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After the Party

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I awoke to a quite place, warm and for many would be soothing. To me that is a trap waiting to happen. My senses sharpened and took stock of my surroundings. And as usual when I awaken in a situation like this, I find myself annoyed with Her yet again. She always seems to have a lack of self preservation these last few weeks, the few times I have had the need to awaken and protect her from herself as it were.

This time I am naked. Very annoying to say the least. At least the small warm room I found myself in was empty of other people. She might revel in her sexuality as she was trained to, I do not. I found what little clothing she had and donned it quickly before proceeding down stairs. I didn't dwell long on what brought me out this time, leaving was the first priority. However, for once in the very few times, I did allow curiosity to lead to me to the bed rooms to check if they were occupied. The house was too well kept, too clean to not have a resident. What I found was one room that may belong to a young woman, though this evening no one was in bed.
The other bedroom held one sleeper, and as I paused only long enough to assure myself she was well and truly asleep, a few details stand out. The bed for one is not what a single sleeper would usual have, much too large, so I believe the woman in bed does not sleep there alone often. Next that comes to mind is ever so faint smell of gun oil. Though the woman in the bed did not appear to be the kind who might be a Soldier, apperences can be deceiving. As I know all too well. I would look longer at the woman, she comes close to the some of the preferences She has but it is Time To Leave. I have seen enough for now.

Of course The Car was outside the house, she would go almost nowhere without it. It cost too much for her to simply let that car out of sight for long, chips that should have been better spent on more important things to our survival. She is the one who is awake the most, so I have little say in that matter most of the time. I do find what I need in the trunk of the car, she never takes those things out, nor seems to have the curiosity to look in the locker under the carpet. I took the car to a near by hostel and the night attendant let me with little comment, I suppose there is some merit to looking like she does some of the time.

When I emerged from the hostel by the back door, I felt more at ease. I have the tools of my trade at my side and back. I am wearing something more befitting my time as well. Just one of those expenses I am sure she is puzzled about to this day, but a good clean suit makes the Killer. I would have those I deal with take me seriously from the first moment they see me, than play games with words until they understand.

Taking the car I drove back towards the other end of town where the garage sits nearest the most traveled road to the City of Flagstaff. Interestingly enough there is a bonfire lit outside of the local eatery and some folks who from what I can see, do not appear to be of the usual residents of this little town. I choose to stop and investigate, not that I had too, but it seems I have time and no pressing need to return to where I come from. To say they are a contrasting is an understatement. The first is a man, though I would not assume if he is young or old, being as he had one of the Networks Collar Devices. I would have also thought average looks, in fact almost everything about him was average, and that made me a little wary of him.

The other, she held more interest. Obviously a woman, though the mask did its job hiding her features for the most part. She was as well armed as I am simply by the weapons she openly carried. They were having a conversation about work and people when they greeted me by Her name. Of course neither would know She is not whom they were addressing yet, and if luck does hold, they may not know ever or at least until its too late.

I participated in the light conversation with the pair, nothing truly memorable that stands out until it changed to the topic of technology and people. One name came up spoken by the young woman, whom I believe is fairly young in terms of physical age from the way she spoke and tone of voice. A clone for certain as well judging by the conversation held so far. Ah I digress, the name. Gina Keyes. A lifenet Technician, one of the last that I am aware of and one of the best. Sought after by many, some for good reasons, others for reasons best left in the dark. Either way, also some one no one has apparently seen in years. Yet this woman before me mentions Gina's name casually, and even mentions being in contact.

Well how about that. And I have the perfect bait to dangle before them both, to draw out this Technician. I speak a little of what I have and exactly as I expected, the interest was there. I am told the Tech will not show up herself until the items are verified by the Woman, which I full well expected. So I name a meeting point where I will lead the way to the cache, already in my mind I am formulating what I must do next. Certainly this will leave the Girl vulnerable, but what is a bullet to one like me, simple time in the pod? A fair exchange if things go wrong, which I believe it will not.

When I arrive at the meeting point, I lead the Woman down a old and rarely used side road to what appears to be an abandoned facility. Of the traps here, I know them all, because I put them there. Disarming only the ones we need to gain entry, I take her inside then turned them back on. No sense in allowing for the chance that someone foolishly followed us here. We drive into the largest building the warehouse that was converted into a garage in the past. Another of those expenses She desired, but in this case, it proves useful camoflage for what is buired here.

Of course it was some work to uncover the hiding place, we both had to use our cars together to pull the steel hatch open. The chains snapped just as we had it moved enough to expose the ancient greese pit of the garage, sending the car I was driving into the wall. Damage I could live with of course, though She will be upset when she wakes up and finds out.

Dusting myself off, I retrieved the package we had come for and shown it to the woman after I disarmed the bombs directly protecting it as well. The woman asked a bit about the place as we waited for a response from a radio message she'd sent. I spoke of how I took this place from a name called Blue Medly. How he and his friends were reluctant to give up the advantage such a place offer. I didnt tell her about the chemical weapons that were used, nor that in the end, we'd made a deal, but that is between him and I. She received her answer while I spoke and confirmed the items of interest.

But she didnt know she'd never walk away from here with those items. No one will in fact. The woman is fast, I will grant her that, but she made the mistake of assuming my next action, choosing to protect her more vulnerable neck as opposed to what I really was aiming for. The viral gun I used was repurposed for fast delivery of the coma juice found uniquely in this reagion. Very fast acting, rarely seen, and costly, it proved to work exactly as the Traveler I bought it from had promised. A transaction no one will ever know about since he does not walk this earth anymore either.

Surprisingly, the woman resisted the drugs long enough to send a message via the radio before I could stop her. I did ease her down to the ground, being she was only here to do a job and I had no intent on killing this one. I could hear the radio faintly, some one on the other end speaking rapidly, the word termination spoken at least once. I paid it no heed for now, I made sure she understood what I had to say, whom I told her the package was truely being safe guarded for if ever needed. I do keep my Word after all. I left her there, along with the means to slip past the defenses for now. As I walked out, I also saw to it no one could use Her car against Her with the use of two thermal bombs, another unessisary cost, but She will get over it.

I will return to the Hostle in town for the night, a safe enough place to return to the darkness and allow her to Awaken from her dream.

*Hpmh!* We who are Serve indeed.



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((This is based on the rp after the party last weekend. So much fun and so much rp with people. To clarify a bit, as it might confuse some of the readers, I use third person to reference Jess herself, usualy the She with the capital letter. As with other writing, I know there are going to be mistakes all through the wtiring, otherwise, I hope you all enjoy reading.

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((Interesting and I'm curious to see what happens next and to find out more about this alter ego. Ah Gina, lifenet technicians are so.. usefull but she may need a little 'persuading' sometimes, however. :D

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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