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All a game.

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Synn sat in his chair, looking over his cards at the man across the table.  He lowered his cards enough to let the man see his impish grin. “You’re a tough read, Slick”

Synn grinned as his eyes rolled back into his head.  Hidden by his glasses the effect was not seen by anyone, and went un-noticed.  Scanning the man’s thoughts was easy, as he focused on his cards. The image clear in his head of what was in his hand, Synn knew he had better cards.  Speaking as if he was unsure he said, “I think I’ll take a chance.  I raise you a Red.”

Grumbling “Names not Slick.” the man across the table looked at his cards and the pile of chips on the table.  “Your Bluffing.” He stated as he placed his last red in the pile, “Call.”

Synn held spread his cards so everyone could see. “Full House, with Queens.”

“Son of a bitch!!  You cheated!!” the man yells as he jumps up.  His buddies gathering behind him sensing that he may need back up.  Synn just leaned back in his chair folding his arms.  He keeps grinning as if he had expected the outburst, and it meant nothing. “Now Slick, your upset and I understand that, but you and your buddies need to calm down before you say something that upsets me.”

Drawing a large knife and pointing it at Synn, Slick growls “Fuck. You.”

Dropping his head Synn takes a deep breath, “I tried to warn you Slick, but you apparently need to be enlightened.” 

Slowly standing Synn reaches for the gun that is over his right shoulder.  The shotgun is clearly custom with framework along the barrel, and along the butt.  Everyone watching the exchange moves just slightly, but quickly stops and stares as the expected attack never happens.


By the time Synn is standing he is facing the group, he grins at the confused and shocked looks on their faces.  “As you have realized by now Slick, you cannot move.  Should I choose I could blow each of your heads off and walk away without a scratch.  But since I am such a nice guy, I am going to ask once.”  Synn moves around the table and places the shotgun barrel under the man’s chin, emphasizing his point. Still grinning as if this was all a game, he asks  “Are we going to part friends or am I going to need to leave a few chips to pay for the clean up here?”


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(( Ha, that's one way to make a living. Watch out for wild Veronicas though, they tend to ruin a good winning streak.

Lonely are the brave...

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((  LOL True.  I usually only RP/write that way with NPCs.  Other players always have a choice as to how they choose to react to attempted scans or control.

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((Wild Veronicas... Yeah, untamed, unpredictable. Reminds me of Bart.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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