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The RP-Haven Clan List

If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 


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The Photograph... [3] .. The Find


Paul-Caspar Syberg shivered he jumped down from his old Land-Rover, his shoes squelched into the waterlogged field. 

 "At least the rain has stopped, huh?" Said the grinning face from under a rather large rimmed bush-hat.

" Bahh, Jens. You're only happy wallowing around up to your knees in dirt ! So. What have you got here?"

" Hard to tell at this point. One of the Historiecentre staff spotted a guy digging here. You know the type. Metal detector in one hand and a trowel in the other, hoping to get lucky."

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The Photograph... [2] .. Origins


The old Sargeant puffed on his pipe. Years of warring had made him immune to the jarring concussion of nearby explosions. Each detonation made the younger of his charges wince and duck. He watched the fear in some eyes. 

He occasionally, and casually brushed the falling dirt from his uniform pants at it fell from the sky. Presently he stood up, turned and took a glance over the parapet for just a few seconds. His veteran  eyes looked out over the flat land, through the mist of thick rain toward the enemy trenches. 

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The Photograph


The Photograph.

Death is timeless. More accurately, for a clone, the time spent dead is not like a sleep.

If anyone has ever had a medical operation, they know that the time spent under aneasthetic does not exist. One moment your counting back from ten. next moment you have woken up. A sudden waking and with no idea where you are excepts its not where you were a second ago. Caring nurses urgently calming the initial panic. Softly telling you all is fine, your operation was a success and now you are waking in the recovery room

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Paths are made for walking

That looks tasty. That looks plenty. This is hungry work.

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...And the winner is!


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Movie Nights [Mini-Update]



I'll be quick.


Movie Nights will still roll in when I'll manage to get my internet back and set up in the new house.

Yes,I just moved in,shits happends.

And also,as I felt bad that I couldn't do them past that month,I though of trying to repay the "debt" by doing this friday and this saturday(after Hyle's Party),of course,If I'll get my net back,if not,then next week.And if it will work,I guess I won't mind of continuing in the same rythm.

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"Dont Drizzt on my parade!"

Ardenn had spent the past few days in Warhall, helping Kyotan put a few CHOTA to the test, deciding if they understood the concepts of Anarchy, Freedom, Loyalty and Honor. Of those they had tested, Kaylee and Kai had passed moderately well and joined into their Family, now holding strong ties to the elders fo the generations before them. Branding them, giving them a physical reminder of who they were and the choices they had made.

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The Two Ways of Thinking

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Leaving FE.


After logging over 1500 hours into Fallen Earth, I honestly don't know what the fuck to do now, both game and RP wise. I'm gonna be real honest and say a few things, one of the main reasons I never really roleplay openly and blah blah blah is because I hate being nosey and you know, waltzing right up into a RP and not feeling like I was welcomed or wanted/deserved to join along, I just don't like being nosey and even if I get to join in on an RP or so, I still have the guilt of thinking that I am being a nosey dirtbag.

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Are you excited for Fear the Walking Dead?

50% (3 votes)
33% (2 votes)
17% (1 vote)
Total votes: 6
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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S præsenterer....




((  Starting 18:00 UTC  ))

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The laughing drunkard

Your destiny will lead you, to wherever people need you,
Though danger may have found you, you have your friends around you now.

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The Black Box

(( Mood; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNDw10_MbEk ))

Rain hitting the rooftops of the small town where the workers at the Mill worked, and the Interceptors engine as it idled in front of one particular home. It ha  a wide porch and a junked old pickup up on blocks in the driveway. The man inside adorned with a Marshall's uniform and Badge, face masked up and shielded like a bandit. He tightly gripped the wheel in both hands, staring ahead, as he'd been avoiding coming back to the place for some time.

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Tattoo Gunn




Man: Hey, Mama Bear, watch it around the spine!


Woman: You're the one that wanted a full back piece, slacker! Now be still before ya wind up with dolls and flowers!

*Bzzzz bzzzzzzzzz bzzz....*

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burn devil


Cowards carry guns... Evil  so much yes.         Now some rosy  crucifix  .;'d , get dizzy,  dificult to summon l/ into,:"  u CAN ? SEE ME ,imagine me in the other place if u wish. GAZE DOWN  u never seem to wake noth eyes open  NOTH ,NOW HERE " U MAY WANT TObe_DEAD   BUT U CANT" DAVE NOTH?  get dizzy, Why?  i walk .............in  i Draw a Little bit .

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New Flagstaff


Living in the Burbs - Entry 9


Chapter nine
The talk

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*Posted around the wasteland (again)*

Ad's posted around the wasteland, s1-s3, some auctioneers may hand them out also.

Living in the Burbs - Entry 8


Chapter Eight
Mr. Kincaid


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Diary of a beta clone titled: "Dust Lizards"

Just north of Oilville there is a small mound surrounded by ragged tents made out of stretched sandworm hide. It is the home of Dust Lizards, a family of scavengers who survive by stealing on the Oilville outskirts and occasionally even going into a dangerous ordeal of scavenging minefields and other town defenses. They would sneak up during the night and cut out the wire fence without bothering to exploit the opening. They would just take the wire and salvage it, reselling it in Linewood.

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House of Spokes to re open?

(hello, was wondering if there would be RP draw for a life long wrench in game, and if ppl would like to Rp issues with thier cars/bikes.


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((Just for Joe :)


Not scary. just misunderstood

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Diary of a beta clone titled: "Free at last"


Free! Free at last!

What have I done wrong to deserve this?

Living in the Burbs - Entry 7


Chapter seven


Police officer in need of a force

Hello everyone!


Im new to FE but ive been Rping for a long time and see the huge potential in FE to RP. Im interested in finding a group of wasteland police officer types or perhaps a town looking for a law man. I had rolled around the idea of making my own police force but I would truely rather follow some else direction than take the full reigns again (done it several times in the past and I just burn myself out).



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