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The Burbs; Housing and Jobs

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Roleplay community that has moved to the Burbs so far;

Housing will be determined at a later date, no one is to predetermine their housing yet or expect to get where they want. Jared, Jason, Pyrok, Ally, and myself will be organizing and deciding what to do from here (with the help of you guys of course).

The jobs that were picked today will try to be kept as we try and organize everything. Anyone that was not at the vote and requests a job may not be given specifically what they want, but what is available.

Any questions or concerns should be sent to one of us

Jared Radke, Jason Calloway, Pyrok Driftlin, Allriae Aggian, Petyr Vakkos


We are nothing short of astounded at the cooperation and support that we are seeing throughout the community regarding this project. Thank you all so much for being a part of this amazing process!


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If you're unhappy or confused, I will explain.  Skip to the Blue Bold Sections.  Though I encourage you read on.

((Petyr is blunt as usual.  But he makes a good point.  Bare with me here.  Let me explain.  What I believe he means to say is "People may not get exactly what job they 'want' but instead the job they're 'good for' or the job the town needs.  But that doesn't mean people will be lined up into rows and assigned jobs.  This is not to prioritize anyone over anyone, as we are certainly all in this together.  But it is to say that we cannot end up with 40 security guards, 3 medics, and a farmer.  We need people to run the clothing shop, we need people to run the smithy, we need people to work in the mines, we need people to run nature labs, we need people to fix engines, we need people for many many other diverse tasks.

In the future, houses will be assigned to those with certain jobs at the convienence of the houses owner.  So basically, dont expect that three story mansion, expect that single bedroom house with a quaint fire pit that is right across from the shop you run.  In many cases people will end up sleeping in their shops, providing there is a bed.  This is so that everyone get's the best housing available.  Housing will be desided through a mix of IC interplayer bargaining (for realism and entertainment) and OOC "who fits where" selections via forum (so we dont try to rip one another's throats out for that cute little shack from the get-go).

In short, to sum up Jobs.  Right now, people may be expecting a job that is already taken.  A large goal for this town is to maintain a "plausable atmosphere".  This means that every industry must be utalized if we are to survive.  You may not end up with the job you originally thought you wanted.   Exploring options is part of the RP, and there are so many options to explore!  And if a job doesn't suit you, who said you can't try another one?

In short, to sum up Housing. Like that farmhouse? Consider taking up farming to supply the town with food!  Would you enjoy a quiet fire and a tent to sleep iunder out beneath the stary night sky?  You may want to work in or around the mines!  There are many great jobs, and many houses to match them!  

(Please express your opinions!  Be heard!  The more stuff you throw at us, the better we can all organize this thing.


"The future ain't what it used to be."


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Opinion: You don't own the town, or at least, you shouldn't. Don't get me wrong. Own it and manage it if you want to, but you will end up with too much work and no fun. The town is already owned, the shops are already manned, the markets are full and the town has one of the best defenses in the whole Canyon - Vista guards, Regular guards and even guard dogs and a fence. A fully equipped kennel and a shooting range round it up.

The town is prosperous! If you want to ignore the NPCs and role play it as a defunct town that needs clones to help it out and manage it that is fine, though. Town management could be tons of fun and you could manage jobs even in character (for example by putting a "Miners wanted" poster or something like that)!

I will primarily focus to bring some content (and a bit of conflict) to the area, for people to take part in. You are free to post here on FERP who sleeps where but it is really not a priority, don't you think? The community is stretched, and this is a chance for us to roleplay in a small area, where there is a higher chance we will "bump" into each other more frequently. Let people sleep where they want and perform a job that they can. Overpopulation really can't be a problem in a small community. I am very careful not to say anything that could be understood as a demoralizing comment. In fact - this turned out to be a great idea and I love where it is going.

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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Sadly Engel, for people unlike ourselves "...who sleeps where..." is a priority.


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Petyr if you need more help with people to organize this I'll gladly help :)


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What if we let everyone choose there own housing. if 2 people want same house then and only then they have a house designated for them. Neither gets the house unless it was deignated and majority of people get the house they want.

well theirs my little piece

Master Chef, Leader of FESP

cook --> eat--> sleep--> and repeat 

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((Engel raises a good point.  All I can say is that were simply trying to make it so people dont end up arguing over who gets what to the point that they get stressed and leave.  If it seems like were being a little bit of control freaks, it's because we simply don't want to repeat the little mistakes that appeared in previous towns.  If the community continues to pull together, we will all loosen up.  For example, to come up with this post alone, a group of us spent about five hours in game brainstorming over Team Chat.  So if it seems we are overthining, just know we mean well and we apoligize.  I hope more people of the community SPEAK UP, so that we can know what direction people want to take here.


As to how the town is going to be RP'd, I think we should make a poll.  I've heard a few ideas spitballed around, but nothing really solidified.


"The future ain't what it used to be."


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(( Yes, speak to us. I don't want to feel like I'm forcing people to dance like puppets on strings, instead we want to know what community wants, not what we want. 


"May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't."

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IMO there is way too much focus on where characters will live and avoiding arguments.  This is a voluntary move so we can get more rp instead of just letting it finish dying like we have been while admiring our nice but scattered houses we stole from npcs.  

We are adults and no one is being forced into this so IMO anyone who bitches how a home shaped load of pixels they park in for a couple hours a day isnt good enough and that they need the one bob has his toon parked in ....simply needs to go away.. fuck em.

The Burbs have done quite well without the inlfux of refugees it has now so I see no need for anyone to formally "run" it but a commitee/mediators/organizers might be very useful. 

There cant be excuses in a situation that honestly is a last ditch effort to save rp in FE.  I know I am not the only one who stopped logging in because my rper list is empty except for maybe one person no where near me and my char has zero reason to go there.. except for canni since being a brat is always reason enough for everything. 

One thing we all agree on is that no where ... offers the depth and rp freedom this game has and I believe the biggest reason is that because we were always accessible to other rpers and that stopped and with it a reason for many to log in.

This was a good idea and its time to act like grown ups and ignore the petty shit.  

We are all in this together.


One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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Engel, like Jared said brings a really good point. And although I agree mostly with what Engel said I understand the point that Petyr brings. What I am trying to say is between event and event there's lots of downtime obviously. I don't log in and sit waiting for someone or something to generate RP or content for me, I think that the gap between event X the great bunny uprising and event Y the great bunny stew can be filled with more down to earth RP or content like performing a role in a community, a RP job.

So my idea to marriage both points is something like this ...

Instead of saying no! There's no NPC guards for example you could have both Players and NPC guards. That way you have plenty of guards ... guarding? And players that can actually defend the town in case the need arises be that against other NPC's (bunnies) or Players (bunny lovers).


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I agree with Engel, Canni and Blakeru, although I do understand Petyr's and Jared's point. However, I think we're overthinking.

People is moving already, let them move. First things first.

Like I said, we are concerned to create something immersive and realistic in the Burbs, but RP must flow. Whether NPCs are there or not it doesn't matter, resources can be deplet, engines can break, crops can be infected with pests, etc. Instead of assigning jobs OOCly, why not doing it IC? If we need something from the mine, create a task-force IC for it, if we need guards, recruit people IC. (I'm not excluding FERP when I say IC, but simply do everything RP-wise)

Let people breath, at this point I think it's simply better to let people move and later talk one by one if we have to. Throwing rules and shaping things at this point will only make things daunting and creep people away.

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(( I think I agree. We were so focused on making everything perfect that i feel like we forgot what we were actually doing. If we keep the pressure so heavy people are going to get restless either way. We need to let the community just go ahead and move in and we can be the ones who can mediate any debate. I feel as if thought that is our best option.


"May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't."

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(( Were doing our best to let it flow.  In every post we've asked opinions so we can bend and shape things accordingly.  I'm very happy to see some opinions cerculating on these posts.  My entire effort in this is to make sure things dont collapse in on themselves.  Sure you can shrug it off and say "were all adults" but if you learn from history then you can see what works and what is prone to fail.  That is why we are trying so many new ideas at once.  And we apoligize if it seems hectic.  But if you look at how things are running in town right now, it's not too shabby.  So long as everyone continues to let their voice be heard, this could end very well!  I will be posting a map of housing in South Burb very soon.


"The future ain't what it used to be."



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