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RP-Haven 3.0 is up for live Beta Testing


Annnnd we're back.  Yes, the site is ugly as heck... we'll be working to fix that.  Consider this a 'live beta' for the site upgrade.

If you notice any bugs or problems, please post them here as a reply so I can track them more easily.

Known Issues:

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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Gina Keyes for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I am holding it till she returns.

 If you want you clan on the list, please comment. 

Alpha Survivors: A clan based in the harsh terrain of Alpha Country.

Leader: Violet Night

(( More information can be asked via mail ))


Caledonia: A close-knit team that treat each other like family. They work together and stay in contact with one another. (( Discontinued ))

Leader:  Kaylee Fryes

Welcome to your Haven!

Welcome to Fallen Earth Roleplayer's Haven, a website dedicated to the roleplayers of Fallen Earth!

Please review our General FAQ for tips on how to use the site, the Community Guidelines for general guidelines on interacting with the community and the Roleplaying Tips and Hints FAQ for ideas on roleplaying in Fallen Earth. For other announcements and information, check out the Announcements forum!


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A long shot...

Friends! Romans! FERPians, lend me your ears!

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No time to grieve, little time to breathe


It had barely been a week since those words had been spilled. And in that time, she has done a great many things that were unlike her. Sanctity of life taken when she murdered a one lifer. She looked back on the moment often. The actual words pleading in her mind for her to calm down. The scent of anger and fear mixed in the air. The smell of lead and gunpowder as a 12 gauge slug fired into the chest of the one lifer. Watching blood and life ooze from the poor girl made Saty feel.. whole again, that she hadn't felt in a long time.

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R. Lancaster: Diaries of a Tribesman. New tribe, same old dog.

Bring me blood, your God hungers, Robert.


His one eye opened quickly scanning the room. Bed, table, window, night. Nothing unusual yet sweat poured from his forehead and the voice had been very clear and potent. The very next morning he carved his way to the plagued lands of Alpha County. 


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House of spokes (south Burb mechanic)


The House of Spokes is now open in South Burb, Contact Gavin Gunn for all of your mechanic needs.

Reinforcement of doors.

hidden spots on bikes for weapons

all tune up and motor needs plus all custom work. contact Gavin Gunn for needs.


(all items found in game and re-worked by rolls IC nothing will be poofed into game)

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(( After at least a two year absence, I decided it was time to resolve my old main characters storyline and perhaps answer some questions. This is a OOC story to ICly explain my absence from game and potentially provide a new RP storyline for Kosheen + anyone crazy enough to remember her. Please enjoy <3 ))

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oh my, Mine nubiles? noth thinks my mind has become ....... THEIR sheilds /?Mine mind she must fly fly ........lost track of the stanza i had just though up sitting outside and  staring into vision in the other place , i thought and i came to this screen this interface. Its not real. its not real dave ???????????IS THAAT u my love?

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South Burb Town Defense Training

heres a quick informal post before i go to bed.  sorry if it's so ugly that your eyes bleed. i'll try not to ramble for your sake.

The community of South Burb voted to begin training the town as a whole (all able bodied characters; young and old), daily, to act as a ready militia to defend South Burb from outside attacks.  We need to figure out how to do this.  


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Recruit Listing

*Notice pinned to the town hall in South Burb*

Dear Prospective Workers,

                 Hi! This note is written by Jason Callaway and I know I have failed to be a regular presence in the area so this notice is for you to sign for               work in the mines! Please list your name below if you wish to obtain a job and I shall contact you accordingly either in person or through the mail           service.




              X_______________ (...)

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We are the Clones


you can’t beat death
but you can beat death in life, sometimes.

We are the Clones.

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The state of LifeNet is...

Fully maintained, clones pop out perfectly
13% (3 votes)
Partially mantained, rural areas have more gliches and errors
54% (13 votes)
Shoddy, Ghrams are unable to keep up, glitches high
33% (8 votes)
I am scared of cloning due to so many complications
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 24
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South Burb town meeting; Reaver Attacks; Recap

Here is a quick recap of the Town Meeting on Sunday.  I apologize for its delay; there were some IC "complications".

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(OOC) I'm back

Well I'm back sorry for the lack of breakfast in the morning. I was on a vacation away from life for about a month. So I'll probly start serving breakfast again tommorow morning. (Remeber if you see my twin (wearing a kilt) run away very fast and don't accept any food from him. He's crazy (literally)

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Emergence and so much death

((Mood music - ))

It was hard to believe how one person's life could so drastically change with the utterance of a few little words. "I'm sorry, Logan is dead, las." Those few words, and suddenly the world came crashing down. Three bright candles in the dark were all that kept her anchored currently. Varyk and Valerian, now over a year old. And Aiden, a small miracle given. Atleast Logan was able to meet his son before he died.


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Repentance, if you want to call it that.

Well I'm going to kick this off by first introducing myself. Most people know me as my RP character Elijah Trevone. I came on to FE hearing that there was an RP community in the post-apocalyptic future, and so I concluded that people had access to Sci-Fi gear ranging from synthetically engineered limbs to plasmatic ammunition. But little did I know about the full, in-depth lore that this RP community uses and I will tell you this, I was completely taken back by the amount of lore these RPers I came across followed.

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South Burb Resources (START)

I'm sorry, just now i've realised that I don't have the resources sheet with me, it's at my other computer. However, this won't prevent us from starting since I've also realised we don't have a starting point where we can measure our needs.

That being said, we'll probably start the Scavenging Teams RP next week. This week I'd like to ask something:


Gather ALL resources you can find, either related to the previous list (check below) or any that you think might be useful for South Burb / RP.

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Everything so dark. Like inky black. And no matters where I goes, it follow. I hears him too. Jacob laughing in the dark. Inky arms grabbed me from the dark. I yells for Gabriel or Nanaman Ardenn, but no one come. All I cans do is sit here, hug my legs, and wait. Maybe someones know I gone and theys come find me. I hope so.

"No one will come for you, girl. No one even misses you."

That's a lie! My mate loves me, and Nanaman watches me. Peoples like me! They tells me so.

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Summertiiimmmeee and the time zones are easyyyyyyy...

GMT/UTC       the Co-ordinated Universal Time 


So  its summer time  therefore...  In the Northern hemisphere

Heading into Europe first

GMT +1    British Summer Time        UK   Portugal

GMT + 2   Central European Summer Time   France Spain Germany Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland Hungary , Serbia, Czech Republic, Belgium

GMT +3    Eastern European Summer  Time    Finland, Estonia, Greece,  Romania.  


GMT -4   Eastern daylight time.. i.e  New York  Washington, Virginia

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All Hail, the weirdo is back!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! I has interwebz again! And now the mischief can once more continue!!!!!




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South Burb town meeting; Reaver Attacks


Reaver attacks are increasing in the area, including within the town itself.  The common folk amongst the town seem in a near panic as Aiidoneus and his Reaver horde approach.  It is up to YOU to decide their fate.  An emergency town meeting has been called for this Sunday 7/17/2014.  Word of this travels around the town very quickly, finding it's way to your ears.  Will you be present in the Town Hall (Bank) to help guide the future of the settlement?  Or will you stand idely and let the Reavers decide your fate?

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A slim figure sits in the back of the Black Beer Bar, her lithe body 

betraying the rough edges of her leathered jacket, her cat like stare partially obscured 

by the smoky tendrils drifting around her head as she pulls another 

breath from the rolled cigarette. Se looks around the room at the bar patrons, 

glaring malevolently at them. Eventually, her eyes are drawn to the 

flickering flames of one of the burn barrels... Staring into them, she lost herself in thought.


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A Living Shadow


He had been in a state of melancholy since he had awoken. Nothing new for him, actually. It had been his main disposition for a long time, something he wish'd would leave him. But he knew as long as everyone around him was a dumbass, or filthy, or the vile beings that somehow are both yet are content with their lives - CHOTA - he'd be depressed and angry at the world and it's idiotic inhabitants. 

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Too pretty not to post.

Sorry, but this clip just gives me goosebumps. This is where I am currently trading Laughing

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A Beasts Burden

In unison, both their head shot up and listened. They sniffed the air, focusing their attentions in the direction where the scent was the strongest. Kitty clawed her way up Kythera’s back, gripping every tuft of fur as if her life depended on it, and the beasts took off following the familiar odor.

They ran for half a day, never stopping for a moment, renewed energy surging from every pore, into every muscle. When they arrived at the abandoned cloner Kythera let out a wild howl as she ran towards the slump of red hair at the door.

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Once Upon A Nexus of Minds...

This thread will be dedicated to a Forum RP, so bear with us while this gets set up as I havnt done this kind of thing in a while. I've had requests for some time, but wasnt sure how to structure it before.


1.) Only Telepath Characters can access this setting. If you were Black Eyes or natural telepath, injected with the skill from Travelers or are recently feeling out the ability, you can play here.

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OOC Reavers meeting.

Hey Reavers, Future, past, and present. I need to speak with all of you, and get all of us together to speak. YES MOLLY, this includes you!. . . This will be a Teamspeak OOC conversation, so... get with me about times, I would like to do it on a saturday at a good time for everyone.

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A haunting on Tombstone Avenue - Last part



((Alright, last part of this haunting. I hope you enjoy, I had fun writing this :)


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