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The All-Clone theory

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A theory about the world of Fallen Earth

Premise: in a sealed-off environment, you can control everything.

The year is not  2156. 
The history that you are familiar with - is false.
Shiva virus is a lie. 

Something did happen around the 2050 that is far more terrible than global nuclear war and virus outbreak. 
Since the incident, the Earth is totally uninhabitable by humans. There were no human survivors. None. The Earth has fallen.

The Outsiders are the key. They are either aliens or come from a protected environment such as a human space station, early Mars colony or a LifeNet contingency program, making them the first clones to walk the post Apocalypse world. Whatever their origin, they are attempting to terraform the planet Earth and make it either:

a) habitable for humans
b) adapt the humans for the new environment

Two things are obviously true: the cloning technology exists and the memory implanting technology exists

All humans that you meet in the Canyon are clones spawned by this technology, no matter what they tell you.
Their memories are false, thanks to implanted memories.
The creatures you meet and fight are either ongoing experiments of Outsiders, alien crossbreeds or mutated inhabitants of planet Earth. 

Clones that we role-play and know as clones are the ones with the memory update collar tech, making them more efficient in harsh environment. 



I would like to hear your thoughts about this theory?





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I'm not fantastically well up on official FE lore. For me the FE world has always been a sketch on which to paint my own ideas. So, with that in mind, I think your premise is definately viable... and would make a good story too Laughing. Something similar is behind my Topsy-like 'Halloween Fantasy' but there I am deliberately trying to merge the worlds of two games into one story.

The Outsiders concept in the FE lends itself to alien intervention, more so I think than the idea that the Outsiders are simply advanced humans. I say this because the advanced tech they exhibit is way beyond anything the ruins of the pre-fall Earth civilisation suggests. Even if a couple of hundred years have passed since the fall, if the Outsiders were originally fellow survivors then they would have had to produce their high end tech very quickly from a very low base tech level. The Outsiders as aliens fits the known facts much more comfortably in my opinion.

As for the reasons you propose 'make the earth habitable for humans' and 'adapt the humans for the new environment', this is where I can see possible flaws. Let's take them one at a time.

Make the earth inhabitable. Why? For humans to live there again as they once did? I think it would be much easier and cheaper to set them up as colonists on a new world. Cost being the main bugbear here. Time. Resources. Chance of failure. These all make such a risky undertaking very unconvincing to me.

Adapt the humans to the new environment. Again, why?  If the goal of the aliens is to eventually gain from the earth's resources then biodomes and environment suits seem the easiset option here. If the goal is philanthropic then, considering the cost, i just don't buy it. Scientific experimentation is the most likely reason in my book. But this falls down again when you consider that, with the advanced cloning science they obviously have, they would be able to design a whole new creature much easier, quicker and cheaper than trying to adapt an established genome.

Ok, that's all the thoughts I have for this tea break. I'll think some more on it.

Had a theory between jobs.... Borrowing heavily from Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation. What if our little FE community is simply a proving ground. Biped type 4478-9/colonist.mk3?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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If I didn't know any better I say someone pissed of the Priest Kings on Gor, had then nuke earth until only clones now walked, or possibly Kurii sick and tired of trying to take over Gor, and said, "Fuck this!  Lets nuke the Earth and repopulate it with carbon based copies of the Homosapiens that lived here before and have them call us master! Yeah that's what we'll do!"


Okay, okay kidding!  But the idea does sound awesome when you think about it although more well................War of the Worlds/Matrix.  But still an awesome idea.

If you want me to give you any sympathy?  Well here it is, take my barrel, put it in your mouth and start sucking as I pull the trigger and blow your brains out.  Cause you're fucked up either way.  

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Did you ever cross the wall on foot? :)

Sooner or later, what do clones generally end up doing?

I'm leaning towards the Outsiders being a highly advanced group of Pre-Fall survivors, but they were preparing for the Fall for a very, very, very long time. I'll get back this in a bit.

Turn back the clocks to our current time, we face several looming problems: water shortage, food shortage, a second depression, dwindling oil reserves. The list goes on, but those are not so much problems as symptoms of something else: Demand is outstripping supply, or in otherwords, there's too many people on this planet, and not enough planet to go around. Recent news comes to mind, China recently abolshed its one child policy. Alot of people are predicting a population surge just from that alone. While I don't know the whole story on it, overpopulation is a recurring topic in a few things namely the media. The Purge, the major plot point in Kingsman, those two movies deal with the idea of controlling the world's population via global genocide.

The last time humanity faced a serious extinction threat was the Black Plague, which reduced our population substantially at the time, but we've gotten a lot smarter since then. Let's say there was a group of world leaders, or renegade scientists, or whatever conspiracy floats your fancy and they managed to tackle the moral quagmire of reducing the world's population in a dramatic way. You couldn't kill humanity on this level with just one method, you had to do several.
The Shiva virus was the first stage, a highly contagious virus that when contracted was a death sentence.

When the Shiva hysteria reached a critical point, and world governments were called into action, they say nukes were launched into heavily infected areas to burn out the virus. That's one theory and that probably did happen, but the way the radiation goes down in some sectors and doesn't in others doesn't make any sense to me. So I look to space, who ever the Outsiders were - are - they had access to some extremely powerful space tech. Orbital gamma ray cannons. They basically put the world in a global scale microwave and set it to two minutes. This reduced the population even further, and with the hysteria of the Shiva virus, no one really had any time to worry about a neighbouring state, province, country getting nuked like last night's leftovers.

But they couldn't stand by and just let this all happen. No, they had to prepare. So Lifenet was formed, initially as a means of safeguarding those critical to the depopulation effort, but then they realised killing this many people is expensive. So they opened it to the wealthy, then the not-as-wealthy. The Alpha clones are the original members of this effort, and with the memory implanting technology that comes with the cloning process, yeah you could be an alpha clone of some Outsider, but your memories say otherwise. They've been carefully edited so as to not reveal your true nature even to yourself.

So now the Outsiders, the real original clones - Generation One let's call them - are coming back into the Canyon, looking to see what has happened. Seeing how rapidly humanity is recovering from this, because whoever orchestrated this whole thing knows one important thing: Humans are smart. We don't get fooled twice.

Why else would the Shiva variant in Quarantine/Monkey town be a thing? Why else would it be so terrifying? Someone's already preparing for the eventualaity that mankind will reach it's resource maximum and need to be culled again. There isn't a force in nature that can take us down, not fast enough anyway. So someone had decided to do it for Nature. I don't know about you guys, but I'd be watching the Vistas. They're all about the balance of man and nature, and aren't squeamish about population control... who knows how far they'd go. 

I can scavenge trash... but this? This is rubbish! - Post Fall scavenger problems.

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Thank you all for your thoughts. Very interesting points were brought up. The thing that the initial theory failed to explain (as noted by Joe) is... why bother with repopulating when you have clone tech. I agree with that and still can't find the right answer. Also, more than one interesting topic was brought by Pyrok. It seems there is a viable link between the Outsiders and whatever happened around 2050 (and whatever didn't go down in history). They were obviously so well prepared... like... they had something to do with it.

The alien theory is far fetched, I know, but when you look at some of the creatures in the wasteland like the sandworm or drocera and the explanation that they are just mutated species, it makes more sense.

Thank you all for contributing!

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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The Mission Canni was sent into got me rethinking lore and all the different angles one can view it from .. as well as the obvious contradictions that are peppered throughout the game via quests.

As Engel said.. Cloning and Memory Implantation is a given which opens up the possibility that none of us may be who or what we think and remember. That alpha clone who distinctly remembers being a human at one time could well just be parroting back what lifenet wanted him to think, as well as the so called "One Lifers"

Outsiders have always fascinated me and I remember when we first seen them.. the devs have always kept them as somewhat of a mystery and I think I prefer that puzzle never actually getting solved. I can imagine all the rp that could be based off our characters theorycrafting over these things that are not adding up .. obviously things are not what they seem. We may never really know for sure and it might be better that way.. but the fun would be in the pursuit of information and collectively trying to connect the pieces of a puzzle. 

I love the idea of attacking the Lore from another Engel .. errr .. angle XD

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