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Butterfly in my belly

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win her over with chloroform


"Balisong" or a Butterfly knife is a small, single edged slasher that can be used as a knuckleduster or a cheap party trick. When it dances through the air it gets all the attention. It's a unique mix of useless bravado and chromed metal that is still a way better tool than a switchblade. But in the hands of a real Traveler, you never even see the flash. A hand reaches into the pocket and slowly takes out what could be a cigarette or a pen, nothing dangerous. No sound, not even pain reaches you as the Traveler is already turning his back and walking away with hands in his pockets, leaving your best leather jacket and your only belly pierced by an unseen blade. It takes a while to realize what just happened - has this unknown Trav learned the ancient secret of "no blade" - the ultimate butterfly knife party trick? Then you realize the name of this party is Dieseltown, and this is Traveler's playground. You want to jump the guy that just stabbed you in the guts but everybody is looking at you just bleeding there and they are giving you their meanest shark smile... and you realize - they are all in this and are honestly just waiting for a chance to gang up on you. This stab that starts to hurt like hell and bleed down your pants now... it was all just a simple message:

Don't mess with our petrol business.


To make any kind of sense you have to spread the map of Sectors 1 through 3 and mark all of the oil producing towns. It won't take long for you to do that. Many towns like Dieseltown are just oil depots located on choke points between sectors and they are not really producing anything except butterfly knife aficionados and other musclemen that protect the big business. There is this guy, Baron Saud. He runs this kingdom. Recently, though, a rival has been running the prices down. They tried to talk - Travelers always try to work things out and give peace a chance. But things didn't work out - no chance for peace and that's how a butterfly ended up under my rib cage. I'm no big player, just like the rest of these guys. We all know our spot and fight not to sink down any lower than we already are. One thing you learn fast is that with Travs you can always go lower, just like in limbo dance.


When I'm working, I always turn into this party-pooping, intense character, but with a stinging stab wound and a handful of weak-as-shit "Joe's Fine Painkillers" in my stomach I reached new depths of sourness. The regular party in Hope seems like a good starting point as I try to crack down on the electric engine manufacturers lobby. Of course, electric motors are no real threat to the oil Families, but with the Oil War in sight the demand for electric engines will soar - and there will be a shitload of chips for a guy that owns a list with all these contacts. I just need to work my way up to the top and round up these guys. Whether somebody will mark them as competition or new income will be for the highest bidder to decide.

Now, with a bottle of suspicious "Joe's Tested Chloroform" I make my way into Hope. I... hope their Chloroform is of better quality than their painkillers... but you can only expect so much from independent traders. The really serious business always was with the Travelers.





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Great read :D Loved that first paragraph, really gets across that feeling of sauddenly realising you are in a bad place. Oh and if all else fails I can highly recomend 'Joe's Funeral Service' Real cardboard coffins. Organs recycled for free.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( I didn't want to smear Joe's businesses without asking but this is how it all went down

Engel: "Does this smell like chloroform to you?"

Engel brings a chloroform soaked wunderbaum under Veronica's nose while she is driving her buggy.

Veronica: (rolls high to resist it) No, you must have gotten that from Joe's traders.

Engel smells it as well (rolls high as well to resist it): Yeah. Damn those independent traders. ))



- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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((Joe would be able to give you a perfectly plausible reason why, out of the whole batch, that particular bottle may be considered sub-standard... he won't give you your money back, but  at least you'll know.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((Nice read :-) 

I hope more will follow. 


And Joe, don't you go around labelling my name as your standard!!

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