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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Aiidoneus for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I will be holding the list for the time being. 

 If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 

Alpha Survivors: A clan based in the harsh terrain of Alpha Country.

Leader: Violet Night

(( More information can be asked via mail ))


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Halloween Fantasy (part six)


This is surreal, professor Hill thought as she followed the broad back of the grey suited man. Two more suits walked closely, very closely, behind her. Her thoughts continued. This is a cliché. It’s like I’m in a damned movie. She stumbled and immediately two hands caught her and steadied her. Then they let go and the little party of four continued their brisk walk towards… She peered past the man leading the way. They were heading away from the party towards a large luxury vehicle set aside from the rest of the VIP cars and their drivers.

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Looking for Co-Workers

Dan posts this flyer across the wasteland from LifeNet Bunkers to Franklin Riders to Bars and Taverns.


- South Burb

- Embry

- New Flagstaff

- Kingman

- Hope Springs

- Serenity Falls

- Oilville

- Sunshine Corners


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the blood.Also so....


6:53 AM 11/21/2014after latter noth has a dream. input interface  to screen scene in {IC}out of {ic}character roles r reversal  mybe Lady, it had been fore told, an omen like a crow a raven on a swing unocupied but swinging in the wind like asleep._before.PERIOD  part of the flood. Cominggoin took times......  so he dreamnt . In the other place he was dead. Imagine lightning flashflash/ snip snip- cut the bud ,arange the shoots.  In a circle in a crystal vase. Switch off the illuminations _walk upstairs experience the flashflash drive the echo like in a chamber.

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RP revival - discussion




Hello everyone,

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The Ballad


( 99,99% of this is taken from the song by Nick Cave. I just felt it is a great Canyon story (and part of "grim tales") and I am sharing it here with some minor adjustments. Feel the drama building up and exploding towards the end. Also, semi-NSFW image bellow. )

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OOC Greetings and Question

Hello all.  I am a new player here and was directed to this site by a chance encounter with a RPer.  I am interested in RP here and am working on getting leveled, and building my back story. 

I have been reviewing recent posts to get an idea of who I may encounter, and what type of people to expect.  So far I see, Mercs, Criminals, Psycos, and generally people with no regard for laws or that value human life.  I understand this is mainstream for a Post Apoc environment, don't get me wrong. It is just not my style.

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The devil at your heels - Part 4


DeStefano sat there in the car beside Reavy, and now he knew what his victims experienced. That awful moment when the mind could no longer make any logical excuses or find any other possibilities. All of your hopes and thoughts of other possibilities were gone.
The blood in your veins froze at the absolute horror.
That single possibility. That single option remained.
That other person meant to bring you harm.
Reavy meant to bring him harm.


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The devil at your heels - Part 3


“Easy now.” DeStefano said. “I think my arm is broken.”
“Which one?” Daniel asked.

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Of duct tape, bridges and gravity.... all in a day's work



Hanne Berg drove her interceptor south,she eased her foot off the accelerator pedal, after all there was no rush. 

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why u die like that CAN TELL something oF PSEUDO!...PEOPLE ARE LIKE SHADOWS HERE U WALK THRU / so beautifull detour/naysayer AN  why u die like that !again and again / lOg IN agAIN and aGaIn... ohNoGOD 89 OM now u got me yawning,oming too u Noth?S......ur psuedo Samurai self inflicted rituals  not pretty.noth u go away from me. Not pretty why? AND why u so black! dave WHY WHY DAVE? MY MY mine....   noth! oh go away **** noth uR **** Again_always...

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New Flagstaff motel - Part 1


Sector two – Northfields.
New Flagstaff.


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Halloween Fantasy (part 5)


“Dammit!” The expletive was much louder in her head than the sharp whisper that escaped her lips. Bodil stood, one elbow cupped in one hand with the wineglass held high in the other. She felt just the way she had on the rare occasions in her youth when she had been stood up. Her lips pursed and her glare darted from person to person, daring anyone one of them to make a comment. But the anger and indignation was just a cover for the small but growing chill in the pit of her stomach that was advising her to just let this whole statue thing drop.

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'I have it here,' whispered the Lightbearer to the Tech in the back of the Haven library. It was the middle of the night and all were asleep except the guards on duty. All except these two. The Lightbearer had smuggled the Tech in. Techs were not exactly popular at Haven but he needed the Tech logical mind.

The Lightbearer picked up a book, opened it and removed a delicate yellowish piece of paper.

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Pauper's grave (semi-OOC)


*a lengthy note without a title or signature is pinned to NF's bulletin board:


It might be late but better late than never
we used up all the cliches and our stories have run dry.
But we were your muse and your love and enemy
everything you wanted, we gave - Don't put us in a pauper's grave.

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6:10 PM 8/19/2014 / time/OC. authorsOther place  note/ what follows flood flash of oms signifiers code hodgepodge mishmash transcribed event noths brink of near death passing just on  a verge..........of  what i havent of clue some may call it near death other hogwash  got to spit it out there LIKE blood spit_like when ur near death and out of bloos almost _writng.. but not quite before the Quiet .pERIOD.  Regurgitate the ole for new. Near the dead into the newzONE CAN THEREBE? Close to the clone.

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The questioning of Joe Spivey - Part 8 and last part


Sector two – Northfields.
New Flagstaff.



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karma (3/3)


At the narrow passage, there is no brother and no friend.
Bedouin saying

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Personal Update

Oi! Haven't been showing my face out here lately, so I better explain myself and my no-text blasphemy. :P I had the need to start writing texts independent from FE or anything else. And with all the possible FE stories strolling inside my head all the time... well, it wasn't exactly easy but I solved it. I've been planing to write this huge background filler for Blake here, set somewhere before the Fall, but I decided to give it an overhaul. The only tie that will remain is Blake, who will be barely mentioned in the entire story (or at least that's the intention).

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Halloween Fantasy (part 4)


People milled around for a while, looking at the statue, talking with the aritst, talking with the Dean and being kept well away from the important people by large men in either black or grey suits who sported the latest fashion in electronic ear ‘jewelry’.

Some Fresh Meat is in need of a Clan/Guild.


Name: Cyrus Aran

Occupation: Wanderer/Survivalist

Personality: A bit rough around the edges, but he has a heart. Somewhere. Maybe. Uses rough language and has a certain animosity towards non-clones.

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karma (2/3)


 When you sleep in a house your thoughts are as high as the ceiling, when you sleep outside they are as high as the stars.

 Bedouin saying

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Daniel needed a break. He was sitting in the ground, outside of Graham's room in Pitchblende, wondering how brown ground of Deadfall painted even blue sky in dirt. In the end, he wanted to think something else for a moment than figuring reason what he did wrong with latest attempt to create sensor. Even though it's likely just some component failing in the circuit. Been far too long since he was attempting to build such on his own.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 3)


Professor Ramsbottom-Hill meandered, glass in hand, through the gathered guests feeling very under dressed. She took a long draught of the rather nice wine, swilled it around her teeth for a moment and then swallowed. Well, what did they expect, she thought. Nobody takes evening dress on a dig. She ignored the occaisional glance her way from some expensively coutured madam. They'll just have to like it or lump it.


It had been several weeks since Basteel returned to any sort of civilization. He and Mirn had spent several hours upon several days perfecting each other's abilities, and fully becoming in tune with each other, all while trying to still learn who each of them was beyond a physical standpoint. There was almost no trace of CHOTA, or his friends, save for the cities they wandered, and even when he walked through those cities, he could hear the quiet whispers of what once occupied the once-bustling traffic areas.

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spook story 4u

hello friends sorry im late but here is a startling story for you


it all begins a long time ago...


once upon a time,

there was a sn island.

the island was called,

spooky island!



and on spooky island,

there was a forest..


*spooking noises*


and in ghost forest,

there was...


a skeleton!

*bones rattle*



HAPPY NOV 1ST EVERYONE! Hope you enjoyed one last spook!

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karma (1/3)


"The lightly burdened shall be saved." 

Bedouin saying

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Befrogged and Dazed

Ah you loved me as a loser, but now you're worried that I just might win
You know the way to stop me, but you don't have the discipline
How many nights I prayed for this, to let my work begin
First we take Manhattan South Burb, then we take Berlin

Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan

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The devil at your heels - Part 2




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