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RP-Haven 3.0 is up for live Beta Testing


Annnnd we're back.  Yes, the site is ugly as heck... we'll be working to fix that.  Consider this a 'live beta' for the site upgrade.

If you notice any bugs or problems, please post them here as a reply so I can track them more easily.

Known Issues:

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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Gina Keyes for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I am holding it till she returns.

 If you want you clan on the list, please comment. 

Alpha Survivors: A clan based in the harsh terrain of Alpha Country.

Leader: Violet Night

(( More information can be asked via mail ))


Caledonia: A close-knit team that treat each other like family. They work together and stay in contact with one another. (( Discontinued ))

Leader:  Kaylee Fryes

Welcome to your Haven!

Welcome to Fallen Earth Roleplayer's Haven, a website dedicated to the roleplayers of Fallen Earth!

Please review our General FAQ for tips on how to use the site, the Community Guidelines for general guidelines on interacting with the community and the Roleplaying Tips and Hints FAQ for ideas on roleplaying in Fallen Earth. For other announcements and information, check out the Announcements forum!


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8 days and 7 fingers to go

 Devon Township, late night  

A bald guy is sitting at the table of a local bar with an empty can of Orange Fizzydrink in his hand, and an expecting stare from the barkeep on his back. The night descended so quickly, and somewhere out there, someone is screaming in pain. There is a yellow folder marked "14-7" next to the bleak map of Northfields on the table. There is also a ballpoint pen with a logo of "Kingman Tires" and a black leather bound journal, closed.

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((Gathering of The Rpers))

(( this is a Pure OOC section))  Hello everyone of the Community... Many of you know me some may not... many may know me by My Character Reaver Verren, but others probably not... it has been awhile scince i have posted on this form but i would like to extend my hand to all Rpers of the Community to attend an OOC meeting of the Community. all are welcome to attend but those who would not beable to attend may post here freely. this is a way for all of us to get on the same level with everyone so noone is left out due to OOC misunderstandings or other possible problems.

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"What are you still doing here?"

He opened his eyes like every morning, and sat up in bed, rubbing the sleep from them.  When he couldnt find Kyotan and his car to sleep in, he'd taken to using Marcus's home, since it smelled like him and was a comfort since it was stocked with his smokes and a few pills if he was desperate to escape the nightmares.

"Nobody wants you."

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Reaching out for help - Part 2


Sector one – The Plateau.
Spider Hill

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I want him!


"What did happen when you last time saw Bud?"

"We had some fun"



Daniel Cross raises his eyebrown. "Go on"

"That's all", gives Reavy for return but continues quickly. " I wouldn't mind repeating it".

Daniel shakes head. "My sources tells that he disappeared after he met you.

"Probably too much fun for him".

"So get into details and I'll make it worthwhile".

"Depends on what you call worthwhile"

"Cold money?"

Reavy shakes her head. "I want him".

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Postage Paid In Full...

A package arrives to the NFPD station.
It is simply an old small box. When the box is opened the officer will find a bloody piece of cloth. Inside the bloody rag is a single pinky finger. When the print is ran on the finger it would come back as the finger print for Markus Kess.

Under the rag is a piece of scrap paper, written in blood, assumed to be written with the pinky finger is three words...

Free The Girl

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My Reaver and I (Part Four) [Voting]

Thank you all who have stuck with this story thus far.  I hope you're enjoying it!

Here is the voting section for the end of Chapter 1.  Seeing how you all survived an entire chapter, I'll let you have even more fun with Chapter 2. Here is the link to Part Four, the end of Chapter 1.



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NFPD in a nutshell

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Devil is she Red ? Yes


took the elevators bad chooise mojo dave noth  EANNa  nEAR NIBBLES ON HIS EARS ....MUMURS NOTH dont open ur eyes just yet ,Dive right inn yes thats nice MmmMMM...U LIKE to stroke?oh baby oh babydont u ...

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A shot at an honest job


 Devon Township, a quiet morning  

I never had this. A radio in my backpocket. A simple way out. Click - come help me - click. So easy. A crew that would shoot and kill just to protect one of its own. This changed my perception about most of the guys that I always thought so cool in the past. Being a member of a large crew is so much easier than being on your own in this forgotten desert. I was so stupid. I was not doing it right... all this time.

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Where Are Ali & Sharky! - Location #5 [contest] - Last One!

Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to the newest & last edition of “Where are Ali and Sharky!”

In this edition you have to find the location in the picture and take a screenie of you standing there with the name across the screen, just like you see it in our picture (name of the location across the UI). Along with your screenie, we will need cords (easy to do, just copy/paste the /loc info).

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"Fun" with NFPD....

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NFPD Forensics Lab

These are reports of forensics analyses by Abigail Sciuto. All information is NFPD exclusive unless presented publically at time of arrest.

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Reaching out for help - Part 1


Sector one – The Plateau.
Radio tower in Spider Hill.

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The RP Mechanics of Arrest and Imprisonment

As we get more and more activity in SF it has become obvious to me that we need a little more structure around the imprisonment process. I would like to open this discussion primarily to the Members of NFPD but also welcome friendly constructive comments from the RP community.


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Turned based RP combat

With the reintroduction of the NFPD, large scale RP combat has been breaking out. There has been much confusion and frustration around the process of this conflict RP. In this post I am purposing a turn based, simple and easy way to RP out combat with more then 2 players involved. This system wont be for everyone but when I or my Police officer are involved I would like to see more structured combat which will hopefully lead to everyone having a lot more fun.

The Hunt Begins

Basteel's hunt had taken him farther and farther from South Burb. It eventually stretched into Sector 2, and up to Serenity. As he walked into town, he looked around, eyeing the familiar landmarks he had seen many months before. It had been some time since he was last here, and even then, he was under orders to escort his old commanding officer through town. Though, he had a different goal as he walked through the streets this time. He picked up an axe handle and an old, rusted blade in the outskirts near the White Crows.

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What kind of an "RP-er" are you?

12% (4 votes)
15% (5 votes)
6% (2 votes)
15% (5 votes)
12% (4 votes)
6% (2 votes)
More than just one bellow (comment) / Other
33% (11 votes)
Total votes: 33
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Shared memories

  Listen to the tales and romanticize,  
  How we'd follow the path of the hero. 

It's raining outside and in a rare moment of clarity, Engel manages to find a piece of the puzzle.

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My Reaver and I (Part Four)

"My Reaver and I" is an interactive short story where you, the reader, influence Jared Radke's journey as he travels the Canyon Providence.  This is the fifth section of that story.  Here is the link to the previous chapter.  Enjoy!



I've always been a sucker for sunrises.

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Issued warrants for criminals will be posted here. Again, this information is NFPD exclusive unless otherwise made public.

An alternative for wood shake roofs

Though wood shake roofs aren't one of the more popular roofing materials, they are much more commonplace in mountainous regions. That's because wood shake roofs give homes a very certain look. Homes in the mountains blend in with their surroundings better when the roofs are made of wood. Of course there is an obvious down side to wood shake roofs. Wood is flammable. Wood shake roofs are much more susceptible to wind-driven embers. Typically, wood shake roofs are coated with fire-resistant chemicals. Over time these chemicals wash off and lose their effectiveness.

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My Reaver and I (Part Three)

Here is the next section to "My Reaver and I", an interactive short story where you, the reader, influence Jared Radke's journey as he travels the Canyon Providence.  Here is the link to the previous chapter.  Enjoy!

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Police Reports

This is a list of all police reports filed in the NFPD. Please note that the public is unable to access these files and that anyone outside of NFPD is seeing this information strictly OOC.

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Police Roster and Roles

Here is a list of NFPD officers and their roles. This list will be updated accordingly.

Kyra Mudo - Chief
Gamma Mudo and Lee Korben - Captains
Subject Thirteen - Combat Instructor
Nikolai Wolfe - Medic
Abigail Sciuto - Forensics
Ambriya Henry - Food/Medical Rations
Milosp - Sniper/Scout
Kumi Mishima and Claire Adams - Reception and Dispatch
Megan Hudson - K9 Veteranarian 


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My Reaver and I (Part Two)

Here is the next section to "My Reaver and I", an interactive short story where you, the reader, influence Jared Radke's journey as he travels the Canyon Providence on an unspecified mission.  Here is the link to the previous chapter.  Enjoy!


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Questioning the Troys. - Part 4


Hope Springs.
Troy residence.


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