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Being in a weird place - part two

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Subdane swam for the surface as fast as his arms and legs allowed. Adrenaline surged his body, making him kick faster and harder. He struggled to prevent panic overwhelming him, finding it difficult to practice the proper swimming techniques and not just splash his arms and legs frantically and ultimately helplessly around. He was alive, and he didn’t care if it was some manifestation of his mind. He felt it and relived it. He wasn’t about to give that up.  Still, despite his will, he kept visualizing the shark breaking the surface with him between its razor sharp teeth, the water turning red and then both of them disappearing in a giant white and red splash.
Somehow, he made it to shore.
Panting and spluttering out water, he crawled away from the water and onto the hot sand. As soon as he put a satisfactory distance to the water, he dropped and rolled onto his back. He heard a splash in the water, making his head snap up from the hot sand. He caught the glimpse of a giant fin and fish tail disappear under the surface of the water. He dropped his head back onto the sand, and chuckled.
Oh, how great it felt to be alive.


He wasn’t sure how long he laid there, watching the colors of the sky, the top of the trees moving in the wind. Sensing the world around him. Hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting, watching and experiencing once more the world alive. Until finally, his growling stomach convinced him that he needed to start searching for something to eat. Despite hunger and not knowing if he would be able to find anything to eat, the sensation of an empty growling stomach made him smile.
He walked along the beach scanning the edge of the trees for anything that edible when he came upon a wooden house.
Seeing the house, reminded him that he was still naked. He cupped his hands over his genitals, listening.
If anyone was inside, they weren’t making any noise. The only sound in the world was the waves breaking and the wind moving through the trees.
Judging by the size of the house, there could be several people inside. It had a second floor with a balcony, or perhaps an observation platform. The design of the house was simple, almost like a treehouse. There were wooden windows on both floors, preventing him to look inside of the house.
He glanced around, feeling nervous. It had been so long since he talked to another person.
It felt like ages since he felt the touch of another living being and experienced the physical closeness that every human being longed for and needed.
There could be people inside, it was possible they spotted him from far away and now barred themselves inside. He frowned, worried that they might not be friendly or they might make him go away without showing themselves. The house could be empty. Looking at it, made him think of a hunting cabin and that would mean it would likely be empty.
He was desperate for human interaction and suddenly couldn’t delay the possibility any longer. No more guessing or speculating. He approached the house.


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The image of Subdane, naked, cupping his genitals and wandering around outside someone's beach house gave me the biggest smile i've had all day. Just make sure you wash your hands before you go around touching those other living beings.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((Thats an interesting image. maybe I should fire up Daz?    Åh yes.. I have THE add-on also :)

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((LOL Why am I not surprised?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((you're welcome. I'll be sure to inform him not to shake hands with anyone before washing his hands lol hmmm. Gives me an idea... 

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(( There is something serene here. That first, scary look people have upon waking up in a strange world or emerging from a cloning pod. Given time, we all 'adapt' and blend in. But this first moment is what we really are. ))

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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