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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Aiidoneus for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I will be holding the list for the time being. 

 If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 

Alpha Survivors: A clan based in the harsh terrain of Alpha Country.

Leader: Violet Night

(( More information can be asked via mail ))


A Tavern of the Mind - Part One


There's a tavern in the middle of Nowhere called 'Mind's Eye', it has a regular crop of patrons, and occasionally a new one comes through the curtains that serve as the door.

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When you see new players in the new players tab, Do you read their backstory?

0% (0 votes)
50% (1 vote)
Depends if I have time or not
0% (0 votes)
50% (1 vote)
Total votes: 2
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Will the simple truth be enough to explain it all? 1/2


I can't get these memories out of my mind
And some kind of madness has started to evolve
I tried so hard to let you go
But some kind of madness is swallowing me whole, yeah

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The devil at your heels - Part 7


((This entry is a bit longer than usual, call it a christmas present if you like ;) Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy.))

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Under Investigation (Open RP event)

TAO has been tasked with researching rumours that certain groups have found a path to the West Coast thru the Radiation zone. We need to follow up on this and see if we need to protect or destroy any "Unblessed"  Shiva must not be allowed back into the remaining population. At this time no immediate action is requested, just information. All is to be sent to our agent Mutare Nebula under the code Wildfire.  ISMC years ago were suspected of sending traders to find a path, so have Exile clan of Techs.

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Things that we want, things that I need



Either way, win or lose
when you're born into trouble - you live the blues


There was a sign next to the plain lemon colored tent. The sign read: "LET THE WASTELAND MUTANT READ YOUR MIND - admission 2 white chips."

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try HARD-Triad with Raven ..


' AWAKEN," my noth!  Clarissa thru telepathy. So".notheredave", mmm that was good mmm" Clarissa Dave thinks to himself the same exact thing .Dave to Clarissa so YES... flash... " So u keep sharin me? How WUS it ?" THROUGH ME OR HER AND YOU,or both so "does feel OM ,so it must be so , om ahh,"oOH YEA_YEA;'' So Raven in the wind on a swing . Om back and forth u go. U LIKE TO? to DAVE !... Wings take flight, and another and another GO!,  Raven so she does_ she does undo Dieing.  OmVeronica the two of us with 3 sharing our two everything likes... like on a carousel Yes i do also


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Convoy day [1]

Sinclaire stands on a ridge near a small road that he knows most drug convoys go through. He see's Reggie arrive slightly sprinting up the ridge with 3 well equipped men with tactical gear. Reggie offers Sinclaire a pair of binoculars and points towards the road.

"There." Reggie says as Sinclaire looks into the binoculars and zooms in to where Reggie points.

[Moody music starts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VBKjISjxyw ]

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It's tonight - whole day, sort of. One day, one area and a higher chance to bump into some RP. Good luck!


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What makes YOU want to read player submissions?

The Writer / Player (I have certain authors I follow.)
70% (14 votes)
Self-Involvement / Mentioning (I'll read it, if I'm in it.)
5% (1 vote)
Short Stories (TL;DR.)
10% (2 votes)
Long Stories / Multi-Post Stories (I love the words! Give me more words!)
10% (2 votes)
The Tags (#Sex #Drugs #RocknRoll)
0% (0 votes)
Other / Multiple Reasons (Please comment below)
5% (1 vote)
Total votes: 20
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Just another bad guy

(Moodish music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zyhQjJ5UgY )

Location: Unknown

A light bulb swinging in a square concrete room. One man. One chair. One light. The man is tied to the chair as the light swings back and forth only seeing small detail in the room. He can only picture out the walls.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 8a)


Bodil turned to face the maze of stacked boxes. She let out a soft, low whistle.

“Easy for you to say, but… where?” She scanned the boxes, walking slowly around the room, almost praying that there would be a big label with ‘South Burb’ and a big arrow saying ‘This Way Up’. After five minutes there were no labels, no arrows. Not even a hand written ‘fragile’ scribbled under a layer of dust. As she went through the motions of searching, Bodil’s brain went to work on the task.

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Borrowed Time

“I am finite.

My bones ache.

My body will give to dust.

This world swallows men like me whole.

I will not fight it, for I am already consumed.

But I do not count my days.

I have been blessed with mortality.

There is no escape for men like me.

That is why I do not run.


I live with pure blood,

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The devil at your heels - Part 6


((Violent and explicit material))

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fallen earth Friday Flagstaff



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A Crack in the Distance (Part 1)


      Kabou cocked the lever back on his rifle, glancing at the other two nameless men with him. The lord snap of the action got both men's attention, but their attention soon died out. The back of the truck they were all sat in bounced up and down as they left the safety of Gaia, to the outer land. One of the men seemed to call position as leader and commanded Kabou and the other man to get their masks on. Kabou pulled his straps over his head and tightened them to allow his gasmask to sit comfortably on his face.

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6:12 PM 12/8/2014 10:31 AM 12/9/2014   new  Flagstaff. nOTH SENCED......... DANGER,Paused his thought... and the man with the affected tlk was out the door into/    back to his thoughts ..    ur ? veronica?

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Turning Kiako Kuh-Razy


Veronica turned in her seat in the bar in New Flagstaff and looked at the strange Chota man sitting against the wall. 'Circus?' she asked. 'I have heard of the circus? Ag-er-roo-bats... clowns! Is there one in the town?'

'It gone Om,' replied the strange man. Veronica looked disappointed 'Oh.'

'Om further up the road Miss,' the strange man added.

'I wonder how Betsy the Bungie Jumping Cow is doing,' wondered Kiako from where he sat opposite Veronica sipping tea on another chair.

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The devil at your heels - Part 5


After they got out of the car, DeStefano followed Reavy around the corner of the house. She stopped at the door leading inside to the clinic. “Medic should be here any moment. I just gotta call her.” She turned around facing him, standing no more than an arm’s reach apart.
DeStefano struggled to keep the bars inside his head shut, and he struggled not to show the internal battle. The whole time a single question kept burning inside his mind. What had Reavy in store for him?

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What song would you use to show your character?


Basicly I've always had a curiosity for what song you would use to show or maybe describe your character. If you have one leave a link to the song in the comments.

Ben's would probably be [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBCNDQj3kEs ] it sort of describes him and at the same time how he feels. But it could present him too.

Anyways just thought I would give this topic a shot.

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It's tonight!

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Halloween Fantasy (part seven B)


Ellie quickly donned a pair of sunglasses and then swung her feet out of the fountain pool and squeezed out from behind the grey-clad mountain. Wet feet slopping on the sun soaked sidewalk, Ellie headed for the steps and the shade of the marble-columned portico.

“Come on.” She grinned as she passed the still staring professor. “Before my feet start to burn.”

Bodil’s last sight of Ellie’s bodyguard before turning to follow her was of her white pumps disappearing as the giant’s hand reached down and made a fist around them.

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light into MANTRA ...........


3:06 PM 12/3/2014 "That is not dead wich[wITCH} can eternal lie..." [H.P.Lovecraft Out riding a comets tail   two light years Out riding a comets tail years YES oh yeah , so u wrote years years IN . ,yes; to get to some stars   OUT there,but not near HERE  /in  in on a  journey  two... so far from the other...    indeath Ideath  on a  light/ journey witch Which Nubilles? NOTHs might notheres night  SO UR Nearly  where ? two light years years  ... so far from the other...  IN?  SO U WROTE.

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Family Reunion: Part 2

The growl that came from Abyss rumbled deep and was a sound that fit better in a dark forest, rather than coming from a human. “How do you know that name?”

Synn continued his impish grin and shrugged, “I know more than you think.  You may deal in death and destruction, but I deal in information.  I know about your capture, I know about your release.  I know about your little flower girl, and I know about the trail of bloody bodies you have left behind in your search.” 

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Family Reunion

(( Hello All.   I have been inspired, and hope you like the introduction of my new toon.  ))

Walking out of the cloner in Oilville, the large CHOTA warrior scanned the street before heading to the open doorway directly across the street.  He glanced at the large black cat perched on the crate, and growled low at it.  The cat glanced back as if it could care less, and went back to soaking in the sun.

Muttering to himself as he turned left and ascended the stairs, the warrior recognized the laughter coming from above and knew he was in the right spot.

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Somewhere in Alpha County

Knuckle deep, wounds seep.

Thick air, black, despair.

A land claimed by vines.

Now I am alone, but my story continues.


You are counting on me, and I will not fail.

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How'd we get here? [Part 1]


[WARNING: Some images may be disturbing ]

Moody music ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD9F76lu9d8&list=UUGqg4R-bqMmo8YG-PidXih... )


People often ask the same question over and over again but never get an answer. How did this all happen? or How'd we get here?


So, it looks to me like...

So it looks to me like this game has an RP community, as there have been recent posts here, however I was wondering, where you all are at in the game world? I am a pretty new player myself, (like 2 days old) however I have been a Roleplayer for over 2 decades. I am afraid I have not seen any RP in this game so far, as in local chat e.t.c., So I was wondering if there is a place in particular I should be looking?  Maybe you guys hang out in later areas of the game sec 2 or 3?


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