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Black and yellow

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Sunshine corners, Northfields

It is a nice, sunny afternoon. She missed the sun and the peace of the area. Down in Alpha, the sun was constantly clouded by clouds of ashes and Bloodvine spores. When she decides to enter the grocery store, the cashier greets her with a big smile. She takes her time, looking at the surprisingly fresh vegetables and goods lying around and starts doing some shopping. Damn, they even have those old, brown paper bags ! She really missed such simple things.
Once her bag was full of goods and just before giving the chips to the cashier, she decides to ask her something :

" Do you still have those black and yellow candies ?"

The cashier seems surprised. She takes some time to answer.

" Yes but not right now. I need to ask my boss to know when we will recieve our next shipment. Do you want me to put some of those aside for you ? "

Slowly nodding, Shiu writes something on a paper before answering.

" Yeah, sure. You here's my name. I'll be back in a few hours. "

Without waiting for an answer, she puts some chips on the counter and leaves.

Two hours later, in the same place


At the second when she enters the small grocery store, the cashier points her to a corner of the counter, where a small black and yellow pouch is waiting.

" I think you forgot your little bag when leaving, few hours ago. Have a nice day. "

Shiu nods, takes the pouch and leaves. Once far from Sunshine and once she is sure that nobody followed her, she opens the bag, there's a key and a note inside.

 It's been a long time since we heard of you, S
Family is currently taking some rest soemwhere
else. We kept your package safely where the
people fight the fire. In the same town where
you used to sell. Last floor, closed door. I will
contact you soon. Love, A T 

Five minutes later, after burning the small note on the side of the road, Shiu's fastback engine was roaring again. She had some stuff to pick up.


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(( I smell... gunpowder. Lots of it. Looking forward to read more. ))

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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(( I'm currently working on it :) That one was kind of an improvised one after I recently came back. ))

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