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The Chickening - Part 9


Veronica repeated the question. ‘Why are you here?’ she asked. The person at the desk said nothing for a few seconds. Outside the wind howled and the air had the spark of electricity as the storm gained power.

Finally, Veronica responded. ‘Working.’

Reikage Chronicles: Safe Word...

“Shit…how much did I drink last night…” Reikage groaned trying to close his eyes as his head rang out in pain to an intrusive bright light shone in one of his eyes, but something kept him from doing so. Like any normal person he went to move his hand to get rid of whatever pesky thing was stopping this from happening, but he found he could not. A moment later his eye snapped shut and the light moved away from his face. In front of him stood three individuals dressed in dirty white ragged clothing.

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The Chickening - Part 8

        Room 237

Veronica slowly walked up the stairs to the guest rooms above. “Room 237, room 237” she muttered to herself. Soon she was on the level where all the room numbers began with two. She walked along the corridor and around the corner. She saw the door. ‘Room 237,’ Veronica muttered as she approached. The door was closed but there was a key in the keyhole. She turned the handle, the door opened. Slowly Veronica stepped inside.

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The Chickening - Part 7

        A few hours before…

So many ideas. New ideas, new experiments, new thoughts. In the middle of the hotel lounge, Veronica walked around the large desk thinking, then walked around again before she sat again on the chair and began to write more on the paper. She filled the paper and grabbed another, writing fast. So many ideas! How long had she worked, when did she last time sleep?

So many ideas! So many, no time to sleep, sleep.

A corridor.

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The Chickening - Part 6



Something was out there. Something was outside the bedroom door. Veronica rushed to the window. Could she open it? Climb out? Jump? No, it was too high. What to do? What to do?

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The Chickening - Part 5



Veronica lay in her bed in guest room 101 looking up to the ceiling. She could not sleep. Did she really see the chickens or was it the imagination? Outside the wind howled as the storm came closer. How long had she lay here? Minutes? Hours? She had thirst now. She needed something to drink. She got out of the bed, wore one of the hotel fluffy bathrobes, and grabbed her portable light.

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The Chickening - Part 4

         The Experiment

Using one of the generators it was six hours to charge the batterie and almost the same time to reconnect it to the buggy. Easy to remove, not so easy to remember how to return it. Finally it was back in the buggy, and after some “improvements” it was ready to test.

Veronica put the buggy in the lounge and checked it one more time. All good. She sat in it and with excitement pulled the power lever.

Nothing happened.

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DeathDoll Entry 5


Doll had been riding for a while through New Flagstaff , when the sight of severed heads placed crudely on stakes stopped her. Stepping off the bike she drew her gun , the eyes in the decomposing heads had been gouged out and there broken bodies littered the ground, most had been stabbed repeatedly then burned.

Next to the bodies written on a large wooden sign was a message written in blood “Beware the Boogyman”, she traced a hand over the letters, the blood still cold and sticky to the touch.

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The Chickening - Part 3

       Four Days Later

The boiler was making strange sounds again. Veronica turned the release valve. A noise of air and steam escaping came from above and the strange sounds stopped. She walked to one of the generators and checked her repair of yesterday. All was good, the wires still connected.

Suddenly she heard the strange boiler sound again but then realised it was from her stomach. Time for food.

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The Chickening - Part 2

       Closing Day

Veronica entered the Hangover Hotel and walked to the reception desk where a woman was busy clearing the desk of papers and a vase of drooping flowers.

'Hi,' Veronica said cheerfully. 'I am here for chicken.'

The woman behind the desk suddenly froze, and looked to Veronica with a look of horror. 'What did you say?' she said.

'I am here for check in,' Veronica repeated

Reikage Chronicles: The End of an Era…

              He had been on the bike a few hours when Flagstaff came into view. Once upon a time Flagstaff had a nice skyline, most of the larger cities did. Now days it looked like something that had died, and the vultures had already picked clean, but the bones stood there in defiance refusing to be erased from the world completely no matter how pointless it seemed. His thoughts drifted to before the fall of the world.

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Union Candy (part 16)

The ‘little boss’ meanwhile was steadily putting one foot in front of the other and making her way diagonally across Verde street to Joe’s lockup. Two thoughts were keeping her shaking legs moving; ‘Please don’t let me die.’ And ‘Gotta get back before bed check time’. Surprisingly, it was the second one that added the most urgency to her steps.

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The Chickening - Part 1

The Interview

‘Have you experience of hotel work?’ Stephen Kuhbrick, the Manager of the Hangover Hotel, asked Veronica as they sat in his office.

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Union Candy (part 15)

By swinging from the broken ladder from one hand, Finny, with much grunting and gasping, managed to haul the manhole cover back into place before dropping into the waiting arms of Kru.

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DeathDoll Entry 4


The man smiled, tracing a finger through the girls hair, moving his hands to grip her hips, “Like I said, I can imagine it must get lonely”, Doll tilted her head smiling at him, while she moved her hips to grind into his hands.

Reikage Chronicles: Empty Spaces…

              Reikage knew that The Reaver’s activity had gone down, considerably, around the time he had left. Hell it was one reason he decided to leave, but to let these lowly squatters occupy their home. He sat on a table looking at the dead that now littered the place he once called home. The group had been parading around inside his clan’s home as if it were there’s. Now they decorated the floor. To be fair he had asked them to leave, at least he was pretty sure he did.

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Union Candy (part 14)

After the fetid humidity of the sewer, the cool night air Finny emerged into was something she just wanted to stand in and savour, possibly forever. Unfortunately, the urgent rasping hiss of her partner’s voice wasn’t letting Finny enjoy the moment.

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Union Candy (part 13)

Finny sat down on the wet floor of the tunnel and started pulling off her shoes.

“Have you got a knife?”

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DeathDoll Entry 3


“Dead men working a sinner a saint
Mixing up a pail of paint
Painted the house, black as night
When the sun came up the house was white

Reikage Chronicles: No Rest for the Wicked...

((bored as crap at work))                                  

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Union Candy (part 12)

They walked cautiously through the dimly lit hallways where mutants stopped what they were doing to stand and stare at them. None of these mutants were armed, Kru noticed, nor did they show any signs of hostility and Finny just smiled and waved at all of them like she was strolling by the pond on a sunny afternoon.

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Union Candy (part 11)

Eric Small put down the receiver and stared at it. It was only when he realised that his fingertips had become sticky that he stopped scratching at the already red and inflamed flaky skin on his neck. Dammit. Dammit! Children shouldn’t be allowed to use phones.

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Union Candy (part 10)

They continued west. Don and Kru discussed tactics while Finny sat, still clutching Joe’s briefcase, and wondering what the heck was happening. She tuned into the conversation going on between Kru, next to her and Don, in the back seat.

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Union Candy (part 9)

Joe opened the trunk.

“What’s this then?” He asked, looking at Kru.

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Union Candy (part 8)

It was the longest car trip Finny had ever been on, and it was turning out that way, too, for the two gang members in the cramped back seat of Joe’s Interceptor. Not so much for Joe, because he’d had the pleasure of Tuki’s company on one particular nightmare journey a while back. Don and Kru, however, had never had the experience of being in a car with an, at first, excitable and then, very bored child.

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Dear Diary.


Dear Diary.


Oh my goodness, Anni is almost five! Where does the time go!?


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Union Candy (part 7)

After the funeral was over, Joe had Finny ride with him back to New Flagstaff. The funeral had upset Finny. Not so much because the broker man had died and his widow and kids were very sad, Finny was ok with that because she lived a life where pretty much everyone she knew had a sad story. Finny was upset about the funeral because she felt that she might have had a part in his death.

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Union Candy (part 6)

When they were finally ready and Finny was fuming just a little bit by the fact that Joe and Aunty had dressed her up like a doll between them, she and Joe left the junk emporium into the bright morning sun.

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Union Candy (part 5)

It was barely a week later, six days to be exact. When Finny, in the company of the other three reading group members, arrived at the factory one bright and optimistic morning. There was a message waiting for her from Joe to go straight to Aunty Wainwright’s. Casper sighed and watched Finny run off in the direction of the police station, his happy thoughts for the day just a little diminished.

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Union Candy (part 4)

In her dream, a big white dog was snuffling at her shoulder. Finny tried to shoo it away but it kept coming back. Now it was whispering her name. That was odd, Finny thought as reality slowly pushed into her dream and the dog turned into Alice from the next bed, standing in her white nightie and pushing at Finny’s shoulder while sleepily rubbing her own eye.


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