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Abyssal Rising

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{{ Just a quick post while I work on my Zombie start.  AS usual some of the subject matter may offend - you have been warned }}

Abyss sat on his Throne.  The chair is a creation of organic materials gathered from his victims.  The leather is human skin, the structure made of bones.   Eyes of obsidian wandered around the room, gazing at his creations.  His work was meditative release, as well as functional structures.  Several months of constant combat training had honed his hand to hand skills, and it was time for a break.  Abyss relaxed taking everything in and letting his mind unfocus.

The first structure he named Deadly Sloth.    It was a metal frame crisscrossed with barbed wire, restraints at each corner and a power supply attached at the base.  A silent testament to its use is indicated by the random stains along the barbs, and the dark red pools around the base.

The second was not as horrific at first glance.  It was a simple bag suspended from a beam along the ceiling.  It was clearly used for working out, in the manner of an old fashioned heavy bag.  The innocence of the scene is shattered when the bag moves slightly, and from within a muffled groan can be heard.

Next came a special piece he started, but has not had the opportunity to complete.  It is an X covered in completely in silk, with restrains along the outer points.  The cross members are attached at two axis points allowing it to be spun 360 degrees in any direction.  It is clearly designed to hold someone in place yet allowing full access to the subject, without causing any bodily damage.  A filter mask rests on a medical tray next to the device, along with a black lacquer box.  A circle of white flowers is around the base.

Passing over a couple unfinished projects Abyss’s gaze settled in the pen at the far wall.  The empty space he used to hold victims was empty for a while now.  Abyss rose and prepared to head out.  A demonic grin split his face, and he chuckled as he spoke to himself.

“Time to go hunting.” 


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((I see wolfy is about to be naughty again :P

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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Well he is headed back to "Civilization",  how he behaves remains to be seen.


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(( Ohhhh, Ard's been in one of those bags before. Another player from before FE introduced him to that. Dont let Ard know about it, he'd beg Abyss for the privilage ;p ))

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((Abyss should visit Ikea. I wonder what expression the people there have when he explains what design furniture he looks for.

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