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The Bleach Blonde Stranger

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(Picture: Yolandi Visser) (Music: Static)

Gulp, gulp, "Ahh..."

"She just showed up one day man, I don't know what to say. Found her sitting on my couch just looking at the wall. Her skin is pale white and her hair matches. She's a freaky little one."
"Well what're you going to do about her?"
"I don't know man. She won't talk to me, she just eats my food and drinks my water then returns to the couch as if I'm not there. I kind of feel bad for her you know?"
"Fuck that, just put one in the back of her head." he motioned with his index to the back of his own head "Quick and painless. Maybe move her outside first so you don't get blood everywhere."
"Shut up man, you're sick, I'm not going to kill a kid."
"Hey, she's using up your supplies Iesan. I hear the Travelers buy and sell people. Maybe trade her to one of them?"
"That's not a half bad idea. Maybe to the Techs, I hear they kidnap kids anyway, this might be profitable. Maybe get some scrap parts to make those repairs we been talking about."
"Everybody knows the Techs pay the Travelers to kidnap the kids, you'd just be selling to a Traveler anyway."
"Seems like no matter what you do in this world Travelers are there with their hands in your wallet."
Both men took a long drink of their beers, finishing them off before changing topics. Several hours later, Iesan arrived home. That little girl with her pale skin just sitting there. Calm.

"You want a drink?" he asked. Knowing well that she'd answer him with silence.
"Well... If you do, you know where it's at by now I suppose."


Iesan opened his eyes, greeted by pitch black except from his door. A light was pouring from the crack. And another scream that could belong to no one but the young girl. He bolted out of bed, opened the door and ran downstairs into the main room. It was illuminated in bright lights, unlike the rest of the house, allowing him to see clearly. The room was missing something. His couch, his table, all his furniture, gone. Except the busted Tv that probably hadn't worked since before the Fall. The little girl was kneeling in front of it, her back to him. She was surrounded by white bottles with labels on them, but they were old and hard to make out. He could hear her gagging and she had her arms up as if she was drinking something, another of the white bottle perhaps?

"Girl?" he said cautiously "Hey, what are you doing?"

She turned back to look at him, her mouth was dripping in blood and he could finally read the faded label on the bottles 'Bleach'. The little girl opened her mouth but all he heard was static before...



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We don't kidnap ki.... oh wait. Scratch that, my bad. ((Great to see you writing again))

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((Deliciously dark and delectably devilish .. damn I've missed your stories.

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(( Never help a little girl in the post apo world. If she managed to survive that long... you don't want to find out how she did it. ))

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