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Blood, Fuel and Steel

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Jeassiah was working in the garage at Hope Springs, before her the burned out wreckage of her car she'd driven for so long. She sighed as she surveys the destruction heaped upon the anceint car, the tools she had available, and the small ssortment of parts she'd been able to collect so far.

Looking more intently at that pile, she sighed even deeper, knowing that some of the parts she truely needed were not amoung them, that some of those she'd been trying to deal with for weeks now were asking far more than they were worth. Some she was stubborn simply because they sensed her need for the parts and were trying to drive up the prices even high, she'd considered that maybe she would need to go find some one like Joe or even Vekthar to talk to the dealers. And yet another sigh, she didnt like oweing favors to them, especialy not since Vakthar had slapped her the way he did, and oh did she remember that one too clearly.

Walking around with a wrench in hand, she reached into the engine compartment to start ripping out burnt wires and engine parts. As she worked on one particularly stubborn part she thought about other things, her time being back in Hope Spring, the people living here now and daily ongoing. She was really impressed with how little conflict there was around town, the most she'd seen was a verbal arguement between an old man and whom she thought might have been his wife. She thought back to when Doc and Jade welcomed her and how much its both changed and yet remained the place of hope and safety for so many over the years, due to Hyle's hard work she had no doubts about.

Reaching for the melted remains of the fuel line, she gave it a good yank to remove the piece and toss it aside, then considers her current place in town. A brief thought crossed her mind and she stood upright, setting the wrench down befroe reaching up to light touch the collar she wore, the one that kept her tied to the Network. Reaching behind her neck she found the small studs and pressed on them, releasing the clasp that held it in place amd let it slide free into her other waiting hand.

Jeassiah turned and walked away from the garage, the wreckage of her old car, crossing the street to the porch of the bar to sit down and think for awhile.

"That which surrenders is not always the right choice."


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"Spivey's Independent Traders - For all of your Wasteland Needs."


*Smallprint* For legal purposes 'all' is defined as 'some'. May not be fit for purpose. See specific labels for disclaimers. We operate a 'no returns' policy. Complaints will be dealt with by our highly trained team of big men with big clubs.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((thats great Joe. I love it. How ever, the bulk of this will be rewriten fairly soon, i was crunched for time and I wanted the basic outline of what I had in mind writen down before I forgot or worse, changed my mind. Please be patient and I will have this done better soon.

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