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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Aiidoneus for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I will be holding the list for the time being. 

 If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 

Alpha Survivors: A clan based in the harsh terrain of Alpha Country.

Leader: Violet Night

(( More information can be asked via mail ))


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The questioning of Joe Spivey - Part 6


Sector two – Northfields.
New Flagstaff.


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Posse There are no Bears.......


8:13 AM 10/20/2014  Notheredave FLAGSTAFF,   face to the blank slate .   OM stanzas destroyed ..... then  Smoke?  cursing  they keep u bLEEDing        ,little biteS ?  (0NO BEARS noth.).........  Yes   HEY.  they  BURN U BARELY ALIVE,  ..... beating holes burned through  You ..........flavored with spice ; yikes .... but  ..... worse still to come....... ...... Oh       Really  HOW WORSE,,,,? THEY  they keep u bLEEDing ...     But barely ..........  just an insect up and down the walls dieing.......AGAIN...then RELIVE  REVIVED escape from  time ?

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Halloween Party Date

75% (6 votes)
25% (2 votes)
Total votes: 8
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Halloween Party Schedule (Unless someone else is doing it?)


Hello everyone!

So I see lots of chat about Halloween party in shout box and figure that if no one has volunteered so far it doesn't bother me.

So I guess I'll run the show. I will require lots of extra available hands for setup, donations, games, rewards and so on...

So I plan on having some different games and events that day, The list follows.

- Races

- Trivia

- Fist fights

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Never Frogotten

I walked into this empty church I had no place else to go
When the sweetest voice I've ever heard, whispered to my soul

Leonard Cohen - Ain't No Cure for Love

In South Burb Mr Frosch was exhausted.

Outside of South Burb...

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So I paid an artist to draw Kyotan.

The YouTuber EpicFaceFist, I contacted him for a comission. Sent him the screenies and got this in return. What do ya'll think?

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The questioning of Joe Spivey - Part 5


Sector two – Northfields.
New Flagstaff.

notheredave's picture

ONE two FoUR......


BUT NOW suddenly ok... Dave?Jakhals prey U r dave..can circle too! CIRCLE IN THE OPPOSITE  direction. dave ur eys have been all wrong   Noth ''Clarissa speaks /say... continues on........ ur two OF EVERYTHING likes   mybe we the two of us sparks  ...ur/Ours /om deranged?/derangement!  the same oNE ? ok... Noth   InOM n ,ball up and take take quietly u die they go away ................and u come back ran a circle  thats how fast ;uUdigg DAVEY? I NOD YES.noth dave davey  so no bye bye , Make u Om ACCUSATIONS   NOTH ?THINKS ! gulp gulp NO  sickening sounds.........

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Input 1
50% (1 vote)
Input 2
50% (1 vote)
Total votes: 2
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( ͡° ͜c ͡°) ???

( ͡° ͜c ͡°)
25% (1 vote)
( ͡° ͜c ͡°)
25% (1 vote)
( ͡° ͜c ͡°)
50% (2 votes)
Total votes: 4
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The first radio transmission


DeStefano tracked nervously back and forth. His face retained a perpetual pinched look, and his eyes were dark-as if they always scanned some bleak inner horizon. Sometimes at night he screamed in his sleep and thrashed blankets onto the floor. Every part of him screamed of a man trying to run away from something. His eyes betrayed the indescribable horror he had witnessed. There was no sleep for him. Faces lurked in the darkness.

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Frog Class Travel

Ah, the moon's too bright
The chain's too tight
The beast won't go to sleep
I've been running through these promises to you
That I made and I could not keep

Leonard Cohen, I'm Your Frog Man

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Clone Tales - Running Man

Zanesville. The home of the Enforcers in the Plateau Region. Situated on a small plateau of their own, Zanesville is a military base built upon the ruins of a former airport, the original purpose of which has long been lost to those inhabiting the area. Hangars no longer serve as the home for the strange machines that once sat within, and have now been cleared out to serve as storage and housing for the various people and soldiers.

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Ye' aye Prody?

78% (7 votes)
22% (2 votes)
Total votes: 9
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Shared dream


The scene always looked the same, just the way Robert remembered it: their towing buggy, riddled with spears and crossbow bolts, leaking gas like a bleeding beast. Bodies of the fallen soldiers scattered around, and among them... his older brother. Everything is quiet now, it's all over. And it never rains in his dream, even though he remembers the downpour on the day they were ambushed, two years ago.

But something is different this time. There is a hunched figure out of the corner of his eye.

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The Job | Part 1 | Heat Kills

[Moody Music for the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGorUmWMrwo ]

Ben walks into the Franklin Rider's office looking to the current employee on desk duty.


"What's my delivery today?" Ben asks as he leans on the front desk tapping his index and middle finger on the counter his mask up but his eyes staring at the man in front of him

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The questioning of Joe Spivey - Part 4


Sector two – Northfields.
New Flagstaff.

Radio (ooc question)

( Deep in the dead land of alpha I heard there exists a series of three radio towers in close proximity. I've heard this place is called golgatha or something like that. For the history lovers out there they too would recognize the significance of this...if this is true. It made me wonder what would happen if someone brought radio equipment there and broadcasted out trying to reach beyond the wasteland to anyone who might be beyond the dead zones.

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Crafter For Hire - A Note Tacked Onto a Wall




((Because what better way is there to come back then via an advertisement? Contact me through the forums or via mail/pm in order to get in touch, and we can ICly discuss whatever you need building.))

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Project Nexus is a GO!

"Alright so you guys keep telling me to meet me in my office. What'd you need?" I said curiously

"We've got a volunteer for Project Nexus sir..." One of my employee's says on my intercom

"What? Really? Great! I'll be down to see this right away!" I put on my black suit jacket and rush to the stairs to go down to the lower basement of the facility

As I arrive down to the testing labs. I see the employee's I was talking to previously and they're staring at a one way window with a man laying on a metal platform.

You won't remember a thing.


     "Please don't do this, oh God...please don't!" The woman sitting upon Trabaler pleaded. She was a woman probably in her thirties, and by wasteland standards, a rather seasoned age. If one knew her they would say that she was an often bitter with occasional bouts of good moods. A bit of a drinker and was on a first name basis with a number of Bartenders in various settlements. She was also a talker. Too much of a talker and one who would often make boasts about the things she's seen or done.

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BUT NOW suddenly  CURSE  MAN out of my head ?say it aint so TODAY NO circle of blood gulp gulp sickening sounds. but my beating ......NO KICKIN SHIT MR BANKERbrains scattered  HEY blinding spice clogging My eyes   noth instinctly grabbs for the assailants head ......faster than fast  around the neck    noth takes the knife and draws a pre decapitation sickening  cut almost like fore play thats noth stops!!!

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The questioning of Joe Spivey - Part 3


Sector two – Northfields.
New Flagstaff.


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Waking to Reality

[Music to go with the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vJTiUwGSL8 P.S. Try to read with the flow of the song if you're a fast reader. The song goes better when you read at the same flow ;) ]

Friendship...I've been so lost in thoughts and life that I forgot what that even means...

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Human Error

((  Between the lack of RPers and the season, I have decided to bring back Abyss.  He will be wandering the wastes as he searches for who is responsible for putting him "Back in the hole."  i.e.  I will finish leveling him to 55 and enjoy some of the new gear, that inspired his new look.  More posts to follow as I gather screen shots from Abyss's travels.  See everyone in the wastes. :) ))



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Because she said wizbing slamander


Party atop the fast breaking sidewinder with only the est side garbaige pail to jump the chasm of delighted frenzy. Dead foster inside many defunct windowed swingsets. Never before has table legs taken fifteen idioms to revered. Ultimately its the fathers to move apple holidy across skrieking pavement. Bless the disco when Jarod makes toast.

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Exit through the gift shop PBEM event

Presenting here all the pitfalls and full history of this "play-by-email" event

Plot summary:


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The Unforgotten

(inspired by Jack Kentz’s “The Optimist of Fallen Earth”)

(If you take your time, and read with the music.  The story should sync with it.)
Please listen to while reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWZwTOSgLZI

“The Unforgotten


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