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The RP-Haven Clan List

If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 


Some basic requirements for a clan to be added:

1. Be an RP clan to some extent

2. Must not be in clan probation (Check on the clan page in-game)

3. Has to have at least 2 active members

4. Must be recruiting.

Apollo's Soldiers: A group who are set on helping the helpless in the wastelandd

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South (Pt 1 - Very Short Story)


(Artist: Aventae) (Music: When Memories Break)








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Dangerous Anticipation

It stands there always. Sometime alone. Sometime with others. Some feed it. Many visit it. In rain it stand, in sun, in day, in night. Guardian of the secrets within. Keeper of the mysteries shrouded in paper and string.

Veronica walked over to it and stood in front of it. Was it in there? She thought to herself. Had it arrived? A man nearby glanced in her direction. A woman stopped talking to her friend and turned to see what would happen. Two people walking stopped to watch. Excitement. Anticipation. Veronica opened the mailbox. Slowly. Carefully...

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Drifer Among the Wastelands


Evening sunset; somewhere between Oilville, and Depot 66..............................




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The All-Clone theory


A theory about the world of Fallen Earth

Premise: in a sealed-off environment, you can control everything.

The year is not  2156. 
The history that you are familiar with - is false.
Shiva virus is a lie. 

Something did happen around the 2050 that is far more terrible than global nuclear war and virus outbreak. 
Since the incident, the Earth is totally uninhabitable by humans. There were no human survivors. None. The Earth has fallen.

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Reapers Flask; Tuesdays


Note; Ardenn has been Kidnapped. Bar is currently in care of Kaylee (Holy Elite) And Dan Blackthorn.

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Faux Hole Jewel


fuck hers HE does fucks em away GAME MASTER general manager  die yescast em bones out AWAY fly die is cast [IC]NOTES CLOSE UR EYES created EVERYTHING losses ONE CLONER TO ANOTHER to awken after another {OC} fuck its not the same as wuz before telepathy stain me taint me? [IC] "Noth ?"CLarissa thru telepathy noth stops the axing away at the pile AND gasps for  breath" huff huffer dont " Dave winks and blinks and responds almost automatically oh hell yes telephatically to QUESTIONS asked CLARRISSA TOO she doees too also, " Ur thinking to urself NOTH .

Sinclair's Kincaid (IC Flyer)

*Flyers can be seen posted up at bars, post offices, LifeNet Bunkers and many of the common populated areas of Northfields and Plateau. The flyers seemed to have been put up in different fashions, clearly someone was hurrying to get as many posted up as possible*


[ http://postimg.org/image/r5hv7hklv/ ]

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Halloween Fantasy (Part 18)


The following morning there was a note with breakfast.

Dear Professor Hill.

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Sleep - Journal Entry No.1


So, here I am. Talking to myself. I'll write it down, just for the record. I haven't had much sleep, and I think this might help.

I've been thinking of the jobs I've done in the last few days. I'm not a fan of fighting all the time, but being a soldier in my pre-fall life thought me it's something I have to deal with.

Kingsman Prison has been an area of interest lately. Did a little 'supply run' I can't write down on paper, and then Trent tells me he has bounties to go 'collect'. But those come after what happened first.


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And Now A Word From Our Administrator!

Howdy gang!

For those that don't know me, I'm your friendly neighborhood administrator here on FERP.  I'm the guy that set up the design, put down the site guildlines and, despite not playing the game any more, keep things running the background.  I usually try to keep a fairly low profile, but I've been getting some feedback from several folks recently I'd like to address here:

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Unexpected burden (pt 2)

As car tires reach the old and familiar road of Credit Bend and salvaged bobble head calm down after rough terrain, Tom starts eyeing closest parking spot to his room at the motel. As rocks spray out beneath turning tires on the drive way, Tom spots that almost perfect spot just under his window of the upstairs room.

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The Future of Today - From One Crew to Another


*Gunshots echo throughout the room* "Everybody on dey ground! This is a fockin' robbery! Listen to what I say and ye'll make it out alive!"

"What tay fuck did he just say motherfocker! Get tay fock' an the ground!"

*There would be more gunshots and of course screaming from the civilians*

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The Bleach Blonde Stranger


(Picture: Yolandi Visser) (Music: Static)

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Made it! (pt 3)


I open my eyes. It was all a dream. The sandstorm, hell and the baby.

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Steak Tartare

The story goes that the recipe was inspired by the Tatars, a horse-riding tribe that conquered much of the world a few centuries ago. They would place raw horse meat under their saddle and, as they were riding, the meat would get perfectly tender from pounding and saturated with horse's sweat.  They would eat it raw, ride hard and move swiftly. Because you will be serving the meat raw, be sure to get it from a reputable source, or tell your hunter that you will be preparing it as tartare so he gives you the best cut.


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Volume Two, Book Two,
Entry Six, Year 2163
Mid January

I'm having a hell of a time staying awake the past few weeks. I have shards of dreams where Im not sure if I'm asleep or awake, dreaming about working as much as I am scavenging. I dont typically have violent dreams any more, but I'm still waking up in strange places that are not the bed I took a nap in, or the arms that held me when I went to sleep. I feel sick and shaken when awake, exhausted and wanting to go back to sleep, but afraid of sleeping again and not being where I started.

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Unexpected burden


(First post ever)

For the past couple of cold and restless nights, Tom's thoughts have been invaded with regrets of what he thinks is one more missed opportunity to help someone he could.
Not out of chivalry or wanting to be appreciated, but from sheer goodness of his fragile and diseased human heart.

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Halloween Fantasy (Part 17)



Bodil’s eyelids drifted slowly upwards, the right eyelid seeming to require all the effort her barely conscious brain could muster. Then her priorities changed and the right eyelid remained at half-mast while the brain’s resources were channeled towards reading the glowing blue numerals on her bedside clock. ’03:01’ Its task done, Bodil’s brain was left to wonder why it always had to be three in the morning.

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10:54 AM 1/14/2016 SLOW IT WAY down TIME.      and its ravagers ...  so to sparkle like a snowflake .die in early APRIL           [OC] Sign of the dragonfly title...[IC]dave, noth,  nothere   MMM'' YES it is "dave ,its just ur sign almost like a third eye Chota scavenger" u are wise " u live that way, now know the way...  anyway leave it be " WORD TO THE WISE let it blow away and go dave nothere " Is that u"? no where noth weve been blown and the end ok/?.......... SEE ME, feel me like TOMMY did " {iknow tommy from CITAdel} [IC] ....

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Halloween Fantasy (part 16)


Professor Hill’s previous search had resulted in her sitting on the dusty floor of the archive in the middle of a circle of neat piles of paper. The search on Joe Spivey hadn’t resulted in a ‘neat’ anything and some of what she was reading was downright creepy. 

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A Fallen Carol: Part 5 (end) - A Christmas to Be Remembered

Stooge danced around the bunker while putting on his coat and hat and singing happily to himself. Once ready he rushed up the steps, through the bunker and through the doors to the outside. A small figure was walking nearby.

'You!' Stooge called after him. 'You boy!'

A short man with a whiskered face turned around 'What?' he replied with irritation. 'I am not a boy, just not tall, okay?'

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Caustic (part 2)


It's gonna take more than that to stop me.
This shit won't even slow me down. Burning eyebrows and stomach turning 'round. Please... I'm a clone. Even if I am not built to endure such horrific torment, I am expected to, and that's what keeps me going.

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Some where a little used Pod activates.



Somewhere in an abandoned bunker, a lone monitor displays a countdown as a file is scanned and repaired.  The pod behind it hums, yet is totally still.  Inside is normally a clear fluid showing the body of a clone as it grows.  The windows on this pod are a slate, black.  Unknown to all but two people, the pod is filled with Nantes.  The sound coming from the continual motion of millions upon millions of the tiny bots, following the commands of the program displayed on the monitor.

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A Fallen Carol: Part 4 - The Clone of Christmas To Come

The bunker lights flickered on and off and Pod number three continued to hum. The temperatur inside the bunker had lowered and Stooge sitting in the bed shivered and wrapped the blanket around him.

Eventually the humming and the flickering of the lights stopped. In the dim light Stooge looked over to the pod as the door slowly opened. Mist swirled and crept out along the floor. Nobody left the pod. Stooge watched and waited. Still nobody emerged.

Slowly curiosity overcame fear and Stooge left the bed and walked over to the pod. He peeped inside. It was empty.

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Crafters Market with no sleep....

So, a coupel thigns were supposed to happen on the 9th of January. A lot fo secret whispers int he background and hushed tones of dreams and plans for the future and hopeful delights for the organizers... None of these special things happened. People either didnt care or never got their messages. In the end, I had been awake 24 hours and couldnt keep track of conversations due to fatigue. But, a dozen or so roleplayers and casuals came by to at least make sure I wasnt lonely and totally depressed. Here's my best sceenshot of the night.

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Where the Crossroads Meet


Somewhere between Westreach and Embry Crossroads.....................


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Halloween fantasy (Part 15)


Ellie pulled off the thin latex gloves with a casual elegance born from long practice. She rolled them into a neat ball and tossed them into the wire waste basket next to the desk where she sitting. Her steel grey eyes stared at the crushed but recognisable gold and bejewelled automaton, now innocently imobile on the desktop, while the pencil thin line of her mouth betrayed a gamut of negative emotions.


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