reminded Hyle.


Oh shit.. already?” Hyle sat up and squinted at the wall clock, then sighed. Monika knew the look on her boss’ face.


Sandwiches?. The usual?” Monika smiled over the concern on her face.


Jo.” Hyle sighed.


Right, I shall call Theis as soon as I get back to my desk.”


Tak så meget.” Hyle smiled her thanks.

Miss Skovlund asked for a meeting after lunch. It seemed urgent. Something about the kids from New Flagstaff. What shall I tell her?”


Hyle looked at Monika with a resigned smirk, turning her palms up then glancing at the clock, quickly calculating available time versus priorities.


Ok.Tell her en halvtreds.”


Monika quickly converted that to one-thirty and nodded.


I’ll call Theis, then Miss Skovlund. Then I’ll take my lunch. If you don’t mind.”


Of course I don’t mind.”


Monika cradled Hyle’s morning efforts to her chest and left. Hyle’s sigh huffed her fringe up, she picked up the next folder, labelled ‘New Sewer Pipe for Skolegade’


Deep joy.” She muttered.


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*sniffs and wipes a finger under his nose.*

" 'Ere. I can do you a nice deal on sewer pipe... Fell offa the back of a truck."

((Great insight into Hyle's world :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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