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Ash Zhu's Book thing ( Not a Diary ) The Second

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It's been awhile since I wrote in here, so gonna recap all the shit that happen since the last time I scribbled in here.


So, been a rough couple months! Don't ya hate it when people blow up your house and personal belongings? Wait...Why I am writing this shit, I should be the only one reading this, unless I become famous one day and my diary gets published or someone stole it and if you did steal this, WHY? I will leave space for you to write why you did it...





THAT'S ENOUGH SPACE! So yeah, some bitch blew my house up in Sunshine Corners but I don't care really, I got a new shit hole I live in and it's nice...well...not really, I'd rather live in the sewers by New Flagstaff than in there, in fact...that's not a bad idea! Wait, yes it is...

Anyway, I also been tinkering with shit. I fixed my car and learned how to make pipebombs! It's hard to get the shit for 'em but not like I need them, I tested them out on some guy's car...timer is a bit too long but nothing I can't fix, well hopefully if I can't fix it I will be fucked. It is just enough time for the person to pick it up and throw it back and that wouldn't be good, thanks to my testing and the kind help of the strangers car the bomb takes 7 seconds to blow up and also dear Mr/Mrs book theif if you need a pipebomb hit me up! 

I am done writing.

Ok I just read over this and I realised...my life has a lot of expoltions, it's kinda awesome..well not when it's my stuff.


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*writes "I was out of toilet paper" in the empty space*

"Lee with bombs. Why do those things just seem to naturally go together?" - Sharkdog

"I believe in the world, the world just doesn't believe I should log in" - Vexa

*writes "it fell from the sky. I heard an explosion. Why am I writing back youre never gonna see this again.*

I can scavenge trash... but this? This is rubbish! - Post Fall scavenger problems.

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