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RP-Haven 3.0 is up for live Beta Testing


Annnnd we're back.  Yes, the site is ugly as heck... we'll be working to fix that.  Consider this a 'live beta' for the site upgrade.

If you notice any bugs or problems, please post them here as a reply so I can track them more easily.

Known Issues:

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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Gina Keyes for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I am holding it till she returns.

 If you want you clan on the list, please comment. 

Alpha Survivors: A clan based in the harsh terrain of Alpha Country.

Leader: Violet Night

(( More information can be asked via mail ))


Caledonia: A close-knit team that treat each other like family. They work together and stay in contact with one another. (( Discontinued ))

Leader:  Kaylee Fryes

Welcome to your Haven!

Welcome to Fallen Earth Roleplayer's Haven, a website dedicated to the roleplayers of Fallen Earth!

Please review our General FAQ for tips on how to use the site, the Community Guidelines for general guidelines on interacting with the community and the Roleplaying Tips and Hints FAQ for ideas on roleplaying in Fallen Earth. For other announcements and information, check out the Announcements forum!


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At home alone

 He sits in the Keep alone, making ammo and armor, as his small army wonders the wastes. Gathering mats, and growing stronger, to make Exile a higher power in the wastes. He takes a few monets, drawing out a pen, and some scrap paper. He starts to wright to his people. "To my dearest family. I love you all, and thank you for all you do for this clan. I think of you all often, as I sit here, building stuff for you. I hope you are all safe, and watching out for eachother, aswell as bringing the dark honor of Exile Inc.

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The Strange Experiences of Chad and Gorden - Part 3 - The Wheelbarrow Conspiracy

"There are some things mortal men were never meant to meddle in. Hats, and their travel arrangements are best left to the realm of the spirits. Stop this madness now, it can only end badly."
Words of wisdom from Mr Joe Spivey

Gorden stood in the middle of nowhere squinting at nothing in particular. 'What exactly am I supposed to be seeing?'

'Don't you see it?' Chad said standing next to him. 'It is front of you. The wheelbarrow.'

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"A panorama of mountains appears to naive vision almost as a flat picture, and the starry void is a roof pricked with light."


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A Package Addressed to John


Notes on the "Crystals"

(( Technically this is a bundle of notes with a gem mailed to John Rose, but I'm making it publicly viewable to catch people up on what Psi Corps has been doing and efforts that have been made by the community to RP out Telepathy roleplay. The Black Eyes, Dreamtime and Crystal mentions have all been group projects that crop up from time to time. ))

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Marshals Log
Entry Eight Or maybe it was nine.
Year 2161, I think. Possibly April.

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At any time...

Now I can take this every thing I know 

Realize that I'm nothing I wanted to be 

I can never change anything I've done 

Because its the only thing I have left 





We could go at any time.......... 



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Her story



Perfectly sculpted thighs and small breasts. And that upright posture of hers told everybody that she knew people are always watching, even behind her back.

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A reminder about pass chris.

(( Pass Chris is under attack on friday of this week, 3 pm eastern. Anyone can come to fight with us or against us. You can play as your own character, or you can play as a stand in character. Whether it be a Pass Chris gaurd, or a ChotA extremist/Slaughterking/ or whatever may be on the Reavers side. This is so that you can participate, and your character does not have to be considered an enemy of whatever state. Also, your character could be dressed as a masked person, for either side, and still be your own character. We will not read name tags IC. If you have any questions please ask.

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The Little Fiend's Notebook Pt. 3

Rabishu is now writing again, yes yes. She has to writes the things in her head to make her feel it not all jumbled up and squishing her thoughts to nothing and then the words get even harder to think out loud, yes. So Rabishu now has bigger family, yes.


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Changes aren't permanent, but change is

      Kirsten looked down at her new daughter suckling at her breast, not even a day oldyet. She smiles at the infant. Kirsten still felt worn out from the sudden and rapid delivery she made on the floor of the kitchen. Thank the stars Sorja Troy as on hand. Kirsten smiles to herself as he remembers Joe's unhelpful helpfulness. But at least he was there the moment Kirsten gave birth, she smiled at his face when Sorja announced that the baby was in fact a girl.

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A Small Flyer

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Chapter one, Verse One.


The shouting and laughter could be heard clearly from outside.   Magdalena stood at the top of the ladder that led down into the ground.  She was told that her target could be found below, and she did not doubt the source.  Her 6 foot plus frame cast a long shadow as the sun set behind her.   She was aware that as a combat clone she was designed for combat.  Her body was “ Zee peak of human potentsial.” As the little man that greeted her said.  His small thin frame, and over the top accent still brought a smirk to her face.  She quickly learned why she was designed, and who she owed her exi

Looking for roleplayers in S1! (or S2)

Hi! I'm in search of individuals or groups who would be inviting to the idea of roleplaying with a new player to Fallen Earth.

I am preferably looking for players who's characters are considered Tech-aligned or technologically savy. This does NOT mean that I am excluding any other individuals of lower technological standings such as CHOTA, Vistas, or Lightbearers, ect. (in fact Vistas are just as encouraged). 

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Clarrissa and I


 this is ur sunshinig .. little bit of sunshine corners  dave! shrillthrill for u SWEETS?[  cLARRISSA MUMMURS ] SWEETs.... bouquets , not whithered ones ...on a grave. moist lips  enduring whisper lips fLOOD  like a fly being swatted at. Like a buzzshrill/ UR A FUCK  sheUR Clarrissa wants needs More! 'u like be my buzzTO MY  bud'? .. provide ME with all uLL eversich ausmalen  Envison,Painter ![ girl cLARRISSA doll i will] nothere Reafirms her. thought the names have been changed .Clarrissa continues mumuring ' were a screen /SCREAMu discovered weMalfunction discovered utoo!

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On Polls and The RP Community

Edit: **disclaimer** This post is not an attack and is not directed at any one individual. It is commentary on a trend that started before I even got back on these boards and was the first thing I saw upon my return.

After the recent spate of polls was cleaned up, my own daft one among them, I had a few thoughts about what's been going on with posts and polls that don't really do anything for the community; that aren't useful.

Because that's what a good poll should be, by the way. It should serve a purpose.

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tAX TAXXING thoughts

?dav,[wtf] Clarissa eX HALES '' eehh how u DO That  dave u'', and shes bends over further like accomodating my view  ''ur STREAM OF RUNON THOUGHTS  are full of repititions OMs?_-  telling told in variable ways .'' dave draw heres some paper,  noth dave draw awaken.! ur goanna tell us  all twelve of us. get to the bottom of this start from day one down to  were losing interest in you. i know u forgotten some of the names in name calling most gone. Theres a few new ones on the horizon .u talk about  most Lillian Lilly?SHES UR MOST SPECIALone? OR maybeMoSTLY?

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Exile Keep

Not seeing anyone had laid claim to Blaine, Exile Inc. sets it up as their home, and renames it Exile Keep.

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Inflammatory/Inappropriate Polls


If you feel a poll (or any post here) is inflammatory, negative or otherwise in violation of the spirit of the site, please contact me via Private Message and I'll investigate and handle it.  Posting a series of inflammatory or negative polls in response isn't the way to take care of things.

TETRAX (and other AI's)

I have only just begun to scratch the surface of this near-deserted gaming, and am consistantly recieving references to an AI known as TETRAX. Without going through the numerous quest lines involving this entity, I would very much enjoy comments offering a full description of what this AI is, as well as it's origins and purpose to help guide others who would like to use it within their own stories.


Please differentiate between knowledge you know for fact and knowledge you are hypothesising.


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A löngu síðan á Íslandi ..... [13] and last :)



Three hours earlier...

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I guess this is goodbye (solution found)

Hello everyone.

I just want to let you all know, That I am leaving FERP (dunno if its for good just quite yet but I'll think about it.)

Some of you may be saying in your heads "YAAY!"

Others may be saying "Why!?"

Well I am leaving because of the things I've done to people IC and OOC. No matter how hard I try to fix em sometimes (on any of my alts) I just get more hatred so. I suppose you could call it drama.

I've been apart of the community for almost a year in a half. (despite my accounts on FERP I joined em late) So I guess it's long enough for me.

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Who is Awesome?

23% (5 votes)
32% (7 votes)
14% (3 votes)
32% (7 votes)
Total votes: 22
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Journal of a CHOTA Queen- Part three


 I am losing track of who's story I had thought to write before my hand grows cold and stiff

The restless ones around me are as living moving air jostling each other as they vie for my pen and so

I read back and and realize..our lives consists almost entirely of other people.

There can be no "My Story", only Ours..

The Children of the Apocalypse.

They will always be part of me and nothing can change that. 

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Crafters Market April 12th

Count Down timer; Click here!

Lcoation; Northeast of Kingman on the edge of the PVP zone (It has spaces for the farms and stuff withotu lagging Kingman itself.)

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Verseless poetry



  Somebody wrote "poetry" on a piece of toilet paper and pinned it to New Flagstaff bulletin board. 

Night is wearing her chastity belt
The pressure build-up can be felt
Heartbeat of the city, throbbing octaves like an uppercut
So what?

So what?

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A löngu síðan á Íslandi ..... [12]


Dr. Malansky opened his eyes. His mouth felt like a cat litter tray, somewhere behind his eyes he felt a dark throbbing dull pain.

“Bloody hell...” he groaned as he saw the best part empty whiskey bottle on the small table beside his bed.

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Aerinn's Journal - Entry Twenty - Ninety-Four Reasons


((Just a little one to get back into the feel of things.))


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