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Blood and Steel, Hope Springs Garage.

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Jeassiah awoke in a sweat this morning, the most recent of her nightmares fading but she remembered enough to recognise one of the faces, and she shivered in the coolnesss of the morning air. She glanced around and found the other sleepers were still sound asleep, and was inwardly thankfull that tonights dream was not one of the ones that would have her screaming awake in abject terror.
And lately, she found herself more and more in the women's hostel here in Hope Springs, the first few weeks in the old house she was told was her old home were never truely restful, and seemed to bring out not only the most volient of her nightmares, but the ones that ended up bringing out her fear of the one woman she believed she loved and why she came back at all.

She sighed and slipped quietly from the bed, bending over to remake it neatly as usual before she set about getting dressed. Jess looked over the small bag she'd brought up from the Mauler she'd been driving for the last few weeks and picked out a simple set of clothes, a pair of black jeans, matching tshirt and even underclothes, which today she found comfort in wearing when she usualy hated wearing such things anyway. Shouldering the bag after she'd repacked her simple hygene kit, she slipped out the front as quietly as possible. It was still early enough that most of the towns folk would be still sleeping, and decided to walk to the destination she wanted this morning.

As she passed under one of the few street lamps, she caught sight of a simple buissiness card, old yet still intact enough to be clearly readable, and stopped to pick it up. Her first thought about it was it'd make a decent note card later if she needed the paper and pocketed it without really looking at what the card was for, continuing down the road quietly, even a soft "Mahalo" to one of the night Deputies she enouterd on his patrol route that morning.

Jess eventually arrive at the town garage, as about run down as ever from what she knew of it, yet also as awalys it seemed to be one of the places that has just enough use that it was not torn down for much needed materials to repair other parts of the town. And she though to herself, something that she might be able to do while waiting for some one...anyone really...who might come to see her if anyone thought about it. And she sighed at that thought too, other than the few sparse messages, a party or two, it was buissiness as usual it felt to her for the folks around here. They kept to themselves and sometimes she wondered if many choose to avoid her deliberately.

She shucked her carry bag onto one of the counters in the carage and looked around, the clean up detail she noted was going to be a full job in itself, let about the obvious repairs the building needed. Oh she could tell that effort was put into the building to keep it standing when some one actually decided to use it, and she knew she would be no different. But as she thought about it, she might have something few others had or were willing to give, she felt she had no other place to be or was needed.

"But first, Breakfast!", she spoke alowed, breaking her silence and thought. She heard about the coffee the man called Issacc was known to make across the street at the Waffle House, not to mention that if she guessed right, Hyle still cooked there when she was not busy taking care of the rest of the town. She made her way across the street and nudge the door of the Waffle house open, smeeling the coffee already and that made her both grin and forget the last vestiage of the nightmare that woke her this morning.

Slipping onto one of the stools at the counter she tapped softly to get the mans attention before softly speaking, "Mahalo. Ah'd like one caf and breakfas` plate, please, Ser." then smiled as the man took a moment to process what she'd said into something he understood and turned to start cooking for her. It didnt seem to take very long to her before her order was ready and placed before her, and just looking at it alone was enough to set her stomach growling, which she laughed sfotly about before she dug in to eat.

Once she was full on breakfast and even her third cup of coffee, she sighed in statisfaction then pushed herself up from the stool, laying down a handfull of chips on the count, well more than was actually needed in fact. "Ser, if yee please, ah'd like ta order lunch s`well, an brought `cross to the garage at..mm, eleven or so. What ever yer day's special be fine wit me." and smiled when he took the chips and wrote down the order for later. Turning she slipped out of the Waffle House to return to the garage once more.

Ignoring the partially torn down remains, and covered with a large sheet she 'barrowed' from the hostle to cover most of the car she had been working on, her own in fact, and the very car that currently fustrated the hell out of her. She snorted at the thought as she had just the day before thought about scrapping it compleatly, but was not about to give up just yet. the parts she desperately needed...she sighed...so rare and expensive, she was starting to think it might never drive again. Still, she shook her head slightly and reached for the large push broom, the building was not going to fully clean itself on wishfull thinking, and it would keep her busy until some one discovered and realised she was not only there, but a capable mechanic if needed.


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((Sounds like Jeass is settling in nicely :) I like the little details that bring the surroundings to life, npc reactions like the server in the wafflehous and taking time to make the bed in the hostel.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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