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Blood and Steel pt 2

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The day started like those of the last week for Jeassiah, up early before dawn, in fact almost always before anyone else around Hope would consider a reasonable hour to be awake. For her though, it was either get up that early, or end up terrifying one of the other residents of the woman's hostle with the results of one of her nightmares waking herself and everyone else up.

Needless to say, she choose the former option over the later, if not to help keep the peace and not scare the other women any more than many of them have already expereinced. That was not to say she was really ok with, in her opinion, waking up at the ungodly hour of the morning before coffee. Even the occassional watchman who would check in learned quickly that Jess was considereably grumpy before she got to the Waffle House for her daily dose of Isacc's coffee. Just something about how he brewed it had her coming back not only for more every day, but seemed to help her nerves after any particularly nasty nightmare she had that night, the latest for some reason she could not understand yet, Strelok was one of her nightmare figures that she faced.

The last week she'd been working on clean up of the garage had been progressing fairly well, although very few seemed to show any interest or notice yet the clean up of the building in general nor the fact that many of the holes were either bricked up anew or had been boarded over compleatly. She figured a few more weeks or years in some places, the building almost could be considered restored to near original condition, provided it was not shot at, bombs or some other clone inspired destruction ensued. Which she recalls a little, she was once part of that mayhem so many years ago.

This morning though proved to be different than the last few days. Today she was not cleaning at all, in fact she was packing the DMC she had been driving with one of the smaller tool boxes from the garage and a pair of heavy lift jacks. She'd called and made arrangements to to spend some time in the junk yard in Diesel Town for parts of any cars that had not been compleatly picked part or scrapped yet. She also had two other places in mind to scout out for parts, one if she recalled correctly had a 'minor' infestation to deal with, thus the two weapons cases already packed into the car along with two boxes of ammo each, way more than needful but she consdiered where she was going and just hw much the local animal life would not hesitate to make a snack of her if she were not prepaired for it.

And before she left that morning, she stopped by Hyle's home, taking note that the house was still dark, so most likely she was sleeping. A short note to let her and Reavy know where'd gone was left on the floor after she slipped it under the door. She really didnt expect any communication from either one of them since Reavy was most like working or if she was home, getting a lot of much needed sleep, and Hyle as best as jess could understand, was busy taking care of the town as a whole. Still...letting them know felt right and would let them know she was not simply dissapearing again, just out of town for the day or two.

Several hours after that, finds her on the road, driving through the deep woods of Kaibab forest when she saw something that not only caught her attention, but had the car skidding to a hard stop.


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I like that you bring the hostel into the stories you write. It makes me wonder what those walls could tell us of all the refugees that passed through over the years. Desperate people, dangerous people or just people needing a roof for a few days. They all have stories.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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