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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Aiidoneus for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I will be holding the list for the time being. 

 If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 

Alpha Survivors: A clan based in the harsh terrain of Alpha Country.

Leader: Violet Night

(( More information can be asked via mail ))


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The questioning of Joe Spivey - Part 2



Sector two – Northfields.
New Flagstaff.


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Dead Planet Supply co. Now open!

(Last post I put into the wrong category sorry about that)

Posters can be found across sector 1 and 2 in Lifenet, Franklin Rider's and Local Garages.


Dead Planet Supply co. is the newest store in the wasteland, It can be found in Serenity Falls (Devon Township). We sell low-grade and medium-grade weapons. It is currently looking for people to hire! Guards or some sort of security, Merchants and Gunsmiths.


Opening hours are on Weekends only.


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Little Girl Lost- Exit through the gift shop 4


The waif swung from the catwalk to the floor beneath but tried to stay within shadows not quite reached by the lights. Moving slowly she padded through the enormous storage room of filled pods, now and then peering into them.

Looking up she noticed the flashing red lights intruding into the peaceful blue and ran through a luminated area to get to something that caught her attention.

A Message


     Lifenet Facilities, a wonder of technology and the place in which mankind mocks the natural order of the world. Once they were bright and new. LED lights shone bright amongst the walls and ceilings. Floor and wall panels of pristine white material flanked all who entered. It's hard to imagine now, with how the mostly dilapidated facilities look, that there were even new once. That amazing technology born of the brilliance of man has mostly decayed, frayed, rusted, and shutdown.



     Questions, we all have them. They are a powerful motivator to see any task or venture through to its completion. It's a monumental driving force in the search for answers that can keep us awake at night long beyond exhaustion in an attempt to seek its conclusion. From the most well off of individuals to the lowest, questions are abound. Wether they be about people, places, general thoughts, or about the day to day operation of things...these questions have answers. Dr. Dorado however did not like the answer he was given.

Husband, Father, Doctor, Exile


      Working the land to make a living is an honest trade. As honest as one can get. There's a simplistic and rugged beauty in soil stained hands, sweat kissed skin, and clothing adorned with both as a badge of honor that many Settlers, Farmers, and Pioneers in the wasteland bear. While this is a romantic notion to assign the people descended from a country priding this ideal...in reality it's miserable. Dorado found himself working the land but not to till soil to grow crops or dig an irrigation trench or some type of latrine, it was to bury the body of Canni.

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Frog in a Box, Toad on the Road

I was born like this, I had no choice
I was born with the gift of a golden voice
And twenty-seven angels from the Great Beyond
They tied me to this table right here
In the Tower of Song

Leonard Cohen, Tower of Song


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Revelations: Prologue

Mordikahi waited till he heard the door handle click and then threw a punch at the aged wooden door.  The metal gauntlet he wore protected his hand from the splintering wood and he felt a solid impact on the other side. Pulling the door off the hinges, he grinned at Hellbilly holding his nose and glaring up from the floor.  “Fuck you Angel.”

Wiping blood from his knuckles, Mordikahi chuckles. “Good to see you too, Partner.  It’s been a while.”

“I ain’t ya fucn partner, PIG.  Whut you doin here?”

A boy and his pup

Basteel and Mirn continued their journey together, passing through small towns and villagers, occasionally stopping to rest and recover from the day's adventures. He had spoken with Alicia about how he and Mirn had met, and she'd passed on a few trinkets to him. Through mere days, Mirn had become a necessity to Basteel's life, and were tied together from their souls. On one night, they had contacted Gironimo and spent the night with his tribe.

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Letter Home



Delivered by Franklin Rider to Hyle's house.




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For simplicity..

I do plan on finishing "My Reaver and I" as it is not only important to my character, but to another's as well.  However, I do not wish to crown the front page with something people are not reading.  Right now, I will simply post the story when it is all finished.  

But if anyone would rather me continue posting it in short sections cuppled with voting at the end of each one, send me a message on this website and I will continue to do so.

Thank you all for your support thus far!

- JR

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The questioning of Joe Spivey - Part 1


Sector two – Northfields.
New Flagstaff.

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The last meeting.

This is a log from the RP. Read through it, if you were a reaver at anytime, I would like you to continue the circle, even though you did not get to attend. So put what your character would have said, why they joined the reavers, what they took with them. 

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the king of apocalypse


His name was Mali. It's more like a nickname. He was a nobody, but one morning when the electricity, phones and television disappeared... his time came.

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(Posted in wrong genre)

(sorry posted in wrong genre)

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Dragged across the wasteland [Part IV]

Ben wakes up in the house, his hands tied with rope and no sight of Abby. A man with a red plaid shirt, jeans and a black beanie searching through Ben's backpack.

"Where's the girl?" Ben asks with an angered tone trying to wiggle his hands out of the rope around his hands. His hands become red and irritated by the friction and pulling of the rope.

The man turns around, his left eye left covered by an eye patch as he walks over to Ben with a machete in his right hand.

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Twined Fate



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Spider Hill Again

Spider Hill. The name made Tukiko shudder inside... like it always did. But it wasn't the spiders that caused it. As she helped her small band of medics and volunteers erect the tents she kept turning her head, this way and that, eyes darting to every movement on the periphery of her vision. But it wasn't the spiders she was looking out for.

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Epilogue 2 – Mortality


Kosheen handed the data chip to Stan, the deal had been made and events set in motion that the man couldn’t comprehend. The data chip was the culmination of Klein's work, it contained information about the mysterious collars that had lead to the final location of Kosheen's target.

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The Path

"Non, I will not do it!"

Marcus's eyes had been wide with fear and horror when Ardenn gripped his chin and forced him to look into his eyes when he repeated what they were going to do. The fear and anguish was intoxicating. It was hard to treat the man fairly when there was such compassion and emotion coming out of the Slaver's body. He was already scared of being punished for another deed when Ardenn had uttered words he'd nearly eliminated Marcus for in the first place nearly a year ago.

His mind had been set. There was no changing it.

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Lost pt 4

"Someone get the damn healers in here! And get the hunters in here who found her! I wanna know what the hell happened!"


She felt movement as she slept. Slowly she began to stir, and saw the night's sky moving overhead. She tried to move and found herself bound to a makeshift travois made of wood and canvas. She managed to look and see it being drawn by horse. The man slowly steering southward. She struggled to get her hands free of the bindings, but found little recourse.

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As it comes to an End :Day 7

Well... this is it... a long week is down and out and it was good we could all come together and share the experience... i thank you all for participateing and this will be the last topic of the Week...  for what i can say we all are moveing around but we all have great and wonderful stories to tell.. we alll have interesting backstories that we all have to share with one another in Rp and that is what counts with contributeing to the storyline which is FE. i thank you all and another thanks to both Engel and Reaper for allowing and supporthing this event


Ignore, this is totally out of context and rather damaging to what I'm trying to accomplish. I apologize to those who read it and thought this was an utter joke at roleplay. I ask that you reserve your judgement until after I post the lore. Hopefully it'll clear up a lot of the powergame-y sounding stuff I wrote here.

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Lost pt 3

Her dreams were chaotic and dark. The constant feel as if being suffocated and bound. The sensation of things crawling all over her skin. Fangs piercing into her body, feasting on her life. The inability to cry out for help.


She sat upright in the cot, trying to scream, but nothing came out. She took several fast heavy breathes as she looked around. The hovel was dim, few lanterns on. She caught sight of a spider skittering across the floor, and disappearing under the potbelly stove. It made her a bit uneasy to see that, though unsure why.

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Lost pt 2

A piercing bright beam of sunlight broke through a tear in the makeshift curtain, and hit her right in the face. She grabbed the sleeping bundle and pulled it over her head.

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Dragged across the wasteland [Part III]

Ben and Abby walk across the old rotten floor boards of the abandoned mansion, Ben has his silenced pistol in his right hand holding it by the handle while his other hand cupping under the handle of the gun (where the clip would be).

Room by room he aims his gun in each one clearing them all out in case someone or something is hiding and hostile. "Seems clear!" he shouts to Abby who's sitting in the living room on the old dusty couch.

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Lost pt 1

Vina woke early at the camp, the others... her brothers and sister... still sleeping near the fire. She was quiet as she got to her feet, making her way to her chopper. Not wanting to wake them, she pushed her chopper along the hill banks towards Picus. When she believed she was far enough away, she got on, and made her way to the nearest garage and parked it there.  Perhaps one day she would come back for it. But for now, she would do what she use to. Use her feet.

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The young Shaman scratched his stubble as he watched.

In low, warm shadows of the tent she presented the three cups for inspection.

Mortar, his mask tossed aside (no need to impress anyone here) extended a hand, passing some Water Cactus mush.

She sighs, taking the soaked pulp: "Too much... again..?"

Mortar smiles: "The proportions work. You're just being wasteful. Was it that easy to get the larva from the crawlers?" She winces at the memory, reaching to scratch the swelling bite on her leg.


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