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Fallen Earth RP-Haven Clan List

If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 


Some basic requirements for a clan to be added:


1. Be a RP clan to some extent

2. Must not be in clan probation (Check on the clan page in-game)

3. Has to have at least 2 active members

4. Must be recruiting.


Survivor's Refuge [RP]:

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Das Hinterland


The Franklin Rider rode toward Picus Ridge, a longer journey than usual. Perhaps once every two months he will ride this far from Embry, to the edge of his delivery area, into the Hinterland. He reached the gate and left his horse on the grass to graze. Carrying a long package he waved to the guard as he walked into the courtyard passing another man who walked out with a bowl of water for the horse.

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Then There Were Three (part 27)

Finny, Casper and Onetooth bounced noisily back through the door just as Tukiko was fretting about adding more water to Maisie’s stew.

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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 8)



Hyle woke up, gently.


Here eyes remained closed, but her senses filled her mind. She could feel warm sunshine on her body, the gently breeze over her face and hands.

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Quiz Time !

In "Calamity Wears a Red Dress" Part 6 and Part 7  I reference a famous person. 


The question is WHO WAS IT  and also HOW Did I reference him/her.?


There are FIVE answers.


Send your answers to me in a PRIVATE MESSAGE only. 

I will hold this open for one week, after which the winner will be announced

Oh yes and the answers also :)


I hope you enjoy !

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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 7)



By 09:45 Monika was becoming desperate. The Mayor was late, or was it because she had other business elsewhere. Monika checked Hyle’s appointments diary once again, There was nothing in there indicating any visit or meeting that the Mayor had scheduled ahead of coming into the office that morning. Indeed Miss Troy’s diary was full of office based meetings all morning.


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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 6)




Hyle stood in her knickers before her cavernous wardrobe methodically moving each garment on the rail from left to right.


This is bloody ridiculous. I can’t find a damned thing to wear!” She mumbled.


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Then There Were Three (part 26)

Tukiko checked in on the sleeping Worms before returning to Hope Spring’s Clinic. This left Maisie to get on with preparing lunch for not just herself and her patient, but the other three urchins as well.

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yhe disc the satelite fields........... to Yes mybe ..........thehey


"I dont know...Dawn. [period.Piss] mmmmm...maybe,, /'' Bring it back to me",MMMM gRoWns a moans, to Hey JOE,sING ME a song hEY Joe SAYS TO ME,Gone down to MEXICO does the game go that far? through the WIRES.......HUM a Om "A JAG A JUGG AHHHHHHHH . But not to the Joe,....... Coyotes OF Jackhalls mob the way north of here nothere Nothere . sun Light? MMMM.....Dave Not ANYWHERE not any more ...One Two there three? No Two. three? Two of u IS "Ur not us, Just dusk dawn CREEPS again and ANYWHERE moans back. AGAIN all this again ...

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Then There Were Three (part 25)

While Finny and co were trying to push each other off the Town Hall balustrade, none of them noticed the NFPD car quietly turn up the little cul-de-sac towards the quarantine house.

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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 5)



Hyle was concentrating on her notes, She was aware the door had opened and the sound of high heels did register, but only just.


Miss Troy! So nice to meet you at last.”.


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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 4)


Headmistress Ytte Skovlund arrived then, precisely at 13:30. Hyle welcomed her and bade her take a seat whereby Ytte sat bolt upright almost to attention. Hyle regarded her, Ytte’s face, set to ‘very stern indeed’, thin lipped, breathing slowly through her nose. Very Prussian, Hyle thought.

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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 3)


It was just after 06:00 that morning when Hyle stepped out of the shower. She dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. As she stirred her coffee as it stood next to her ostemad, Hyle automatically started briefing herself on the tasks which lay ahead that day. A day like any other, her mind’s eye pictured her in-tray, self replicating itself daily like a bed of weeds that despite constant trimming seemed to grow with each cycle.

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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 2)


Sigrid Sigurdsson sat patiently, demurely, in the waiting area of the main office of Hope Springs Town Hall. She had of course been there for some time, maybe thirty minutes. But she reasoned that the Mayor was a busy woman with a schedule to keep and that Sigrid’s visit was of course, unscheduled. But time was something that Sigrid was used to taking.


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Then There Were Three (part 24)

The following morning got off to a bad start with the taking of yet more rectal swabs for analysis to determine the presence of the typhoid bacteria. There were protests and even tears but Joe eventually bowed, literally, to the inevitable.

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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 1)


A hot summer afternoon in Hope Springs, one of those days where the humidity is off the scale making even the slightest labour difficult and unappealing. Dogs stretched themselves out in the shade, panting rapidly to dispel heat. The only breeze came from the occasional zephyr stirred up by the slamming early afternoon sunlight.


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The hard truth


Ryley opened his eyes. The realization of it hit him like a cramp in the gut. 

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The Aurora


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((I wanted to write for so long. But I'm struggling to find my mojo. So I hope you will allow me to share this story with you that takes place in another game. For those of you who recognize which game, I still hope you will enjoy the story.))


Ryley Robinson were sleeping. 

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Then There Were Three (part 23)

Just who was happiest as the car doors flew open and everyone disembarked was difficult to say. It could have been Casper, blooded up from neck to knees and sporting a sore and strangely itchy nose. Or it could just have easily been Kru, relieved to get these devil children out of her car and hand them over to whichever unfortunate adult she clapped eyes on first. Finny was an obvious choice, too.

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Then There Were Three (part 22)

Kru got the job of driving the three kids back to Hope Springs. Easy job. By the time they got there, however, Casper, the rear seat and quite a lot of Onetooth were covered in blood. Finny was trying to forget everything that had happened and Kru was about ready to murder all of them.

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Then There Were Three (part 21)

When we were kids, we’ve all been in that awkward situation of being in a room with a bunch of adults that just seem to be getting angrier and angrier with each other for the tiniest thing but none of them will admit it. Eventually they end up shouting at each other and then you get dragged off home still not knowing what it was all about… No? Just me then.

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Then There Were Three (part 20)

Casper was in danger of wearing a hole in the canvas ground sheet of the large tent they were in. Finny and Onetooth sat on grain sacks and watched as he paced up and down, wringing his hands and alternatively glaring at Finny then staring apprehensively at the closed tent flap.

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Then There Were Three (part 19)

Joe was worried. No, angry… Worried. Worried and angry... Probably more angry than worried. But still, really worried. His thoughts, currently, were along the lines of; What’s those badger type things that live underground? Vicious buggers. No wait, they only come out at night. Well, normal ones do. God knows what these mutated bastards do, they might bloody fly for all he knew. Flying vicious badgers.

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Then There Were Three (part 18)

It had been an hour, exactly an hour since NFPD officer Kopkage had taken a seat in Mayor Hyle Troy’s outer office. He’d expected a wait of a few minutes, after all, it was a working day and no doubt the mayor was busy. After twenty minutes he reasoned that, well, okay, he had arrived without an appointment so maybe the mayor had someone in with her.

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Then There Were Three (part 17)

Inside the stuffy atmosphere of the mortuary, Tukiko mouthed something unladylike to the NFPD officer’s retreating back. She looked at Worms’ notebook still in her hand then rolled it up and jammed it back into her pocket. There was nothing else she could do here and didn’t particularly want to be around that policeman any longer, so she left.

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Søstre [5]


I miss this.”


Picnics?” Tuki asked, even though her mouth was full pastry.


Sorja smiled. “No, The Waffelhus sunset. It was always a special time of day. Such a calm atmosphere.”

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Then There Were Three (part 16)

Maisie replaced the wet cloth on Worms’ head with a yet another fresh one from the refrigerator. The Doc had been gone several hours now, which was fine, Maisie reasoned, as long as the little boy’s condition remained stable. For now, the saline drip was keeping him hydrated and multiple fans around the bed and the simple wet cloth on the forehead were keeping his temperature below dangerous levels.


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