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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Aiidoneus for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I will be holding the list for the time being. 

 If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 


Hope Springs: a town of residents trying to scratch out their existence within the wastes. They reside within the town call Hope Springs (( Barret Manor is the location in sector two. ))

Leader/Mayor: Dorado

Azazel's Expiriences timeline (major events without known dates prior to FE, and some are before Lone Wolf Militia)


((These are all real roleplays I had on this character prior to Fallen Earth, and some even prior to Lone Wolf Militia. This is just a summary more detail may be added, and explained no promises yet.))

1. Azazel escapes the Brotherhood of Bast.

2. Azazel disappears for four years only to be seen again on Phoenix Island, scrounging as a scavenger who is pretending to be deaf, and mute.

3. Azazel fakes his death to avoid being captured by the brotherhood of Bast.

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Little Girl Lost - Double Trouble (Quest RP cont)

She had gone to the coordinants given to her by the strange bald man to where the last known place her duplicate had been and found a very angry woman surrounded by her nearly demolished store.

The woman started yelling and blaming her, or rather the other her for the destruction and said she had ranted about shards. 

Azazel's Mental Journal part 3: "Just get away my sunshine.... Get away."


Azazel looked around slowly as he exited the tent. It seemed people were scrambling too much to pay attention to him. They were searching for a giant naked clone trying to escape, not a giant uniformed man walking around the camp. Azazel runs two fingers on his right hand through his greasy long oil black hair. Azazel sees three red tents. He enters the first one removing a knife from his belt, lifting the cover to the tent with his left hand.

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Diary of a beta clone titled: "Credit Bend"

Clone me maybe
Anyway it wont be me

Today I was useful.

As I catch my breath I feel only fulfillment.

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Fire, Flesh and Failure



(Artist: Dholl) (Music: Hush Little Baby)
(I apologize for the sucky writing, I lost my much better original ;-;)




Pull... Drag... Carry...

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"I want you to be Happy."

Propped up against a rock, a gentle breeze tossing the long blades of dried out grasses around him, the leaves of the deep red maple above him whispered amongst themselves as he enjoyed the shade they provided. A smoke adorned his left hand, a thin line of white getting lost in the flowing air, giving off a light herbal scent when he chose to draw a tainted breath into his lungs of the substance. His eyes drawn tot he gaps of clear blue sky between the branches of the lone tree amongst the dips and valleys of Sector Two.

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Search within for the will


Charlotte screamed at the women. “Stop! Look at yourselves. Covering at their mercy.”
The women looked shocked, but they stopped being hysterical, turning their faces at her.

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The masseur needed


Azazel's mental journal 2


             Azazel looks around the tent he had taken shelter in. He proceeds to caredully walk around the tent, he finds a pair of blood soaked sweatpants under the bed. He picks them up with both hands, and slides them on, one leg after the other. His gaze would be fixed on the door as he carefully allows his knives to slide back into his main palm area. Suddenly Azazel would be kicked in the back, he falls to the ground infront of him, lying face down. Azazel turns his head to look back to his right. He sees the man who was unconscious approaching his body.

dArk Harmony


1:44 AM 4/4/2015 /  " He is not to them what he is to me,” I thought: “he is not of their kind.

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April Crafters Market


Yeah, I'm too lazy to make a custom annoucement for FERP, sorry. Its been a long aggrivating weekend.

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Losing everything I never had


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Steam Guide

Hello everyone! I just recently posted a Steam Guide for new Roleplayers or Players in FE that didn't know about the Roleplaying community!

Please tell me what I could had and give me any feedback possible!

Here is the link to the guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=420350056 [I am aware near the end it no longer double spaces, I am trying to find the solution to this issue.]

Azazel's mental journal


(Just gonna work on this story a bit, whenever I'm sitting around. Others are allowed to participate, but please message me what you'd like to post, or your characters role to be before you post it.)

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They consider you a hero


She says: They are...mutant oppressors, hunters and killers.
She says: They consider you a hero.

Fire Suppression


Sometimes the things you see cannot be ignored, words heard cannot be unsaid, nor actions taken adequetely justified. You can only souppress the rage for so long, you know when the dam is about to break when your chest gets tight and hot, your sudden silence is deafening. The ones closest to you know this is the time to leave, or prepare to be part of the immenient explosion.

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Little Girl Lost -What could it hurt? (Quest rp)

((Here and there I'll be doing some questing mostly ic, anyone is welcome to come along for whatever parts they want, the title was the starter quest for this one.  Thank you for todays rp Engel <3))


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The introduction video - Elena Winters - messing around with LifeNet

The introduction video:

If you wish to read it slowly, be able to rummage and digest the information.
I have written down the dialogue.

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Sources of lore

I'm refreshing my lore knowledge, and in doing so I was looking through the lore discussion, finding loads of interesting discussion topics. Being roleplayers we are here to have fun and contribute, but some of the players here will seek other pastures and new players will join.
The contributions and agreements regarding “adjustments” of the lore will fade and in some cases, over time, forgotten.

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A house divided


She saw the burly man wearing leather, hovering over Jeff and George, both of them lying on the clay floor. Neither of them was moving.
Spider viciously kicked Jeff in the side. Charlotte heard something break, most likely Jeff’s ribs, they snapped with a sickening dry sound. Jeff moaned unconsciously.

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Union report - New Flagstaff - Thursday

Incident 1:

11:25 - shooting reported in the east garage. at first it was ignored because of the proximity to the prairie chicken hunting grounds however there were reports of casualties so a patrol was dispatched but found no trace of victims or the shooter.

Incident 2:

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(( OOC - Prayer to a higher power(voltage)

I have constant strife with running FE from my auxiliary machine, barely manages to run it and sometimes it just keeps crashing. So, a fellow wastelander jumped in with moral support. I just can't not share this. X)

"Come on you beautiful laptop...You which hath golden components with an architecture that is uncomparable...
It would be a crime for you not to work in these foul times!
You...You foul beast of Oblivion belong to a loving owner and should show him the respect he deserves and work!
Work you golden miracle!" 

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music streaming

Short notice:

I will play some sweaty love music on Friday, hopefully from 21-22h Euro time as a sort of farewell party from Euro zone. While this is not intended as an in game party - I am not sure if Engel will be alive tomorrow - aim for Black Beer Bar in Hope Springs around this time and hopefully you will crash into each other. See you around :D

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The choices you make


“Gimme that gun.” Jeff said, swapping his shotgun for the gun. He stepped behind the woman, holding the gun with easy familiarity. Clearly, he was used to handling a gun. It seemed like an extension of his own body.

Living in the Burbs


”Steady there, pal. You look a little wobbly. It can be disorienting when you first come out of the pod.” Brian said.
The naked male clone wobbled out of the pod, caught by two large teenage boys.
“Fuck, this guy is heavy.” One of the boys said.
“Language, boys.” Brian said.
“Sorry, Mr. Lance.” The boys said in chorus, then continued to hand the clone clothes, and then lead it over to another of the workers, Max.

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Thinking outside the Boxer


'But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked.
'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: 'we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.'
'How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice.
'You must be,' said the Cat, 'or you wouldn't have come here.'

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)

Few days ago...

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is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident by observation in human and many animal species.

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Passing the Time...

The two of them were suited up in their armor, showing their colors and masks of the CHOTA nation. They'd been called somewhere specific, by someone special... but they'd gotten there first and had some time to pass...

[Kyotan] says: .... Tell me a story.
[Ardenn Neraia] says: Once upon a time there was a little prince.
[Kyotan] says: What was his name?
[Ardenn Neraia] says: Prince Jamie.
[Kyotan] says: Was he hot?
[Ardenn Neraia] says: He was handsome, but he wasnt that kind of in your face asshole kind of hot.
Kyotan nods.


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