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The Bonds Between Us

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The secret agent struggled but the straps were too strong. He was firmly attached to the table. Nearby the machine was quiet with a hint of menace to come.

'It is no use struggling Mr Bond,' said a man in a white suit before pulling a huge lever. The machine began to hum and then pulse of electrical sparks which danced all over it.

'What are you going to do with me?' Bond asked hiding fear and concern from his voice, ever professional.

'Give to you a little encouragement,' the man said with an evil grin.

'And that... machine... what will you do with that?' Bond asked now a little more concerned.

'Me? Nothing. However my assistant has a more shocking imagination.' The man called out. 'Please join us Miss Volt.'

Bond heard footsteps. He glanced over to a door behind the man. A woman with purple hair and in a purple dress, as if going to a dinner party, walked through. The woman stood beside the man. 'Good evening Mr Bond,' she said with a slight smile.

Bond smiled back. 'I certainly hope it will be,' he said to the woman.

'I doubt that,' the man said.

The smile on Bonds face vanished and he looked to the man. 'Do you expect me to talk?' he asked defiantly.

'No Mister Bond,' the man replied. 'I expect you to fry.' He turned to the woman. 'Make sure he gives us what we need,' he instructed to her before turning back to face Bond. 'I will leave you Miss Volt. Good bye Mr Bond, we will not meet again,' and then he walked out of the room.

Bond looked to the woman and the dress. 'Things are looking up,' he said.

'Really?' the woman said confidently as she stroked the machine, the crackles increasing. 'From what i see you seem to be in a most awkward situation Mr Bond.' She moved closer to the table where the agent lay trapped.

'It depends on whose view you take,' Bond explained. 'Do you not agree Miss Volt? Or would you prefer Veronica?'

The woman froze. Her face showing concern. 'I... I do not know who you mean?' she said.

'Really?' Bond said copying her earlier confident tone. 'Tell me, do you still like to walk in the Tiergarten?'

The woman leaned over Bond. 'You must be mistaken Mr Bond,' she said before adding in a whisper. 'Now, tell us the codes and you will be not be harmed.' Her eyes suddenly noticed the broken strap but it was too late. In a flash, Bonds hand gripped her around the throat. She tried to become free but as more she struggled, the tighter was the grip on her throat. 'Release me,' Bond said firmly. She did as she was told.

No restraints now. He pulled the woman close to him. 'Now Miss Volt,' he said mischievously. 'What to do with you?'

The woman looked into Bonds eyes, nearby the machine hummed and crackled. Finally she said 'Punish me.'

Bond placed a finger under her chin and moved her face closer to his. 'As you wish,' he said.

'Oh James,' the woman said. Bond smiled as he moved his lips closer to hers. 'Miss Volt...'

'Miss Volt? Miss Volt?'

Veronica looked up and opened her eyes and stared into the face of the barman. 'What?' she asked confused and annoyed with the interruption. She blinked and looked around suddenly remembering she was in a bar, a book from the archive on the table in front of her, something about a secret agent. She heard a hum and a crackle and looked up seeing a fan turning. The barman glanced up 'Yeah, need to get that thing repaired.' Veronica looked back to him.

'Sorry to wake you,' the barman said. 'But the gentleman behind me asks if he can buy you one of our special Valentine Cocktail.'

Veronica looked to behind the barman. At a table sat an old man, unshaved, probably not washed in months, with clothes stained with sweat and previous meals. He suddenly noticed Veronica looking over. He waved a little timidly and grinned showing a few remaining crooked yellow teeth.

Veronica looked back to the barman. 'No!' she said. 'Not if he is the last man in the sector. I can almost smell him from here! And those teeth? Ugh!' She grabbed the book and quickly walked away.

The barman seemed surprised by the reaction but shrugged and turned around. As he was walking over to the gentleman at the table, the old man rose from his seat and walked to the direction of the toilets almost bumping into the barman. The barman stopped to allowed the old man to pass and then continued to the smartly dressed gentleman at the next table. Politely but honestly he told the man how and why the drink was not accepted.

The smartly dressed gentleman nodded disappointly and the barman went back to the counter. The gentleman sat silently for a moment in thought before sniffing his arm. A few people nearby looked at him strangely. The man looked to one of them. 'Do you smell anything? Oh, and my teeth,' he said before briefly giving a forced grin for a second to show perfect white teeth. 'What is wrong with them?'


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((  "Veronica Volt" really could be a Bond Girl name!

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Hey, old unshaved men with body odour and unwashed clothes need love too... er, not that I know any you understand... just saying.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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