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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Aiidoneus for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I will be holding the list for the time being. 

 If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 


Hope Springs: a town of residents trying to scratch out their existence within the wastes. They reside within the town call Hope Springs (( Barret Manor is the location in sector two. ))

Leader/Mayor: Dorado

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If it makes you happy - it can't be that bad


 Thoughts like wraiths floated through his mind: In this time I have no finished features; I am all of my ancestors.
The sun setting into the sand is the sun setting into my soul. Once this multitude within me was great, but that's ended.


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Another day at work (Part 2?)


Welding and wrenching.  Wrenching and welding.  The amount of work required to produce a fully operational automobile was underestimated at best.  Rio looked around and cursed.  She had a functional control unit in New Flagstaff, but not here.  She sighed.  Spend time making a new one or spend chips to get one here?  She made the calls, hopefully the control unit would arrive in time and functional.

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Another day at work (Part 1?)


She'd poured so much money into that ranch, to get it raised in short order, it almost had left her broke.  She'd be willing to pay the price again though to feel the way she had for those fleeting few days.  She'd almost felt at home.  Something she hadn't felt since pre-fall, almost a sense of security, a sense of retribution.  Security.  Security, she learned again, through this last turn of events, was a fallacy.  Anyone selling security was selling straw.  There would always be intrusion, or the threat thereof.  The thing that mattered, she had learned, was how it affected you.  She co

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Here today...


((I was waiting to post anything regarding this in hopes that G1 would make things right, but up to this point, I have gotten nothing.  I had placed a ranch near Hope Springs that a few folks had come to RP at...it was fun, and I had more days left on that farm, but somehow it got wiped out during maintenance and G1 is still "looking into it".))


liquid armour amore


10:08 AM 3/17/2015·...  “Some birds are not meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage·... mmm   What u got Noth  Cosmic Orgasm's  ... into ...orange so so Loco noco.,so Special K next     {oc}next so loco noco STOP 11:43 AM 3/19/2015 daub of purple x the evil drunken  eye PASS the roach  on, UP THE down spiral STEPS  and on om Into oc make beilieve any of it   wilds every ever STEP  every animal we  U, i ever encountered a ...  way  toward A bridge.

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4. part (the final part)


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Spotless Mind cont..



You must wake up......


Wake up........

                                                              ...... who are you?

It's me! Dont you remember?....

                              ........ No. Leave me alone, I need to sleep.

Come on, you must get up........

          ........ ach my head hurts, and there is blood under my nose.

And, we are pregnant........

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3. part

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Searching the town


The day had turned to a night dark as pitch. Charlotte played the cloak-and-dagger as she crossed the dead grass on the other side of the railroad tracks, creping closer to the town.
She ran hunched over from building to building, sticking to the shadows.
The smell of cigarette smoke wafted through the air. Charlotte stopped seeing a couple of heavily armed men shooting the shit standing on opposite sites of a rusted oil drum they used as a fireplace.

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   2. part  (earlier in the evening)

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Finding the town


She passed the University of New Flagstaff, pausing only briefly in awe over the largest building she had ever seen. The Shiva’s Favored didn’t seem alerted to her presence, but one of the grotesquely oversized wolves did however seem offended by her presence and chased her off.
Soon she lost the wolf, coming across a coyote that scattered as soon as it heard the loud noise from the mechanical engine.

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Long, terrible night


"Under and behind and inside everything the man took for granted, something horrible had been growing.

Edge, dusk

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    1. part

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Welcome to purgatory


The world outside the cities were as she remembered it, all burned up and deprived of moisture, almost as if someone had swooped past with a sponge, leaving everything ashen dry. But she enjoyed being back in the wide open, away from all the tall brick structures, and yet everything had changed since she lived out here. She had found someone she cared about, someone that made her want to stay. Life had become a rollercoaster, and much more complicated.

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To all fans of The Last of Us

I'm sure many of us have watched other people's playthroughs of The Last of Us on YouTube. Well, here's something similar but fantastically different.

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Figuring a Terminal


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More Miscarriages [EVENT]


In a few weeks I will be shifting to another timezone (again) and that will probably mean less RP for me for a few months. Last few months have been great with intense RP, and I couldn't wait to log in every night to play and log in FERP every morning to read the stories people post. Amazing. For the next 2 weeks though I will present this interactive story "More Miscarriages". Feel free to change it, take part or just read it.

Text bellow contains spoilers and plot synopsis. Feel free to read through it if you don't intend to take part.



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The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

“How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!

The world forgetting, by the world forgot.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!

Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d”


We become what life makes us, every thought every emotion each reaction. Every trait of our being is formed by our experiences.

Even for a clone, born directly to adulthood. Fully adult even if only a few day or years old.

Physically 23, actually four.


So I am told.


So what happens when all those experinces that made us are taken away?

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Back on the Train...

"You are so cute when you are jealous." Kyotan teased him.
"I AM NOT!" Ardenn stammered, flushing at the half compliment.

It had been sort of a surreal moment, confronting his husband with a loaded rifle, freshly cleaned and new bullets within the chambers, ready for some cranial destruction. He'd thought a lot about what he was going to say but ended up rambling about whatever was on the top of his head.

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The Shortest Path to Curiosity

It had seemed a good plan at the time to be. Now she was not so sure. Veronica stopped the bike and looked around. Rock. Dust. A single blackened tree.

'Maybe I should stay on the road next time,' she said into her radio.

'Not a bad idea,' the voice of her friend Blake said from the radio.

This shortcut was not so short. This Landscape not so familiar.

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Arizona (Post-Fall) Part 3. Reluctant Return


In the beginning, of the end, my father gave all he had: contributing heavily to Brenhauer Investments, eventually giving all he had, including the lucrative ranch that he had spent his whole life building, to save his only child, his only disappointment...his daughter.

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The Umbra [Part II] | Last Conclusion.


As time was passing slowly,the night was feeling endless.

An creaking noise coming from a rocking chair could've be heard,paradoxal..There weren't any chairs inside that room,until now.

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Tales of a Wastelander | Issue #1


I've always wanted to write a series of some sort! Figure my real story could be something that could work... Where to start? I guess usually you'd start at the beginning but that's not the interesting part of my story. We'll start when I was twenty years old to be exact we'll start about two weeks ago...



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Saw Through That Lie Huh?

With a groan i dropped down into a sitting posistion beside the long ago empty swimming pool, The aged motel standing defiantly behind me... Its occupants long gone and replaced with the injured and tired. I fumbled around with my belt as i unclipped the radio that hung there and raised it to my mouth adjusting the various dials thay lay on its face.

*R * Hm, Violet... You busy?

*R * Urgh... I was... What can i do for you Karl?

2 Base DT parts of winners choice, can be yours!


Options for winner : Base Pistol, Base Rifle, Base melee, Base Shotgun. any 2 of winners choice, have a few more tapes if the winner would prefer 2 grip tapes also.


Raffle style!


Post here, the post number will be your number for the drawing.


will use a random number generator (used for eve online lottos) to pick the winner


Drawing will be on the 20th!



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Blossoming Friendship






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Late night whiskey


Reavy sat by the window for hours without a single move, only half empty bottle of whiskey making her company as she watched the street in night's silence while thoughts slowly flowed through her mind...






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Can I take it,

That you don't need my help,

And I am finally absolved of value...


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