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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Aiidoneus for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I will be holding the list for the time being. 

 If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 

The Brotherhood of Azazel: Tribe of skilled personnel who follow the warrior's code, and have loyalty, respect, and honor. They follow the virtue and the command of their leader, who they know as Azazel.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Back to Familiar territory.


Rumiko had spent five days or so in Oilville before moving back up north, most of the time spent in the science lab fixing up her battered weapons and armor. By wasteland standards her armor was a technological marvel, an undersuit of hexweave interlaced with wires and a special cooling system ensured that she could move and still remain relatively comfortable in the hot wasteland sun.

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Supply Run (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)


[[ OK just a quick start - Hope you enjoy ]]

Abyss cautiously approached the facility, scanning the area constantly.  He had traveled to Radberg, on a supply run.  The area was usually ripe with random metals, as long as you dealt with the Rotters. 
Today everything changed when he arrived.  Something had spooked Big Brother, his Alpha Blight Wolf mount.  Whatever it was had set Abyss on edge as well.  A few random Rotters could be found as you traveled the road. And a small group was usually gathered in the courtyard. 

Abyss could see none anywhere. 

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Double Entendre (Zombies ate my Neighbors

Her wayward double peered down at her, expression mocking the small girl curled up in the large trash bin behind the Wafflehus.

The waif felt frozen, unable to move or speak and at the complete mercy of her competition for existance.

"I am everything you are not, taller... smarter.. and I have boobs." She sneered. "If that wasn't enough to prove I am the one who deserves to live..think about all of the horrible things I never done that you have."

"I never made any one sick, or shot them, or ate them..

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Time will tell (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)


Tukiko took the two vials of blood from the wafflehous' fridge and went to her car. She kicked the twisted fender clear of the wheel well and, making yet another mental note about the brakes, got in and set off for the Hope Springs science lab. The warm lights of home tugged at her heartstrings as she drove past and on towards the town hall. Poor Canni. So sure that everything she touched had to be cleaned thoroughly afterwards... just because she had a run in with one of those things.

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Always Hope ( Zombies ate my Hamsters)

( Posters around Hope Springs have been altered )


(( this does not mean there will be no RP at party time ))

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Abyssal Rising


{{ Just a quick post while I work on my Zombie start.  AS usual some of the subject matter may offend - you have been warned }}

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The Shepherd (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)


(( This Bitter Earth, by Dinah Washington ))

This bitter earth

Well, what fruit it bears

Ooooh, this bitter earth

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Zombies ate my neighbours - Diesel Town part 2


Amanda shoved a flashlight into Buddy’s hands as she stepped past him. “If you insist on running at my heels, make yourself useful. We need to check for survivors and figure out what in the hell happened here.” She called out, “Will! ... Olga!” Her voice rebounded off the walls and echoed around. She swallowed and stepped further into the house. She found a door ajar, motioned for Buddy to stop, and placed the toe of her shoe against the door, mumbled a prayer and pushed. The door swung inward on silent hinges.

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Zombies ate my neighbours - Diesel Town part 1


Amanda sat behind the wheel of the car driving out of Diesel Town. It was raining heavily. The windshield wipers slapped back and forth. She cut sharply off the road and crashed through a screen of brush onto a deer path. Branches and shrubs scratched along the sides of the car and mud splashed as high as the windows as the car thumbed and bumped over roots and rocks.
She looked over at the man sitting in the passenger seat. “I never really understood your interest in the change of behavior of the wildlife.”

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The world’s strongest nurse (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

Neffie cleans her nails with the knife called “Mora”. She is sitting behind Hyle’s house early in the morning, her tanned brown and freckled face towards the warming sun.

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Canni's Shoe Clue (Zombies Ate My neighbours)

In the Hope Springs science lab, masked and gloved, Tuki removed Canni's shoe from the bag and set it on the bench infront of her.

The Clinic (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)

The last box had been emptied and its contents put neatly away. What needed sweeping had been swept. What needed cleaning had been cleaned. Everything was where it was meant to be and all the associated paperwork had been done and filed. It was two hours past the end of her shift.

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Cause for Concern (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

It all started with a visit from an unusual man dressed in law enforcement garb. The strange man, while constantly making remarks regarding his posterior and other manly bits, gave him some news that made LJ's world come crashing down. Clones and one-lifers alike were becoming abnormally aggressive towards others unprovoked. Most of the time this would be an every day occurence, but what really got his attention was that even after death, they all rose from the grave clone or otherwise. The attacks seemed centralized in Sector One. When given the timeframe, LJ's heart sank.

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What Lies Ahead (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)


I stared through my scope looking at what was ahead of me...Several wrecked cars but one thing stood out. This was recent, I could tell by the smoke and the blood on the door and on the inside of the window.

"What'd you see Ghost?" One of the travelers asked from me.

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Zombies ate my neighbors: Azazel's mental log.


Somewhere out by West Reach.

"You can't kill everyone who knows your identity. It'll never work! You are just a crazed man who thinks he is a monarch." the kneeling man said, but to Azazel it seemed like squealing and begging. Azazel raised his tomahawk as the man's kneeling wife began crying next to him. The man turns planning to attack Azazel. Azazel instantly reacts by burying his axe into the man's skull and kicking him over.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Paranoia.


Rumiko had spent a couple of days in Embry, resupplying her severely depleted stocks of ammunition, fuel, food and water and making a lot of local traders very happy. The months she had spent on the road had taken their toll on her gear and her ride, and the mechanics and merchants were all too happy to provide whatever she needed. Thankfully she still had a small fortune stashed away, enough to cover the basic repair works needed for her battered Fastback and refill her supplies.

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Hunger [Zombies Ate My Neighbours]



A normal day at Wafflehouse.A simple meal that contains : Steak,optionally fries or drinks.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors- Wrongness

Canni leaned against her furry friend beneath the fallen satellite dish just slightly north of Oilville, a makeshift shelter for her and Grampa.  The girl did not need the rest but her priority was the aging blight wolf and she was careful not to let him get over tired.

She was near sleep when the grey old beast reared his head up and let out a warning growl, in seconds she was on her feet with shotty in hand.  All she heard was the screams of dying prairie chickens and that alone would not be enough to alarm Grampa.

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Week 1; The Shivers (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

Needle Eye....

It had started with a simple tingle down his back. That gentle twist in the mind when the atmosphere changes and the inner ear doesnt quite compensate properly. Ardenn had stopped mid sentence, staring at the man in front of him. Holding up the box of shells he was offering the man for a meal, the box of lead and gunpowder stamped with his own little design of a smiling banana.

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Benefits and disadvantages of using LifeNet for cloning

WARNING! You might need some coffee for this!

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Who's next?


A hearty voice calls out to a line of rather rugged looking folk.

“Ah… who’s next?”  The man asks, eying the line as he pushes blood from a tabletop with a soaked rag.

A young man and woman at the front of the line eye Radke down like he were a prairie chicken dancing the Dougy.  Atop of the table rests a sickly looking severed arm, cut just below the elbow.  Their eyes scan from the medic down to the severed limb.

“Oh, don’t mind that. He’s gonna’ be fine!  I think?”

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Rule 1; If discussing or engaging any player with this storyline, reffer them to this post.

Rule 2; New participants must roll a 1d100 and send the resulting number to Ardenn Neraia, either through FERP or in game mail. This is a standard /roll result when in game. (It helps keep track of people as well as adds a minor element of randomization to how peoples roles are affected.)

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There and back again.

The grey Fastback threw up a dust trail in its wake as it sped across the dunes of the Canyon, heading north across the plains and hills, cresting and dipping along the contours of valleys and hills, roar of the vehicle's engine disturbing the usual quiet.

A Most Unusual Withdrawal - Final

Jason woke up stumbling out of a cloner. It took him a few moments to process what had happened, but the result was blatantly obvious.
...Completely forgot about the other two. Too focused on the male.
He rushed out of the bunker, and into the sunlit pond market area. The people milling about were largely unaware of the crime being commited
only half a block away from them, or if they were, they steered well clear.
Gotta hand it to the Union, they know how to contain a problem. That's if anyone cares.

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The Warlords -Interview with the Cannibal King


Sang sat at Reaver bridge in the same seat as always, her journal laying on her lap and open to the last entry.  She had felt the connection snap .. and it was gone.  Her face could have been made of stone for all the emotion it showed.

He was gone, yet in a way would always remain in the wastelands as the legend who roamed, raided and incited fear like few ever had.  Perhaps he slept deep within the womb of lifenet, as she never had.

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The Cannibal's last fall

"I look over these wastes, they seem so different now, so broken, so empty." Aiidoneus looked over the bridge, the first home of the Reavers. A tech, fully dawned in the armor of their faction stood beside him. 


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