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The RP-Haven Clan List

I would like to thank Aiidoneus for making these descriptions for the clans and for holding the clan list. I will be holding the list for the time being. 

 If you want your clan on the list, please comment with the name, short description, and any requirements of the clan. 

Alpha Survivors: A clan based in the harsh terrain of Alpha Country.

Leader: Violet Night

(( More information can be asked via mail ))


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Platinum +

January 22nd 2162, 6:05AM, Epsilon 

Alive? Where am I? It bloody hurts … Sleep …


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The dark Shepherd (part 1/2 + RP hook)



Somewhere in this Prairie there are blindspots where life is easy. Only the blind can find such spots, for they follow no road. And so it happened to old Jansen, when he was blind on peyote one morning, that he woke up in one such place, just north of Pass Chris. Well not really north. It's more like... west from Watchtower. Well not really west. As I said, it's one of those spots easy to miss and hard to forget.

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Coming back to FE

I have decided to give FE another shot :D

Since i deleted my character. I need to make a new one! Is there any clans that i can join?

Also where is the rp at now?

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By Dawn, By Night (3/3)


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh33uOP18bg - Listen until next song link]

Ben's face drips of sweat as he hears nothing but faded and foggy screams. He slowly opens his eyes only to face a concrete wall, He stands up blinking his eyes tightly as he squints seeing nothing but flood lights come into the room. He turns his head to the left seeing huge thick iron bars with a metal door. He approaches the metal bars rattling them to try and break them as he shouts.

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Metagaming; Old and New (General question)

So as my other projects have fallen through, I've been pulled back into FE by a group of people who apparrently love having me around here.

In my few days of gaming, I've had a couple people complain the same thing; "You havnt been reading my stories!"

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Waking in the dark (1/4)

I awoke, The cold concrete floor draining any heat i could muster... Sharp beams of light flooded in through thin bars that formed the barrier between me and the hall. The faint shouting in the distance as my mind tried to catch up with the events came alive as i pushed myself up looking around the semi-lit room, The shouting... It came from a familiar voice... It was Ben yes..Ben shouting from somewhere above. My attention flooded back to the room i was placed as i heard the immediate sound of movement behind me...

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By Dawn, By Night (2/3)


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1OumA3TQVY - Some music]

Execution A

I sent Alpha Team and Vulcan to capture Crow's right hand man. I also had Miss Dupris go with them so she could use her "talents" on the gentleman. They breached the Embry bar like it was some simple arts and crafts.

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Oxygen, Breath, Inhale, Life

He thrashed awake as air forced its way back into his body, Jason layed on the ground. On his back, not sure how he got here, he instinctively cradled into a ball, and peered back out into the world. He realized that he was out in the middle of nowhere and opened his ball and sat up. Jason took in a full 360 degree view and stood up. He shook the sand out of his ears and licked his well chapped lips.

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New Flagstaff - day one


Shit, wasn't planning on writing anything again, but I think I need to put the day I had down so I can process it a bit.

I came into New Flagstaff with some of the Lightbearers from the camp, they needed supplies, and I was ready to re-enter the world, or so I thought. They told me about a pharmacy I could go to if I was ever hurt, I went, wasn't hurt but wasn't sure where else to go.

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Plans always fail...


Ardenn paced inside the Flagstaff Ballistics lab. It was his favorite place to go to think, moreso since the place had become less and less used as more and more bases were opened and territory deemed safe for clones to travel again.

Worry and concern clouded his mind. All thanks to Sharkdog opening his big mouth and reminding Ardenn that "Valentines day" existed. And he'd been fighting with Kyotan lately. He needed to do something to make things right again.

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The Life of Carolyn, Part 6: A New Group!!

The recorder turns on to the quietness of dusk, with few small creatures making noises. The voice of the ever-so energetic girl speaks into the device.

"Hiya! Been a few weeks since I last made one of these, but I have a good excuse! I have finally met a new group! And its not like the last few groups I've been with! This one is nicer, and more stationary than I expected! I even ended up liking them after a few days!

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By Dawn, By Night (1/3)

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ7KpcY4M-w - for those who enjoy moody music :D]


"As I watch my friends fall, I realize that non of my enemies have fallen. The Crow. He's been behind everything this entire time. He blackmails people into doing things. That's how he's been doing what he has for ages!"

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3UbE74HOb4 - next song after ^ :D]

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The Rising Sun: Reopened

Zakja took the pin out of the flier about that missing reptile lady, singing a tune about a man riding a horse with no name. "Laaa, la, la la la, lalala, laaa la. After two days..." He proceeded to crumple that flier, tossing it to the ground and putting his own where it had been, using the same pin to hold it in place. He proceeded to repeat this process with every flier of Maija Khron he could find in New Flagstaff until he was out of his own. Satisfied with his days work, he headed home, smiling and singing about that horse with no name.




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Ohh my . What HAS she done !

(The following poster has been pinned to the usual places in New Flagstaff, Hope Springs, Sunshine Corners and SerenityFalls.)



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Alice (female clone, bald head, weird eyes) read this if you forget but you somehow remember where you put this

I'm not really one for journaling but what I've learned from all this is that memories can be gone from one life to the next and I don't want to forget anymore. So if anyone finds this, excuse the lack of artistry.

Some Vista spit me out of a cloner a few weeks ago, sent me to a Lightbearer camp to have me, "Mellow out" I was wigging out pretty bad but I guess I'm in a better place, and more caught up to whatever the fuck is going on to start thinking about my old life now.

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Flyers around town - scavengers wanted.

*You would most likely see them nailed on walls and lights posts around New Flagstaff, or even come across with one that has been accidently brought by the wind. A job proposition, for experienced scavengers, offering a relative wage depending on the value of the loot. Although it's author did not sign the flyer, he would leave a certain radio frequency which you undoubtfully had to reach, case you felt a little light on chips.*

(( Contact via forum PM or in-game. ))

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The Sound of Madness

A flash of lightning briefly illuminated the Mountains outside and the rain began to fall. Inside Veronica was dancing. She stretched out her arms and danced around the room singing.

Rain drops on water
And lightning and thunder
Bright grapey sodas
And stories of wonder
Freshly made paper tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Veronica continued to dance waving her arms to the music in her mind.

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Seasonal Meetings - Part 3


The large man in red with the white beard stopped the bike a short distance from the house so noise would not awaken people. He had business with one only, there was no need to involve others. As he approached the house he looked at it. It was unusually intact. No sound was heard from it. He tried to open the door. It was locked. A strange circle of spikey leaf and red berries was upon the door. He tried the windows. All locked. He did not want to break the glass. He looked up. There was another way in.

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Find Find ..........2001 S.O.


[IN]C.         Rolly Polly hurdy gurdy likes i do Yes! i do also, U GIVE ME ?What  oh veiled Clarissa? "This something i haveNTdream up IN mind  our merge ! IN my mind EYEillily she was urs..   has to dream up things for u us noth......and in return u dream up for me. Here  otheredave where ? Two light years years , THRU TELEPATHY EMPATHY  Ilonah TOO!  Asleep Veronica shake it off!  Wake_Pass the field of science WERE DONE polinating Pass the fiEld of science. Snow on the screen. We will go out.

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On the prowl for a RP partner/clan.

Some notes of Deon thought of so far - just a base idea:

Name: Deon Kenney;

Age before cloned (assuming clones don't age): 30;

Race: Caucasian white;

Occupation: Hunter, craftsman, wanderer, cook and Vista activist;

Likes: Peace (believes in justified violence as a mere means to an end), communitary fraternity, diplomacy, his province of birth, studying remains of pre-Fall essays, hunting, meditating and Kaibab Forest;

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New Flagstaff Motel [Reinforced]

Ben and his group have all reinforced the New Flagstaff motel across from Beau's tavern.

The red is all sandbags and barb wire. (If you're color blind, I apologize then whatever color you see making an arch around the motel)




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The devil at your heels - Last part


He stands with his legs apart, his brown eyes ablaze. Below his neatly combed black hair, on his forehead, small beads of sweat dances against the overhead spotlight. He is staring into her icy blue eyes, a smile carved on both of their lips, but not so much that it disrupted the pouty curl of his upper lip.
His arm fully extended, and in his hand, he is holding hers.
And suddenly, as the music blasts off in the next section of rhythm, he pulls her close.

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Father's love


Ascendant's Ridge, sunset

My dad never loved me.
He didn't want me or need me as a son. Not until the very end, anyway. When Death comes calling you need your children seated around you, with their heads bowed down, so you can die with a speck of dignity and a sense of acomplishment.

My father died under a tree, alone, with guilt gnawing at his heart like a rancid jackal.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 8b)


Bodil let it drop. The last thing she wanted was to make enemies of these nice people. And anyway, she thought, hiding a smile, it wasn’t everyday she got to meet ‘fans’ of her work. She headed back into the archive where she resumed her place on the dusty floor. Bodil read through her copious notes. The Baka Neko lead seemed to be drying up. She flicked backwards and forwards through the pages, hoping to spot something she had missed.

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Fejr Det Danske Nytår

Celebrate The Danish New Year

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Seasonal Meetings - Part 2


Harry was just finishing his drink, his third of the evening at the festive Party. He examined the empty glass. Not bad for a hot bar drink. The barman had told him it was something called Gluevine or something like that, probably some sort of strange foreign drink from days before the Fall. He was not sure why it had to have glue added but it certainly tasted good.

'Hey Harry!' somebody behind him said.

Harry turned around, the novelty antlers on his head wobbling slightly.

'What is it?' he asked his friend.

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Post your pic thread 2.0


I know this was already done in the past but this is just a fresher version I figured I would give it a shot.

Basicly post a picture of yourself down below :P

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The Christmas Box

"Is there anything in that one Mama?"

The small ragged boy clung to his mothers pant leg to balance her as she dived head first into the garbage can.  Wide eyes hopeful when she pulled back out holding something.


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