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Bad day, to worse

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Bubba pulled up to Beaus, and shut down the car.  It had been a long day of trying to find the parts he needed to get the Truck he was trying to repair running.  He had the frame and most of the parts, but was missing a transfer case to support the 4 wheel drive.  Everyone he found so far was either rusted through, snapped outright, or the wrong length.  A loud crash and burst of laughter from inside told him that his day was not going to get any better.

He opened the door and scanned the room.  It was filled with a mix of CHOTA and Travelers.  A local biker gang he had seen around, and they fancied themselves as running New Flag.  Bubba shook his head and walked in with a sigh.  “May as well get this over with.” He muttered.

Several minutes later Bubba was dragging out the last of the gang and adding him to the pile on the sidewalk.  The ruble down the street drew his attention, and he walked calmly over to the trunk of his car.  As the dozen or so more bikers pulled up, Bubba leaned in and started reaching for something.

“Hey ASSHOLE!” the leader of the gang yelled.  “You the one messing with my boys?”

Standing strait, and moving into site, the Valkyrie Launcher in his hands immediately got the attention of all the bikers.

“I have had a bad day, and I really do not want to keep it going.  You boys gather your friends, and I’ll let y’all leave in one piece.  Anyone reach for something other than that pile, and it will still be raining pieces of you when I go get my dinner.  Now nod if you understand.”

A few quick nods, and Bubba waited till they all pulled away.  He then walked in and started picking up tables and chairs as he smiled at the waitress. “The usual, Hun.”


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((Just another day in Paradise :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( Yup.  Bubba is a Lawman.  Hopeing that if RP gets active again, I can get a police force going again.  Like the old NFPD.

What doesn't kill me... better start fucking running.

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((That would be good

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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