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The Bowl That Walked

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'He called you Missy?' Sharky asked.

'No, messy' Veronica replied. 'He said messy. Me! My corner is tidy unlike the rest of his storeroom.'

'I am sure he likes you paying rent, so he cannot complain too much,' Sharky pointed out.

Veronica was not listening. 'Messy! He is always losing things, not me. Except the hat day...'

'The hat day?' Sharky asked puzzled.

'The day my hat was missing.'

'Which one?'

'The purple one.'

Sharky sighed and decided not to make the obvious comment. 'Did you find it?' he asked.

'Yes. After searching everywhere.'

'Where was it?'

'It was... err... on my head.'

Sharky laughed and stopped when Veronica glared at him.

'He was probably teasing me. He probably put it there when i searching.'

'Or you-' Sharky stopped. The glare again. 'It was cruel joke.'

The glare vanished.

'I lost something recently. A bowl,' Sharky said.

'A bowl?'

'Yes. My snackbowl. My best one.'

'How did it happen?' Veronica asked.

'I was sitting outside eating some of those crunchy things that Hyle likes. I put the bowl on the ground and fell asleep. I awoke later and it was gone.'

'Was it on your head?' Veronica asked.

Sharky looked at Veronica with surprise. 'Seriously you ask?'

There was a second or two of silence.

'Okay. It was gone,' Veronica said.

'But the story continue. A few weeks later, I was walking by the stream with the singing toads.'

Veronica listened. Her mind imagining the stream and the...

Ladies and Gentleman, please make applause for Karl Kröte and the Kaulquappen...

Toads... little jackets... throats moving out and in as they sing... Sing! Cute!

'Veronica? Veronica? Are you listening?'

'Oh sorry Sharky,' Veronica said returning from the daydream. 'You were talking about toads?'

'Yes the singing toads at the stream. I followed the stream for hours.'

'Were the toads still singing?'

'Sometime, yes. Anyway, the stream went through a huge Vista cornfield. I followed it into there and then i saw something.'

'A toad wearing a little jacket?'

'What? No. I saw something in the soil. I went to it and pulled it out. It was-'


'Yes! It was my bowl! Half Kilometer from the place it was lost.'

'How did it get to there?' Veronica asked.

'I have no idea,' Sharky said.

They chatted for a few more minutes before Veronica decided it was time to return to New Flagstaff. She entered her buggy and drove away towards the city.

As the buggy disappeared into the distance, it passed a teapot strangely discarded on the side of the road. After the sound of the buggy had faded, the legs of a hermit crab emerged and the teapot suddenly scurried away home.


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*blinks at walking teapot, checks his cap just to be sure, leans back in relief, sings along with the frogs*

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(( love it!!!

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I want to live in V.V's world.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((  The parallel Veronicauniverse..  I love her !!  ))

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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yes spot on that sharky none too bright on

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