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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Aiidoneus for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I will be holding the list for the time being. 

 If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 


Hope Springs: a town of residents trying to scratch out their existence within the wastes. They reside within the town call Hope Springs (( Barret Manor is the location in sector two. ))

Leader/Mayor: Dorado

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Gimme shelter

Oh, a storm is threat'ning my very life today

If I don't get some shelter, oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away

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Unwelcome visitors - part 2


“What? Are you playing tricks?” Veronica asked dubiously at the closed door. No answer. “Are you there?”
Her hand moved towards the doorknob, but stopped as Spot appeared on the balcony on the other building, clearly he was not the one closing the door.
“Hey. Hurry up!” He looked up at the sky, light quickly fading, darkness descending. “Oh shit... the sun is gettin down.”

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Unwelcome visitors - part 1


Subdane stood on the balcony of his home. Not caring it was rusting away, and might buckle under too much strain. Thinking very hard sometimes made things happen around him. It made things – real things – move or go away, and he saw things that weren’t there. Like the two figures furtively making their way across the street, heading towards the house, one of them carrying a pitchfork.

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Silja Henningsdottir. The musical ?

((  some of you may remember a year or so ago I wrote a serie as Slija Henningsdottir about her sad and traumatic pre-fall childhood.

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Lost things...

His eyes opened,  his chest heaved, gasping for the hot air as his gaze swept around at clear blue skies above him. Just before midday. His clothes, as he became aware of them, felt itch and heavy with sweat. How long had he been walking? Or had he been running this time?

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Meeting the Mayor of Hope Springs


Charlotte sauntered through Hope Springs. The Franklin Rider staffing the office had offered her a reward for the letters as well for the information about the murder and theft on the Rider. She had used that reward to buy herself the first dress she had ever owned, she only had one thing in mind when she bought that dress, and it had worked perfectly.

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Bald Damsel



a year has passed in the Canyon...

I hold a hatchet in my hand. It is bent and dull from overuse, sticky with blood and dirt and hair an' shit. Night air is thick with sparks and floating ash. The stench is terrible. Devil's Own camp is burning around me and the fires warm my heart. I grin and crack a joke. Something about Devils and hellfire. Not really funny. So me.

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Alts in RP, Do You Really Care Who Plays Who?

5% (1 vote)
67% (14 votes)
Depends (Explain Please)
29% (6 votes)
Total votes: 21
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angel, devils, and the little red riding hood

Devil's Own gang cranky radio chatter between their field camp and observation crew around Hope Springs:

*R* Creek base this is Road Eyes: We have eyes on the little red riding hood again, returning from the party in Hope, as expected. Should we reel her in?

*R* You are telling me that there is this fair haired girl wearing a tight red skirt, unarmed, on a red bike... just riding back through our turf?

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The courage of the Franklin Riders.


She started walking up the rough concrete steps leading out of the bunker. Thinking back on the conversation she just had with Graham.


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A routine checkup


Changing is what people do when they have no other choice.

Charlotte had her hands in her pockets. She walked across the asphalt of the main road leading south from Hope Springs. As she approached the low concrete building, she glanced back at her newly repaired bike before heading into the bunker.  

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My Sunshine...

Ardenn knelt on the edge of the bedroll on the ground, pulling the larger man up into his arms as he cried out in his sleep. Wrapping his arms around his big torso and stroking the back of his shaved head with one hand, rubbing his back in circles with the other. Rocking him back and forth like a babe as he coo'd over the man.

"Make them stop! Make them stop!" Kyotan's arms instinctivly clawed at the ground for his pistols as he wept in his sleep. His senses overloaded with all the animals in the woods around the place they were staying that night. "There's so many!"

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Best before.



I'll have to do baby steps with her:

Day 1: Establish eye contact once more

Day 2: Exchange a few words and start talking to her again

Day 3: Stab her to death in self defense


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(( hey fellas havent been on ferp for quite awhile and wanted to share this last story. Wasnt my plan to write a fourth entry but betty and pyroks story really inspired me to write one more. i guess i also wanted a happy ending for jackal. And note that this didnt happen ingame and i didnt rp this out so u might call it metagaming or whatever but wth. its just a story to have it fit with my old rper friends. hope u guys enjoy this.))

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What does your character sound like?


The title says it all! Basicly leave a link to a video that might give you an idea of what your character sounds like!

Just felt like making some chatter but also was curious on how some of the characters I encounter really sound like.

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Walking the cornfields


Charlotte walked into relative coolness of one the buildings in Hope Springs, as she passed the house, the sun once more beat down on her. The burning rays of the endless summer.
She debated to herself, as she walked, whether to continue to walk among the houses of Hope Springs or head towards the fields on the outskirts of town. Once she had lived a town much like this, she had been a part of a home, a family. She had tried very hard to be normal, to fit in as a normal resident.

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Lost in the dark.

His legs dredged up the last few feet of the slope, boots scraping over the dirt and rocks, creating a small landslide down the trail of footsteps he just finished making. He doubles over placing his hands on his knees, panting, his eyes scanning the land from the precipice of the hill where he stood.

"No, No, No... This isn't right..."

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Vanilla steel- Ubens Groove

Nisha walked into the post office at Traders Flats, directly in front of the window was an old table but so thick and well made it had withstood the tests of time and the many different bodies that leaned, sat and danced upon it.  Carvings and initials covered the aged surface except for one large smoothed out dip that was dead center, it looked just what it was .. the well worn favorite sitting place of one of the original Saints founders, Uben Qui.

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Open For Business!


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Don't go chasing shadows - Part three


Spot stood in darkness, sure that the confusion originated from the little creature, glad to finally corner it. There was a clicking sound of thick sharp nails moving across the floorboards, he realized that something big moved around in the room with him. He found himself chuckling madly in ecstasy.

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Don't go chasing shadows - Part two


A feeling inside of Spot told him the world suddenly became deserted…dead. It was more feeling than seeing. Some essential difference that danced just beyond his grasp, like the perfume of a certain someone. It danced just beyond his reach.
“Ddddddd... you ... are... not.. gonna.. trick.. me...” Spot said, ignoring the wrongness of the world.
The world had become awfully still, and yet he didn’t notice until he heard a sound.

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Don't go chasing shadows - Part one


Subdane was staring at the pond, reliving old memories. When the memories of a life that no longer existed faded, leaving him once more in the shadow world, he turned to the little grey creature. “Where are we?” He asked.

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Clone with different tattoos

Beau Tavern, dusk


A clone walked into the bar.

You could see she was a clone from a far 'cause she had that violent-violet spandex armor, a chainsaw blade in her hand and high tech goggles on her wasteland-sun blasted scalp. She looked around, with muscles lean and wizened grin. Everybody knew better than to look back.

Wont let you down..

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Perpetuating Hate


Several weeks ago, Ardenn sat at Hyle's party and watched a well known man approached two women he knew better than most, met with scorn despite being friendly. A few days ago, he spoke to a Sheriff and got a lead on a young man posing as a lady who'd resulted in the death of a tribesman. Yesterday he held the collar of a man he wasnt sure he deserved to ever know, parted on bad terms.

- One week ago... -

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The Choices (Ben's POV)

My child was finally born and healthy, I was informed that the mother had died 6 hours after the birth from heart failure. One part of me was mad and upset, the other of relief. I picked the wrong lady in the first place... She had a sewer for a mouth and a itchy trigger finger. Something a child should never have to hear or see. Jim Greene, the man who informed me of Ashley's death. He suggested that I'd put the baby up for adoption for her safety. I disagreed with him right there and then thinking to myself once again, was I right to keep the baby?

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Another day in paradise.

Fade in to heated conversation. Interior, large ex-army style tent full of boxes and crates. An earnest young man is following a pre-occupied young woman around as she makes angry notes on a clipboard. Aaaaaand action!

"Absolutely not! The idea's unthinkable!"

"You're just being stubborn... as usual! Why is it unthinkable?!"

"Because I'm needed here! And I am NOT being stubborn!"

"You just stamped your foot."

"I did not!"

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Letting it go


New Flagstaff, early in the morning


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