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The RP-Haven Clan List

If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 


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what games are you looking forward to?

Just curious what games are upcoming people are looking forward to. Is there any new post apocalyptic games coming out soon? Any good games maybe I haven't heard of. 

My games I'm looking forward to in order of most anticipated

Total war warhammer

Fallout 4

Mount and blade bannerlord

That's all I've been following continuesly. What about you?

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My secret poetry


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Movie Night RP [02.10.2015]

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Whisper on our lips like blood on our weapons....

Words...words can be very powerful or meaningless depending whose lips unleash them. The words spoken tonight will have the strength of gods, and could bring the wasteland to its knees.


Words, running over lips like warm blood dripping from the mouth of those that have tried to stand in our way before.


Softly spoken but with such meaning and life. The old chota warrior could feel the hairs on her neck raise and stand to show respect to those around her.


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A rare sighting


On a hot summer night like this, Beau's Tavern is a welcome sight to all those weary riders coming down that dusty south road. It may be warm outside, but it's cool inside just like the heart of the bald clone walking in through the main door. Rugged leather jacket zipped all the way up to his collar, a clean patch of skin around his eyes where the riding goggles used to sit and a pair of milky eyes that scream for a drink. What does this freak of the road want here?

The truth is, this rider only craves a drink. Something to cool down his tongue and something to make that red dust of Northfield's road in his mouth easier to swallow down. He turns and makes his way to the bar and at that moment the patrons can see the crossed symbols and letters on the back of his jacket. Their eyes go wide, and more than one of them feel something fishy about the whole thing but they know better than to ask out loud.

Facing the grim rider, the barman can't understand what the commotion in the back is about, but like any professional he quickly remmembers the drink associated with the face of an old customer. He places a glass and fills it with some lukewarm straight gin, a terrible way to drink what is already a terrible enough liquid.

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Stop! (Pt 1)



(Artist: Morrallshortie) (Music: Fatal Lullaby)

Previous Series (Connected)

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails.


The two women force Ves to a remote and mostly forgotten lifenet bunker.

Ves: You two..umm ladies sure you wanna try this.

The ladies flash a pair of wicked grins as they nod.

Ves drops his duffle bag onto the dirt ridden floor and opens it.

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(Posted near Auctioneer in New Flagstaff, Credit Bend, Banker's Hole, and Redemption.)





(This will be paid out with actual chips.  The radio frequency posted is for Zoe Okane-in game.  Please post proof on this post, or in a pm.  Happy hunting!)

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Little Girl Lost- Bookworm

((While still Canni and retaining all of the memories of her former incarnation, I shall refer to her as her in game name of Candice for the sake of clarity and as a reminder that she is currently a bit different))

The waif sat in the ruins of what had once been the Dorado family home. When she arrived a week ago the place looked as if it had been ransacked after a rushed move since necessities were gone and what was left had been strewn about recklessly.

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Diary of a beta clone titled: "The lack of tears when we are born"

Did you notice?

When we are born to our machine mother, the first thing we do is to step out of the cloning pod. The second thing we do is to take the stairway that leads out of the bunker. The third thing we do is always the same: we want to forget what has just happened...
From what I've seen during my stay at the farm, babies born from human parents scream and cry when they are taken out of the womb. They never want to leave the secure point of their origin. And even when they are forcefully ejected and pulled out, they never forget and most of them want to get back into their hole for the rest of their life.

I don't find the disparity confusing, actually I have three valid explanations for it. The explanations themselves are somewhat conflicting and this is the confusing part.

We are born fully aware and our machine mother and father gave us one last parting gift - the meaning of life, a purpose. This is a rare commodity in human world and something that, even when they find it, they immediately start to doubt.

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Recap Journal? (Details in comments)

56% (15 votes)
44% (12 votes)
Total votes: 27
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Call me a sick fuck.


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Movie Night RP [25.09.2015]




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Sometimes the art of lock picking is merely the question of weather or not you have a crowbar and if there's anyone around to catch you. Sometimes a shoulder braced against a door and legs pushing hard against a nearby rock. Sometimes its a screwdriver in a lock and hitting it with a hammer. Sometimes it was a sledge hammer against hinges. Sometimes, the door was strong, but the walls were not.

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page 2

We venture out again, I have decided not to do a massive chota war yet.

One: i need to make sure i am in top form for these fights, I need to be at my peak, i need to be able to show the new CHoTA with me, that have never heard the name Molly Redd, what i am able to do. Once I am again my old self i will try to rally the CHoTA!


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Old Voices, same goal.

Molly ventures, off, vistiing all of her old reaver stomping grounds, the common area in Newflagstaff where she first met the bogeyman, the sewers, every place her and her tribe called home.


She sits under the old overpass, thinking of times past with something shiney catches her eyes, she walks to it and pushes play, a wide grin comes to her face as she hears the broadcast play and loop.


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Story of the Belfast Lad #2



Another day in Belfast for the Mcilwrath family......me and Henry were cleaning out some small time punks that were dealing on the familys turf, that's an absolute zero NO GO.

My father was never a forgiving person, Crossed him and you were sure to have me are Henry come after you.





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Living in the Burbs - Entry 11


Chapter Eleven

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Little else than sand and rocks


Charlotte dreamt of distorted images conjured from recent events.
She dreamt the woman from Last Stop disappeared in a flurry of canine teeth and matted fur. She observed the death with a strange numbness. Observing the woman torn apart while sharing a can of peaches in the company with the biggest mutant anyone ever laid their eyes on.
Once the screams died down and the wild dogs continued to devour the woman, Charlotte and the mutant laughed at comic books.

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Either I Found A New Hobby? Or A New Profession!


Dear Mother Fucking Diary,


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Following Death (Pt 2)



(Artist: Undead-GangX) (Music: Nightmare)
(It's been soooooo long since I posted! *stretches fingers*)



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She moved with shameless wonder, the perfect creature rarely seen

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page 1

The war call for chota in tc was lack luster, with just me and one other chota we where able to take land in the name of chota. this is my first step in trying to redeem chota and claim major lands in the name of all chota, no more false warlords, or tribe politics, just chota doing what they do best. kill. we killed many techs but in the end the two of us, claire and i where out manned and out gun and killed.




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Movie Night RP [18.09.2015]




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Stealthy, the (somewhat) Legendary Liar

Stealthy, the somewhat Legendary Liar

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Children in the playground & second-hand bodies

I need to get inside Post 23.
I need to get inside Post 23.
I need to get this idea out of my head, it can't be done!

She said something like: "I can sneak inside, nobody suspects a little girl." Sure, and nobody in Post 23 has an IQ over 50. Stereotypes get you killed. So how do I get in? Maybe I don't need to go inside at all and I could find an easy prey outside the walls? I was thinking of maybe sweet talking a high-up Enfo officer or kidnapping him or her if that doesn't work, but I can't find any! The Children have taken over the playground and Enfos are behind their walls or out there on the front line.

But I need to get inside and get their August radio communication ledger. They've probably already put a big wet "TOP SECRET" stamp on it and stored it along with hundreds of other top secret documents in some underground vault and forgotten all about it. Maybe I'm late...


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