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Like A Bat Out of Hell

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Afternoon, just outside of New Flagstaff.............


The wind was calm, a dead silence carried over the wasteland and along the highway as well.  It was only after a moment then that the roar of a V8 could be heard as it blasted full throttle down the road.  Behind it in pursuit was a modified Sports Bike with it's rider gunning to keep up with this car.  The chase the two had been on the road had been going on for nearly 20 minutes now.  The window would roll down on the passenger side of the car, as a figure leaned out aimming a pistol and firing off shots.  The sports bike with it's rider on it, would bank and sway as shots were fired trying to avoid getting hit.  In the meantime the shooter would finish off his rounds only to come to conclusion that he was out of ammo, yelling to the driver to speed up.  As he quickly slid back into the car, rolling up the window, the bike rider began to increase throttle picking up speed, he would lean down as he reached for a sawed off double barrel 20 gauge shot gun.  Cracking the breech he checked to make sure he had two shells in both barrels.  After closing the breech, he would come up along the driver rear side, and set his left barrel as he pulled the trigger and shot went straight into the tire on the driver side rear tire.  The biker would kick back and shift down his bike as the car began now to swerve back and forth, he could hear both the driver and rider arguing with one another.  Timing was the essence, the biker knew a woman with her child were in danger being kidnapped and held against their will.  Banking to now the passenger side, the rider began to set the second barrel to be primed, aimming at the passenger rear tire, he got in close and quickly unloaded another shell into the tire.  Breaking speed he would fall back some now as the car was riding on it's rear rims reducing the speed greatly.  The driver would now be forced in losing control and going off the road, straight into a ditch.  


The bike would pull up and come to a halt, but at the same time too the rider getting his helmet off, and grabbing for his rifle.  He checked to make sure he was loaded and ready, only then to use the embankment on the opposite side of the road as cover as he croutched down and weaved his way up to the back of the car.  He would pause and catch his breath as he heard the cry of a child and it's mother in panic.  The driver side door would bust open now as the driver leaned out with a shot gun firing, followed by shouting out to the rider, "Think you're going to take me down?  Well your fucking wrong Bronze Man!"  The driver now would fire off another shot at the pursuer trying to keep him supressed.  The passenger would get out on the opposite side of the car loading his gun for support, assisting his comrade mocking the chaser, "You want innocent blood to spill hero?  Come on, take a crack at it!  A woman, and her child forever to haunt your mind man!"  The rider was Maddox, and right now he was thinking what the hell drove him to pursue these biggots down an abandoned road, perhaps was it out of redemption?  Or perhaps he was itching for a fight.  All he knew was that a mother and child were being held against their will and he had to act fast.  He glanced over the side to take a peek, keeping his body against the embankment and covered.  He would notice the passenger's head was peaked over the roof of the car.  He could shoot the driver, but that would mean the passenger could just shoot or grab either the child or the mother and use them as a human shield.  The two began to argue at one another what to do, this was the opportunity or window he needed.  Rolling over into a prone position, he sighted up the passenger, into his crosshairs, taking the safety off, taking a deep breath and holding it, he carefully pulled the trigger as a shot rang out, skull, blood, and brainmatter splattered as the round hit the passengers left cranium.  He would fall straight back, and hit the ground, intimidating the driver now, and the only assailant left standing.  Crys could be heard from the mother and child now as Maddox reloaded his rifle and stood up with his sights now on the driver calling him out, "DROP THE GUN, AND STEP AWAY FROM THE VEHICLE, NOW!!"


Maddox would walk up to him only standing about eight yards from him.  He could see this bandit or maurader pump his shotgun and point it at the back window looking at him stern, "Blow my brains out, and I blow theirs out Bronze!"  Maddox would stop for a moment there was no hesitation he that was burdening on his shoulders, but there was concern over two innocent lives, considering his options he could hear the maurader shot at him again, "WHAT'S IT GOING TO BE HERO?"  Maddox would step back carefully now as he saw the maurader smile, that's exactly what he wanted him to do.  Have this sorry excuse for a being become blinded by his ego.  All the more to take advantage of the moment.  As he hopped back behind the embankment, he could overhear the thug talk to his hostages, "See sweetie?  Even a copper can be convinced to keep back."  All of the sudden a clanking noise could be heard hitting the pavement as it rolled up to the gunmans foot, he would look down only to have it erupt and a large bright blue light blind him.  He would scream in agony as he began to cover his eyes, Maddox would then be rushing up to him as he put round after round unloading his magazine into the him.  The maurader falling down landing on his back in a pool of blood, as his gun now fell from his hand laying flat on the road.  Maddox would keep his gun pointed on the man, poking him with the barrel end of his gun, kicking away the shotgun to make sure he couldn't try to reach.  After double tapping, he leaned down to check his pulse, the thug was now deceased.  Slinging his gun over his shoulder, he quickly opened the driver rear door and made eye to eye contact with the hostages.  The woman screamed and he tried to calm her reassuring her that she was safe now.  With her child in her arms he pulled them close now as he escorted them both away from the car.  He would double check to make sure the car and the thugs were deceased, then proceeded taking the two to his bike.  Grabbing the First Aid Kit, he began to check her over, and the little one as well.  Looking at the woman to keep her calm and get her mind off of things, "You have a name?"  The woman hesitated before taking in what had just happened glancing exhausted she looked up to him, "Rachel, this is my little daughter Eva."


Maddox began to check her and her daughter over, keeping the conversation going to keep them both calm, "She's beautiful, she has your eyes, did you know those two?"  Again the woman paused, frightened she rocked her girl to keep calm her down, and also reassure her everything was okay now before speaking again, "Bounty Hunters, they were hired to find people for human trafficking.  They been known to prey around here, trying to kidnap folks for forced labor, and prostitution.  I was trying to escape from that."  As Maddox took this all in he couldn't help but take a deep breath, a human trafficking ring outside of New Flagstaff?  It wouldn't be unheard of for him to grasp, but still a big risk to be up this far?  His mind returned to tending to the woman and also her child, by this point the little girl was shaken, but now bundling into her mom's shoulder for comfort Maddox couldn't help inquire, "What about her father?"  The woman looked at him surprised, most of the time she only thought of someone asking her something like that to take advantage of her, but there was something different with this person, "He died, ran over by this gang, what's your name?"  Maddox seem to almost go catatonic hearing those words as it seem to trigger a repressed memory.  It was only after that moment he came to his senses looking to her, "Maddox, my name is Maddox."  Rachel would study him for a bit before placing her hand on his cheek, "Thank you Mr. Maddox, you're a good man, and would make any woman proud."  A good man, right, the only thing that he ever knew was survival, and at times getting into the thick of things he felt was unjust.  But a good man?  It wasn't something he ever considered, he was bold, assertive, quick to action, and blunt to the point.  To him justice wasn't done unless the person was put down, and why you might ask?  Because to spare someone like that only meant another life could be hurt, and he never liked that settling on his conciousness.  


It was a moment before then where he decided to speak up, "I'm going to get you and your daughter somewhere safe, there's a road house only less than a mile from here and I know a person that can be trusted, she's elderly, but loves company and fixes a good meal when folks visit, she also knows how to pack heat with a shotgun.  She's got a car she can come and pick you up if you wish?"  Rachel smiled at him and kissed him on the lips, before then resting her head against his, "Would you be willing to stay with me and Eva for the evening to make sure we'll be safe?  It would mean a lot for me."  All he would do was nod, not speak another word, as he pulled back his shirt collar and radio in "Momma Shirley" for assistance, hearing the static finally words were coming in, "This is Momma Shirley, you got something for me Maddox?"  "A mother and a young daughter needing a place for the night, they were picked up by Bounty Hunters to be sold into human trafficking."  Her voice went from calm to sharp, "Those bastards, they can't leave good folk alone can't they, well let them know Big Ma, is coming up there, what's the location?"  "Mile post marker 122."  "On my way dear, and I'll make sure to have an extra bowl out for you, Ma out."  Rachel would look at him seeing the collar around his neck, "You're a clone!  I'm sorry, I didn't know."  He would button up his shirt again concealing his clone collar, not feeling embarrassed or humiliated by it, "It something you come to accept Ma'dam, it's a part of life."

Rachel would rock her child as she kissed him once more before looking into his eyes, "Clone or human, it doesn't matter, there's something about you Maddox, that makes you stand out from the rest of crazy people in this world.  Rather you know it or not, I think you are meant for something, I see it in your eyes."  He grumbled for a bit before packing up the First Aid Kit, and packing it up on his motorcycle.  He would radio in the nearest offical with what was NFPD and begin scavenging on the dead bodies and for items in the car.  After all, just because he might be a Ranger, didn't mean he was going to be trying to preserve the scene, this was the wasteland, and scavenging meant the difference between life and death.  There was a time, you apprehend, collect the evidence and let due process in law and court do it's job.  But now and here, you have to be both Judge, Advocate, and Executioner to insure survival and that was what exactly he was good at.


(I wanted to take time to thank you for reading up on my story, please leave comments and feedback below, and if you have any ideas you like to suggest, I will be more than happy to hear from you...........)

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