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The RP-Haven Clan List

If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 


Some basic requirements for a clan to be added:

1. Be an RP clan to some extent

2. Must not be in clan probation (Check on the clan page in-game)

3. Has to have at least 2 active members

4. Must be recruiting.


A Little Help From My Friend

A full stomach, gas in his bike, Cole's luck seems to be improving. The young one lifer sets out for a ride to enjoy his day and make his way north looking for more work. Spirits high Cole hammers the throttle down, his old bike responds with a throaty roar and the suspension lowers from the hard acceleration and the bike and rider motor on down the road.




"Hose" be trippin!


the man lets out a grunt of pain as he limps towards his bike, one hand holding a small piece of rubber hose, his other cups the fresh wound on his shoulder.

"Fuckin' bitch!"
Cole kicks at a corpse of a blade dancer as he exits the small camp.

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The glitch of god

"You can stay dead only so long. Where first there was nothing, the pieces all come drifting back together like a movie of an exploding shell run in reverse.
The fragments come back slowly, grating together as they seek a matching part and painfully jar into place. You’re whole again, finally, but the scars and the worn places are all there to remind you that once... you were dead."

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Little Girl Lost- Timelapse

"A childs gift is the ability to not recognize boundries and obstacles or the difference between good and evil until they are told what to think and what should not be seen.  A more pure energy can be found nowhere in the universe, a precious and fleeting resource that by its very design, craves a trusted hand to guide them."

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Red leather day


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Halloween Fantasy 700 years ago, last bit.

The senator stared, blank faced, for a few seconds at the gaudy flyer then, with pointed deliberacy, pressed a point on his desktop and the image of Joe Spivey’s flyer, along with the grinning buffoon face of Kort Chorfaleo joined those of the two doctors in electronic limbo. The three images might still be on their faster than light journey through sub-space but they no longer took up the senator’s time, and that was the important thing. 

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Rear Window [4]

"You see, 'like' isn't a word I would use to describe Mr. Spivey..." Fat Eric mopped his sweaty brow with the white linen serviette.

They had chatted over dinner for more than two hours. Dwight was feeling stuffed. Fat Eric had put away enough food to keep The New Flagstaff Orphanage going for a week. Dwight Frye considered his host as they ate. The dining room was as ornate as the study. The beefcake servants had kept them, well more so Fat Eric, supplied with food while the poncing military fairy of a butler fussed over their wine and latterly the coffee

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wrong account goof

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Rear Window [3]

The sun was decending in the reddening sky, almost kissing the near distant hilltops as Dwight turned off the main road and into the  cul-de-sac. 

Half way along the cul-de-sac, he brought his car to a smooth halt in front of the high black cast iron gates. He pulled the handbrake on with a rasp of the ratchet and wound down his door window. He was not at all surprised to find himself looking at the double circle of the business end of a sawn-off shotgun. He pushed the round rims of his spectacles up his nose a little and smiled at the barrels.

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Halloween Fantasy 699 years etc... almost done.

Kort Chorfaleo mopped his brow with a large purple handkerchief. He was a big man, in a tight suit, under hot lights facing a man who, quite frankly, scared the hrakha out of him. The prevailing thought in his mind just now was ‘stick to the report, don’t get drawn’. 

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Halloween Fantasy 699 years and 11 months ago...ish

It was thirty days later and many light years away. In one of the more profitable sectors of Imperial space, and Senator Geesh was hoping to get the day’s business out of the way before lunch. 

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Halloween Fantasy 700 years previously... part 2

The door slid sideways with a pneumatic hiss and the slight difference in air pressure between the corridor and the flight deck breathed a cloud of small debris and particulate matter into where the patrolman stood. Glad the debris hadn't included anything lethal, he stepped into the cockpit. 

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Halloween Fantasy... Meanwhile, several hundred years ago...

In the darkness, silent spurts of shimmering blue-white flame erupted like tiny random geysers. Each fiery triangle lasting for less than a second of bright, purposeful life. Their brief existence coincidentally serving to illuminate enough patches of the dark blue hull to determine the half disc shape and size of the thirty metre wide space ship as it manoeuvred incrementally closer to the still invisible derelict somewhere in front of and below them.

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Rear Window [2]

The phone the table had actually rang four times before Hanne snapped out of her thoughts and finally answered it.

"Hallo ?"  She enquired and instantly recognised the high camp voice at the other end.

" Miss Berg, Miss Berg, Miss Berg ! I heared you were returning to work and I just couldn't resist giving you a little  'welcome back' tinkle..  How are you, dearie? "

" Fat Eric... "  Hanne smiled to herself, " It seems one cannot sneeze without you saying 'gesundheit' for me. I am fine, thank you for asking. And you ?"

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Little Girl Lost- A Secret World -Part 3

The girl stopped but the pom pom on her knit cap continued to bounce just slightly longer.

It was the same dingy-light grey as the almost knee length sweatshirt she had on over a thick long sleeved, blue T-shirt that was pulled over a yellowed somewhat stiff undershirt.

Orange shoes stood out beneath the scuffed bare shins that remained perpetually uncovered for the sake of better speed and agility of some long colorful board shorts.

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Rear Window


Hanne climbed the last stair and crossed the second floor landing. She paused a moment as her hand rested on the door handle. 

The familiar brass plate in front of her smelled of Brass Cleaner and shone brightly even in the darkened stairwell. The dark letters embossed into the metal spelled out " The Ranyhyn Company" clearly.

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Business as usual

The rumble of a motor was heard inside Beau’s for a few minutes, Beau chuckled as the girl cooking placed two steaks on the grill and started ladling some chili into a large bowl, without being asked.  She paused and blushed, hearing the chuckle then set back to work.  The windows rattled at the noise a bit as the high powered car rolled up.

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your caring

Apocalypse means unveiling....... misfunctioning The one came to talk om... thru iron black bars like light that pass thru shadow. dancing madly backwards  om  its so Fallen earth so pre Urth so nocturnal vanilla       psuedo psuedo waste me  me u not EVERYTHING was I think u i i ME ME thru iron black MY blayze dimmer ...... my friend  uve all had enough of me so thats fine i guess this is all i need so frosty so blue ice bright HIT me its euhanasa dave ur at the end of ur life dave.........

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Nothing to worry about



"Who are you?"

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Safety Inspection Day

The noise slowly fades up into a quiet hubub and we find ourselves in the smokey interior of The Tap. It is evening, but not so late that alcohol fueled arguments have yet led to spilled blood or that errent spouses are starting work on their excuses for being late home. But it is late enough that the smell of food has pretty much given way to the smell of hops and cheap tobacco.

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Movie Night RP [Possibly]




...Godfuckin'dammit,I've sat too much on this chair.

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End of the Road (Pt 1)


(Artist: Aventae) (Music: Dungeon Dripping)






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Battles without honor and humility

(had this story swimming in my mind for days so I found some time to put it out in raw form, I am sorry if it's still confusing to read but it's meant to provide an atmosphere  of my favorite "dungeon" in FE more than anything else) the son

Bunker Fever


It's been... I don't know how long it's been since my last entries.

Months at least.

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A Trade of Knowledge

Status: In progress.


  • Talicni Tom (Doc Tom)
  • Crying Blood (George Solomon)

A box truck, whose engine began coughing as its revolutions per minute dropped, stopped on the side of the road at Depot 66's eastern entrance. It was short, but vertically high. And although traces of its original color - emerald green - could be seen, the truck had become almost completely dark reddish brown due to the excessive rust.

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She'll be here soon. (NSFW?)


Haven't done a journal on here in a while so I thought I'd let out my frustrations into words. This is going to be a bit darker than my previous journal entry, so be warned, or be enthralled. This journal is centered around my second character, Hazel Fawn. In this journal, I may have the tendency to flip flip in-between past and present tense. I'm too lazy to re-read and edit it out. Sorry if it sucks ass. I'm a bit sick and this is for therapeutic relief. Remember, kids. Bitches love constructive criticism. ♥

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can u picture PSUEDO .......


https://youtu.be/phxNVx3Jyq0          /Can u picture?  in Psuedo  ...SOMETHING hey ........drawnPseudo-More pretty before u DIE U  ...here.More  pleasing fucking than  her... years ago    years in  , . in a flasH ,two  UPtop, FLASH COME THE world come knocking  ' hate here. .........Give n            noth! nOTHING''... /doesnt  matter here HERE has just been  lost ...Can u picture?  time       years again in  ,years ago .u two  DOESNT matter much even..  through telepathy........back ?/doesnt   /No Mind ...


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