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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 2)

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Sigrid Sigurdsson sat patiently, demurely, in the waiting area of the main office of Hope Springs Town Hall. She had of course been there for some time, maybe thirty minutes. But she reasoned that the Mayor was a busy woman with a schedule to keep and that Sigrid’s visit was of course, unscheduled. But time was something that Sigrid was used to taking.


She was mildly amused at the amount of traffic the water cooler was taking during this time, yes it was a hot day, the sheen on her skin testified to this. But it was also noticeable that the vast majority of the people coming to take a drink were the younger men of the town hall staff, some of them on their third visit for a drink.


But Sigrid smiled and nodded politely as they passed. And as they craned their necks over the top of their workstations.

She knew.

They were staring at her, and it amused her. Sometimes she would shift her sitting position, mostly to ease the pressure on her backside from the firm cushion she sat on. But also to smile inwardly as a good number of the male staff turned heads like watchful Meerkats and groaned softly. Men, so predictably obvious. And on her part, she knew she had made a good choice of outfit today.


From her station at the reception desk, Monika also noticed the not-so-subtle gawking from her male colleagues, rolling her eyes at their immature ogling. She had a great job, but the one great drawback was the occasional unwelcome attention from a few of the men, no, the boys, in the office.

In particular, the irritation which she had endured at the hands, literally, of the one known as Floyd.

At least she had done so until recently, when, after one particularly clumsy grope she had emptied her coffee onto Floyd’s clean and highly pressed white shirt, telling him in no uncertain terms that if he so much as breathed on her again she would discuss his behaviour with the Mayor.

There were few things that working for Hope Springs Town Council which were unpleasant, but a disciplinary conversation with Mayor Hyle Troy ranked right up there at the head of the list.. In bold capitals, in a large font.

Predictably, Floyd desisted. There were other girls in the office anyway.

Monika, who rarely missed a trick these days, planned to have a quiet discussion with these girls also.

But at least today, the rutting stags has something, or someone, else to occupy their minds. Monika glanced at the still patiently sitting Sigrid, who smiled back a her disarmingly. Monika’s ‘make them wait long enough and they will go away’ strategy for unexpected visitors did not seem to be working with this one.


Ten minutes went by and once again, Floyd made his way to the water cooler, making all too obvious his observation of Sigrid’s décolletage. As Monika watched. Sigrid followed him over to the cooler.

Raising herself on her long heels to be level with his ear. Sigrid leaned over and whispered something in his ear. Monika was watching but had no idea what Sigrid said to him, but Floyd blurted out most of the water in his mouth and found himself choking on the rest.

While Floyd struggled to compose himself, Sigrid turned away and merely walked calmly back to her seat, pausing for a moment to wink at Monika. Monika refrained from laughing but smiled at the visitor as Floyd skulked, red-faced, back to his desk Monika decided that she liked this woman.


Shortly, the door to Mayor Troy’s office opened with some force and a tall blonde woman appeared from the Mayor’s office, her face set with what looked like extreme annoyance.

Sigrid watched the woman cross the hall to Monika’s desk. Leaning over, the stern looking woman muttered words quietly across the desk to Monika, one of which sounded like ‘Fugginskivey’, Sigrid also heared Monika call this woman ‘Miss Skovlund.’,

But Sigrid spotted her opportunity. Monika was distracted and the door to the Mayor’s office was improperly left ajar.


I see the Mayor is free now!” Sigrid said, to anyone who heard, and promptly made her way quickly to the door.


Wait…!” Monika called out but way too late.


Miss Troy! So nice to meet you at last.” Sigrid breezed as she closed the door behind her, only to feel it open an instant later as an extremely flustered Monika almost fell into the room.


I am sorry Miss Troy, I….. She just….” Monika blurted out.


Mayor Hyle Troy looked up from note pad she was writing on, her face illustrated her outrage as she looked at the other two people in her office. One of them very well dressed and looking as calm as you wish. The other, Monika, going steadily white and looking very worried about what the next few moments held. Monika held her breath, Sigrid smiled.


The Mayor spoke like quiet thunder.


Will someone tell me what exactly is going on here!!”


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