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(( This part of the story starts the same day as my last journal entry: Black and Yellow ))



New Flagstaff outskirts, two hours later

   It felt good to drive around New Flagstaff's industrial area once again. Shiu's stash was kind of easy to find and recover. Located in one of Flagstaff old firestations, two duffle bags were hidden inside one of the numerous, rusty locker. Just as expected. She just had to wait until no one was around and then, make sure she wasn't followed. Despite the fact she had long chosen the path of the CHOTA, she felt like a Traveler. Just like old times.
Now is the time to open the bags and see what's left of her old armory. . .
Nothing much. One of the two bags was full of small arms cartridges :  9mm, .300, .338 and of course 50cal rifle rounds. The other bag was filled with a mix of shotgun shells and various medical supplies. She tossed the two bags back in the trunk of her car and sighed heavily. This won't do the trick, Shiu needed large ammounts of ammunition. She was thinking crates and boxes, not mags and bags.
She had to call her contact.

*R* " Hi ! Am I at the Thompson grocery store ? "
Another feminine voice replied shortly afterwards, with a lot of caution and tension in her voice.  *R* " Yes, absolutely. We're usually closed; but I assume I can't say no to such a loyal custommer. What can I do for you ? "
*R* " I would like to pass a special order, is that possible ? "
*R* " Absolutely, I'll be prepairing something that will feel like an Oasis of flavors. I'll see you tomorrow "

Shiu knew where to go.


Oasis, the next day

   That place always had that smell of oil and gasoline, feeling that scent in the air again brought a world of memories back in Shiu's mind. Mary Reiley, Dakota Littlebear and all of the other Dusties. back then it was easier. All she had to do was to make cars. Yet, Shiu had to make things more complicated and elave. She always liked when her life was complicated. Yet, that life was long, long behind her. So long that it felt like it was centuries where it really was not even a decade since the day she left the place to Serenity Falls. With Duncan.
Finding Shiu's contact was easy. White Combat Interceptor, White combat suit and White mask. Her contact was waiting her, in front of the Franklin's Riders hotel. As soon as shiu approached, the White Contact, Candy, said only one word : " Upstairs " before climbing the stairs to the last floor.
In the uppermost level of the building, only one door was open. Only was room was unlocked. Shiu quickly got inside, closing the door behind her and locking it.

Candy was waiting silently, sitting on the only chair.
It was time to talk.

" One year. One full, bloody year and the only news I get for you is that note in one of our drop boxes asking for a favor and that call to ask this appointment ? Do you know the Family, you first Family was in hiding ? You cold, self centered - ass bitch ? " Said Candy, after removing her mask; showing a cold yet spiteful young face with a short, white haircut.
" Language, kid. I taught you better than that. I have my own reasons. I don't disapear for fun, it's almost always business related. Black Eye's business, this time. "
The youngster's face expression sweetened slightly as she nodded. She adds with a sly smile " I guess you have an offer for me, the kind of offer I can't resist ? "
" Yes. What if I tell you I'm about to revive my most sucessful job, but with some tweaking here and there ? "
" The NF trick ? Last time didnt ended so well for you. "
Shiu chuckled briefly before replying " I got a new plan. Same location but with a more careful and complicated approach. My plan is simple. You make the stuff and I sell it and take care of all the details. We split 50/50. "
" 70/30 and I won't tell Deathstarz about our little business, I don't know if the Family could tolerate your entry in that small market. "

Shiu smiled. She remebered one of Kyotan's lessons about the infamous Traveller's greed. That was only now that, as a CHOTA she started to understand this. She agreed with Candy and they set up a code name for the whole operation. Another safety measure.
Everything was going well so far for Shiu. Candy wasn't too curious about the in's and out's of Shiu's overall plan. The idea of "ripping off" her old friend with a 70/30 bargains was already too much for her. That was perfect. Candy didn't needed to know the real aim of the whole operation; All she needed to know was that she had a lot of work to do and a lot of chips to make.
For now, Shiu had to go and check her warehouse's safety. And she exactly knew who to ask for.


New Flagstaff's pond area, five days later

   Whoi, in the world, would think that Kyra Magnum was stilla round and kicking. Not Shiu, yet she ended up bumping on her after checking her Warehouse's safety with Kaylee, one trusted Condemned's member. They started idly chatting for quite a moment, trading old memories and some cake. The cake was an old reciepe she had learned back in her Dust Motors Corporation time, in Oasis. That chat was kind of fruitful : even if Kyra was back, Shiu got that the NFPD wasn't part of the trip. Perfect.
After some time, she parted her way with the little group. Once she was far enough she contacted candy again. She only said three sentences.

" Lotus got the place checked.
I'll contact you again soon.

Operation BARBAROSSA can begin"

(( Hey everyone and thanks for reading so far. Critique is more than welcomed here. it's been a long time wince I wrote so much text in English and i'm affraid that I'm a little rusty :)
I'm trying to start a small, open, story that will maybe last several weeks / months for those that want to interact with it, by all means you are welcomed to do so. I'll try to post one of those journal entries at least once every week, depending on my work schedule.
Some hints will be dropped in my next entries of course.
Also if you have any idea / remark / questions feel free to ask in game, here or with PM's. I hope that you will like what I have planned next ! ))


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((OMG, you're going to invade Russia?! 0.0

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( haha :D You got it ! ))

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[[ You don't set foot there.


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